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    I finished rereading the five Neruda interviews. My motivation was what I recall about the Annunaki & Sirians cloning the core of our planet and installing them in other worlds. Something similar was discussed in Radu Cinamar's book "Inside the Earth: The Second Tunnel". Dr. Xien told Radu the core of our planet is a conscious black hole. It's rotation pulls water and other matter out of the subtle realm. This explains a black hole's accretion disk and how they can grow into supermassive objects. Science currently can't explain how they become so massive claiming there's not enough time in the age of the universe to account for their size. The Wingmakers material states our planet was originally all water.

    In the interviews Dr. Neruda said the Central Race reside in eighteen billion year old galaxies near the central part of the universe. There wasn't a clear distinction between the Wingmakers and the Central Race other than saying the Wingmakers are the emissaries of the Central Race. This could imply they're two different races. According to the material we are the Central Race in the future. We're also the Animus in a potential future. They're a synthetic race created by Lucifer that we may become if we stay on a path of transhumanism. The DNA of the Central Race is fully activated. They created Lucifer and the angels for the purpose of being intermediaries between soul carriers and them.
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    I also believe earth used to be a water planet, and for a long period of time too IMO...Have you a copy of The Urantia Book?...Its a fascinating read and discusses the higher beings of this universe...

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    Yes, I have a copy of it. It's over 2,000 pages with very small print. I've only skimmed through it. The designation for earth is 606 which appeared in the movie Stargate. That's supposedly the last three numbers in earth's stargate address. The idea for the IP address came from the stargate addresses according to Wilcock.
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    To clarify, the Corteum refer to the Wingmakers as the Central Race or most ancient humankind.
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    This is in the PDF linked in the first post.
    Page 221: 'We’re all in this together, let us protect you’ is simply more illusion and deception.
    Page 235: We're programmed to fear, because then you'll abdicate your liberties to your saviors.
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    In 1956 Neruda’s father discovered a damaged spacecraft in the jungles of Bolivia during a hunting trip. It was a triangular craft about seventy meters. It had 26 crew who were all dead. It turned out to be a Zeta/Gray ship had crashed during an electrical storm. His father was an electronics dealer, mostly for the Bolivian military. He wanted to sell the craft and DOD got involved. They salvaged it in three days. He removed and hid some of the components in the ship that had to do with navigation. He was offered US citizenship and a position in the Special Projects Laboratory which was later folded into the ACIO. His son Jamisson Neruda was four years old at the time. They were from Sorata, Bolivia at the east end of Lake Titicaca. This seems like a staged event to infiltrate the ACIO/SPL. A nonhuman race under that area of Bolivia probably had forknowledge of the Ancient Arrow site discovery and contrieved an event string to get the father and son team inside.
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    On page 227 of the interviews Dr. Neruda stated Anu is the god of the Christians, Jews & Muslims. The Old Testament, Torah & Quran all have anagrams in their chapter names. He also said the Annunaki, Sirians & a serpent/reptilian race created us.

    Bereshit- (See Birth) It's the Hebrew name for Genesis. Rabbinical tradition states the Torah was given to Moses by God/Anu on the 6th of Sivan in 1313 BC. The earliest known written example of English was in 1258 AD. The creators of the Torah had full knowledge of the English language at least 2571 years before it was created.

    Genesis- (See Sign) I heard you would need a quantum computer to decrypt the Torah and it’s three dimensional codes. Kent Dunn said the Annunaki gave Moses 661 (three digit prime) laws and fifteen of them are in a Vatican vault.

    At-Tin- (Titan) It’s the 95th chapter of the Quran. The atomic number for Tin is 50 and that's the designation number for Enlil who maybe the Titan.
    Post #15: Pipe Dream Theories

    Tawrat- (Tat War) it’s the Arabic word for the Torah. Tat is Thoth’s son and the head of the Tat Brotherhood.

