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'He was the greatest champion in basketball history and a civil rights trailblazer': Obama leads the tributes to Celtics legend Bill Russell following the 11-time NBA winner's death at 88

NBA legend Bill Russell dies at 88

Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell (Center, with wife Jeannine) an 11-time NBA champion, has died at the age of 88. Russell's 11 titles with the Celtics (pictured left playing for them) came between 1956 and 1969 in one of the sport's most dominant eras. He also won an Olympic gold medal with the United States in 1956 and two NCAA titles at San Francisco in 1955 and 56. His family said that he 'passed away peacefully at age 88 with his wife, Jeannine, by his side'. An iconic figure in American sports and wider society, Russell was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom - the highest civilian honor in the United States - by Barack Obama in 2011 (lower inset, right).


The shadow

The shadow knows!
She inspired a generation. She showed the stars belonged to everyone and that regardless of skin color the heavens were to be explored by all
Now she belongs to heaven and the stars spell her name.
"I have a dream that all men will be judged not by the color of their skin but the content of their character." In her the dream was fulfilled.
2nd star to the left and straight on till morning." FB_IMG_1659299240823.jpg


As Above So Below

Unsolved mystery that haunted Olivia Newton-John to the very end: Star 'never found peace' after her lover vanished at sea - despite eyewitness 'sightings' in Mexico

Olivia Newton-John death: Mystery of Patrick McDermott,  one-time lover who vanished at

Patrick McDermott, 48, went on an overnight fishing trip with 22 other people on June 30, 2005, but vanished before it returned to dry land without anyone noticing. Olivia Newton-John had hooked up with McDermott after her 1995 divorce from first husband Matt Lattanzi and began a nine year on-off romance with the cameraman. Newton-John was in Australia when McDermott disappeared and it was another week after the fishing trip until it was noticed he had gone. For almost two decades afterwards, he was rumoured to be in hiding in Mexico after faking his own death and on the run from crushing debts.