Multiple Alien Races Visiting Earth Right Now

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    Tom Delonge: 'There Are Multiple Races of Aliens Visiting Planet Earth Right Now'

    COAST TO COAST AM. According to the information DeLonge received, there are multiple races of beings visiting Earth, some for thousands of years or more, and they don't necessarily get along with each other. Levenda compared the contact between these beings and humans as akin to a Cargo Cult, in which religions are created around what is perceived as a supernatural event.

    In regards to concerns that government insiders could be feeding disinformation to DeLonge, Levenda noted that DeLonge respectfully came to them, rather than the insiders seeking him out.

    Featured guests also include: Peter Levenda

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    At 33:00 sons of God and Daughters of man have children, giants...

    GOD GETS VERY UPSET and destroys the whole planet, thus Noah and the great flood.

    GOLAITH, survived the flood, and then there was David and Goliath.

    At 35:00 he talks about Greek Gods and how people were describing what they saw, for which they had no earthly counterpart.

    37:10 Ancient Greek Times is when they made themselves visibly known. Greek Alphabet, Nomenclature, and Architecture Appear.

    He didn’t mention pyramids, just sayin.

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