    Today I got an anagram from 'United States' through Wordsmith, 'Anu Detests it' (response) 'No Mercy for the Sheep'. A-MERI-CA means A=NO, MERI = MERCY, CA = SHEEP.
    Post #19: Agenda 21.
    The Internet Anagram Server : Anagrams for: ited sttes<br><div style="color:#333333;font-size:10pt;font-weight:normal;">Make <a href="animation.html" style="color:#333333;font-size:10pt;">animations</a> of these anagrams</div>
    The number 227 is a prime, twin prime, prime triplet, safe prime, regular prime, Pillai prime, Stern prime and a Ramanujan prime. It’s a harmonic number and adds up to 11. It’s the equivalent of Pi 22/7 = 3.14286. The Reichstag fire took place on 2/27/33 and cemented Hitler’s anointed power. There is/was an Annunaki named Nazi.
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    When the Annunaki first came to this planet to mine gold they made a deal with the Atlanteans to mine near the core of the planet. Neither race had physical bodies and were of higher dimensional frequencies. They needed gold to modulate the frequencies of their bodies and it was vital to their survival. As the planet began to solidify it became impossible to mine the gold which was the motive for the creation of human 1.0. Neruda stated their planet has twelve cities made of a semi-transparent gold. This is referenced in Revelation 21:18.
    Revelation 21 Aramaic Bible in Plain English
    In the book 'Transylvanian Sunrise' by Radu Cinamar he wrote that they found an amphora of monatomic gold in the chamber under the Bucegi Mountains which can be used to rejuvenate the body.

    In the book ‘Nothing In This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are’ by Bob Frissell he wrote "Thoth claims we were created by the Annunaki and Sirians 200,224 years ago from 2009."

    The Interviews claim we were created by the Annunaki, Sirians & a Serpent/Reptilian race. The serpents created the food chain to support Human 2.0 (us). It's unclear if the Grays had been conquered by the reptilians before or after they did that. If it was before then the Grays could have created the chain. Neruda said the Serpents/Reptilians were known as Life Carriers. There's a Urantia Book paper on the Life Carriers.
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    According to the interviews when the three races collaborated to create human 1.0 to mine gold they needed a power source. Through trickery that wasn't explained in detail they used the essence/soul of the Atlanteans. This effectively imprisoned them and they lost the knowledge of who they are. Donald Marshall has videos on YT describing how they avatar people into clones. From what I've heard everyone on earth has a ten digit number, like a phone number they key into via an technology. That has been used on this planet for at least 200,235 years and it may go back billions of years. The after life is an manufactured realm created as a holding pen for disembarking souls. You're met by a guardian who escorts you there, then you're placed back into an endless artificial incarnation cycle. At some point Anu wanted to become god and used the avatar known as Jesus.
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    These are the countries with the letters A-N-U in them.
    Internet Anagram Server / I, Rearrangement Servant : anagrams, wordplay, solve, crossword, transmogrify, pangram, shuffle, fun

    Antigua- Anu Gait

    Bhutan- Anu

    Burkina Faso- Anu

    Central African Republic- Anu

    Congo, Democratic Republic of the- Anu

    Dominican Republic- Anu

    Equatorial Guinea- Anu

    Guinea-Bissau- Anu Bias Guise & Anu Agues/Usage Ibis (Thoth)

    Guyana- Gay Anu

    Honduras- Anu

    Hungary- Anu

    Lithuania- Anu Hail It

    Mauritania- It Anu Maria

    Nauru- Anu Ur (Sumerian city)

    Papua New Guinea- Anu Wipe Page (Anu is in the name twice)

    Saint Lucia- Anu’s Italic

    Sudan- Anu

    Suriname- Anu Miser/Emirs/Rimes/Mires

    Tunisia- Anu Is It

    Turkmenistan- Anu Knit Terms

    Uganda- Anu Gad

    Ukraine- Anu

    United Arab Emirates- Anu Arbitrate Demise (insane number of possible anagrams)
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    I suppose we had to start from somewhere.
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    Here's Genesis in other languages using Google translate that also contain anagrams.

    genezisi - Seize Gin (Azerbaijani)
    geneza - Zen Age (Bosnian)
    gènesi & genesi - Sovereign Integral Gene (Corsican & Catalan)
    genzo - Zen Ego (Esperanto)
    genèse - Genes w/ leftover E (French)
    xénese - En Sex (Galician)
    genIsis - Sin(30) Egis (Kurdish)
    hidde - Hide w/ leftover D (Somali)
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    More Anu anagrams.

