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    I just finished watching the two seasons of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. Although it is often criticized as one of his less than stellar creations, I found it to be pretty good. 8/10
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    I just finished watching the entire series. The theme of each of the two seasons are rather different.

    Season 1 focuses on individuals who have more or less voluntarily agreed to be brain-wiped and reprogrammed to perform various services, often sexual, to paying clients. An isolated FBI agent is engaged in an investigation into the apparent disappearance of these people. However, the last episode of the season jumps ahead to a post-apocalyptic future, the relevance of which becomes clear in the next season.

    Season 2 is focused on a grand conspiracy to take over the world by means of the brain wiping technology. There is a lot of cloak and dagger activity, as well as action and violence. The origin of the dystopian future depicted in the last episode of the first season stems from the aforementioned conspiracy.

    Topics brought to the forefront throughout the series include the nature of personal identity, the dangers of misusing technology, and whether limited-term slavery is ethical.

    Overall, I found the series to be good, though not great. But I'm sure Dollhouse would have been a better show if it had been permitted to develop it's storyline over 4 or 5 seasons, instead of being cut short.
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    I remember being so excited for the first season to start. I have always liked Eliza Dushku and believe her talent was under rated. I think she should have been a star.

    There are quite a few shows that I believe would have done amazingly well if allowed to continue. Dollhouse was one of them.
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    I began watching this show not knowing what to expect after hearing about and reading mixed reviews stating its lack of popularity and untimely demise. I was surprised to find that every episode I watched made me want more and more. The premise is well thought out and big on ideas. Each episode is exciting, being its own cohesive whole impressively put together with cleverly presented themes, while at the same time continuing and adding to the overarching plot development of the series. At no point in its fifty minute per episode run time does the story or dialog seem like filler or unnecessary to the plot development, and the story telling format is also often modified for extra effect and variety. The show doesn't regress into boredom or run out of ideas the longer the series continues, as some concept shows with high potential have been known to do in the past. The more you watch it, the better it gets.
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