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Discussion in 'Parapsychology' started by Beatriz, Nov 14, 2016.

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    I had a quite interrupted night due to my younger son being ill, it was also filled up with dreams, from the around five mixed up dreams I can remember the last one better, which was really long, it felt like a two-hour movie or so. I was on a planet where everything was changing. Idk if it was Earth or another planet, society and any kind of order had crumbled, cities lay in ruins, it was a complete chaos. I'm not sure if they were being invaded or if natural disasters had messed up everything or both were happening. I was first on a beach, the waves of the ocean were high and wild, sea serpents were washed to the shore. These sea serpents moved by spiraling around, I saw one blue and one red.
    People ran from one hiding place to another in groups, sometimes big groups. I was then focused on a girl, again I am in doubt if I was the girl acting or if I was just watching her actions, this happens often. The girl was running away with two other humans. They were hiding in an alien looking building. Then a humanoid being appeared and wanted to take the girl away. This humanoid being had the geometrical form of a human, but it had no human features, it had no face.It was shining white as if made of light, its form was like a white robot. The girl was energizing a glass of water with a Wiccan spell, she planned to throw the water on the white being if he appeared again to fight her. Then a strange looking man appeared and threw her water away, she fought him by biting his goblin-like forehead. A member of a large group of hiding humans appeared. The boy from the group told her that they didn't want to hide anymore and hadn't planned to be such a large group, then they went walking in the direction of the yellow horizon until they disappeared. I think that they were ascending humans.
    Then I was sitting in a huge ancient looking room. In front of me, there was a huge screen, this screen could work as a movie screen or as a mosaic, with uncountable small pieces showing the same image. When the whole screen divided into smaller pieces showing the same image the effect was really impressive.
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    I heard every part of a holographic image contains the whole image. This was compared to the universe operating on the premise it's holographic software.
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