    Egyptian Pharaohs

    List of Pharaohs

    Menkaure (Mycerinus) c. 2532-2503 - Anu

    Menkauhor c. 2421-2414 - Anu

    Unas (Wenis) c. 2375-2345 – Anu’s

    User-anat – Anu Aster/Stare/Taser/Rates/Tears/Tares

    Nubankhre - Anu

    Amu ?

    Nebirau I – Anu Brie/Bier

    Amuntotep I (Djeserkare) c. 1525-1504 - Anu To Temp

    Akhenaten (Amunhotep IV) (Neferkheperurawaenre) c. 1352-1336 – Anu

    Smenkhkare (Nefernefruaten) c. 1338-1336 – Anu

    Tutankhamun (Nebkheperure) c. 1336-1327 – Anu

    Ramesses II (Usermaatra Setepenre) c. 1279-1213 - Anu Repeat Erase Terms

    Twosret (Tawosre) (Sitrameritamun) c. 1188-1186 - Anu Trait Simmer, Anu Trim Maestri

    Ramesses III (Usermaatre Meryamun) c. 1184-1153 - Anu Erase Terra Mummy

    Ramesses IV (Hekamaatre Setepenamun) c. 1153-1147 - Anu Methane Remake Tapes

    Ramesses V (Usermaatre Sekheperenre) c. 1147-1143 - Anu

    Ramesses VI (Nebmaatre Meryamun) c. 1143-1136 - Anu Rate Many Member

    Ramesses VII (Usermaatre Setepenre Meryamun) c. 1136-1129 – Anu (input too long)

    Ramesses VIII (Usermaatre Akhenamun) c. 1129-1126 - Anu Humane Karma Reset, Anu Steer Humane Karma, Anu Unmake Earth Smear

    Amenemnisu (Neferkare) c. 1043-1039 - Anu Immense, Anu Mine EMS

    Psuennes I (Pasebakhaennuit) (Aakheperre Setepenamun) c. 1039-991 - Anu Betaken Apish, I Bank At Anu Sheep, Anu Sheep Arena Keep Term, Anu Sheep Keep Mean Terra

    Amenemope (Usermaatre Setepenamun) c. 993-984 - Anu Repeats Measurement, Anu Measures Pentameter

    Siamun (Netjrkheperre Setepenamun) c. 978-959 – Anu Sim

    Psusennes II (Pasebakhaennuit) (Titkheperure Setepenre) c. 959-945 - Anu

    Osorkon II (Usermaatre Setepnamun) c. 874-850 - Anu Assure Temperament, Anu Temperate Surnames

    Takelot II (Hedjkheperre Setepenre Amun) c. 850-825 – Anu (Input too long)

    Nekau I 672-664 - Anu

    Nectanebo II (Senedjemibre Setepenanhur) 360-343 – Anu Breed Sheep (partial)

