Mysterious Ghost City appears over a lake in China


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They say it was probably a mirage, if so its quite detailed for a mirage...:ohmy8:

Mysterious 'ghost city' appears over a lake in China due to a natural phenomenon

The apparition appeared in the afternoon over the Hongze Lake in the province of Jiangsu in eastern China, according to local media. Ancient Chinese buildings with curved roofs, trees and a giant wind turbine were among the eerie images rising up through the mist that had descended over the lake. There is usually nothing but sky across the horizon.

It is believed that the sight was a mirage - a form of illusion that is common in humid weather. The phenomenon is caused when moisture in the air becomes warmer than the temperature of water below. As the rays of sunlight cross from the colder air into the warmer air it is 'bent' or refracted - creating a reflection in the air. The patterns in the mirage are typically blurred and shimmering with a resemblance to human structures. They are similar to a reflection seen in water.





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The wind turbine is moving faster than any I've seen and the blades seem too low to the ground. I heard the floating city Wade posted about is real and the PTB ordered it built. Possibly due to knowledge of an impending event and being of the same logic as the land based ghost cities in China. Al Bielek claims when he traveled to the future there were floating cities. They had some kind of antigravity device every 33 floors in the buildings which tells me the Masons and Rockefellers will still be around.

According to Kent Dunn the ghost cities in China are part of Agenda 21 which was written by the Rand Corporation out of Dallas, Texas.


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i think it is a mirage, i remenber a similar one from 2011-2012 also in china that appeared in fog, was very creepy


It could be a bleed-through from a parallel dimension. It reminds me of the Mandela Effect where people remember the Statue of Liberty being on a different island. I read/heard that there's millions of people with photos taken in front of it and it's not in the background. It sounds like Marty McFly slowly disappearing from the photo in 'Back to the Future'.

Sounds like pure ignorance in this guys case.

If you take a picture of people standing in front of the statue on Liberty Island then the statue is above you and you won't see it.