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Discussion in 'UFOs & Sightings' started by pigfarmer, Apr 8, 2019.

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    Podcast based 'research' while I'm working on other things. No doubt this is old news to some.

    First is a recent Radio Misterioso interview with Rich Hoffman who spoke about The Scientific Coalition for Ufology https://www.explorescu.org/ They have apparently published an analysis of the Nimitz incident. Only just found it. Looks interesting, haven't read it yet.

    Second is an Unexplained With Howard Hughes interview with Clas Svahn of UFO Sweden. Haven't finished it yet either but the man sounds .... normal .... so far anyway. Also sounds like the level of cooperation between their military and this research group is extraordinary. I wanted to share this because as I was listening it struck me that if anyone is likely to have some sort of a breakthrough they sound like excellent candidates. There's that pesky language barrier and I wasn't having much luck tracking down his organization in a language I can read. Maybe someone here can help with that.
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    I liked the Radio Misterioso episode with Hoffman. The convention he spoke about sounded like something positive for ufology.
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    And here's another random thought to toss into the mix. Various cases have seen quite a lot of effort expended on detailed analysis of elements thought to be relevant by people with a variety of credentials. You could argue that some of these cases are dubious and the value of the analysis based on them something less than the smoking gun we'd all love to see.

    Physicists, mathematicians, doctors of various disciplines still call plumbers, electricians and auto mechanics. Sometimes a problem requires a more 'pedestrian' approach. I remember several years ago I was outside painting listening to a scientific round table discussion hosted by a Schenectady NPR station. You get a panel of lettered and experienced smart folk and they answer listener questions, and it's damned interesting. Anything you can think of they'll take a crack at it and it's fun and informative. Might still be on for all I know. So one day a woman calls in and is having a strange electrical problem in her house that almost sounded paranormal. I heard such esoteric explanations that were so far off the mark I dropped what I was doing and called in, and to my surprise was actually on the phone with them in less than 30 seconds. Loose neutral, check the ground rod at the meter socket. End of story. Mystery solved with a bit of practical experience that didn't require an advanced degree.

    To paraphrase Scotty, the more they overthink the plumbing the easier it is to stop up the drain. Over analysis can be a distraction not necessarily a benefit. All I'm suggesting is a bit of practical triage first.
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    Radio Misterioso does have good shows sometimes,
    this is a link to some:

    Listen to episodes of Radio Misterioso
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