    Roman Emperors

    List of Roman emperors - Wikipedia

    Antoninus Pius (138–161 ce) - Anu’s Union Tips

    Publius Helvius Pertinax (January–March 193 ce) - Anu Publish Pixel Virtues

    Marcus Didius Severus Julianus (March–June 193 ce) - Anu

    Macrinus (217–218 ce) - Anu Scrim

    Maximinus (235–238 ce) - Anu

    Pupienus Maximus (April 22–July 29, 238 ce) - Anu

    Balbinus (April 22–July 29, 238 ce) - Anu

    Gallienus (253–268 ce) - Anu

    Aurelian (270–275 ce) - Anu

    Numerian (283–284 ce) - Anu Miner

    Carinus (283–285 ce) - Anu

    Constantius I (west, 305–306 ce) - Anu Costs Tin/50/Enlil

    Maxentius (west, 306–312 ce) - Anu Met Six, Anu Met Xi’s & Anu Set Mix

    Galerius Valerius Maximinus (310–313 ce) - Anu

    Julian (361–363 ce) - Anu

    Magnus Maximus (west, 383–388 ce) - Anu

    Petronius Maximus (west, March 17–May 31, 455 ce) - Anu Proxies Summit

    Anthemius (west, 467–472 ce) - Anu Theism, The Anu Ism


    6 Adams, John Quincy (1825-1829) – Anu

    8 Van Buren, Martin (1837-1841) - Anu

    15 Buchanan, James (1857-1861) - Anu

    18 Grant, Ulysses S. (1869-1877) – Anu

    21 Arthur, Chester Alan (1881-1885) - Anu Latch Earth/Heart Errs

    33 Truman, Harry (1945-1953) - Anu

    37 Nixon, Richard Milhous (1969-1974) - Anu

    44 Obama, Barack Hussein (2009-2017) - Anu Airbase Hack Mobs, Anu Mock Sharia Abbes

    45 Trump, Donald John (2017 – present) – Anu
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    Sumerian Kings List

    Sumerian King List - Wikipedia

    En-men-lu-ana 12 sars (43,200 years) - Anu

    En-men-dur-ana 5 sars and 5 ners (21,000 years) – Anu End Man w/ RE leftover

    Kullassina-bel 960 years - Anu Able Skills, Anu Likes Balls

    Puannum 840 years - Anu

    En-me-nuna 660 years - Anu

    Barsal-nuna 1,200 years - Anu Ran Labs

    Lugalbanda "the shepherd" 1,200 years - Anu

    Ur-Nungal "the son of Gilgamesh" 30 years - Anu

    En-nun-tarah-ana 8 years - Anu Rah Antenna

    Lugal-kitun 36 years - Anu Lug Kilt, Anu Kill Gut

    Mesh-ki-ang-Nuna 36 years - Anu Shaking Men

    Men-nuna 180 years - Anu

    Lugalngu 360 years - Anu

    En-shag-kush-ana 60 years - Anu Gashes Khan/Ankh/Hank

    Lugal-kinishe-dudu 120 years - Anu Guide Disk Hull

    Lugal-Ane-mundu 90 years - Anu Unglued Lam, Anu Mauled Lung

    Anbu 30 years - Anu

    Undalulu 6 years - Anu

    Puzur-Nirah 20 years - Anu

    Manishtushu 15 years - Anu Hits Mush

    Nanum 4 years - Anu

    Utu-hengal - Anu The Lug, Anu Let Hug

    Ur-Namma (Ur-Nammu) 18 years - Anu

    Amar-Suena 9 years – Anu Ram/Arm Sea

    Ur-Ninurta 28 years - Anu

    Suen-magir 11 years - Anu Grimes

    The flood happened between the Ubara-Tutu & Jushur.
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    List of chemical elements - Wikipedia

    12. Mg – Magnesium – Anu

    13. Al – Aluminum – Anu (one letter off the 23rd chapter of the Quran Al-Mu’minun)

    21. Sc – Scandium – Anu

    22. Ti – Titanium – Anu

    23. V – Vanadium – Anu

    32. Ge – Germanium – Anu

    57. La – Lanthanum – Anu

    64. Gd – Gadolinium – Anu

    72. Hf – Hafnium – Anu

    73. Ta – Tantalum – Anu

    78. Pt – Platinum – Anu

    87. Fr – Francium – Anu

    89. Ac – Actinium – Anu

    91. Pa – Protactinium - Anu

    92. U – Uranium - Anu

    98. Cf – Californium - Anu

    103. Lr – Lawrencium – Anu
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    This is making my brain hurt...
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    I'm lost.
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