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    Old Gods of Appalachia is an eldritch horror anthology podcast - List of Episodes

    Our world is an Alternate Appalachia, centered around the belief that the oldest mountains in the world were never meant to be inhabited. Long before anyone lived in these hills, beings of immeasurable darkness and incomprehensible madness were entombed beneath these hills.

    It was during this bygone age, when the Appalachians towered much higher and more menacing than the slopes and ridges we know today, that they were conscripted after a great battle to serve as the final prison for these dark forces.

    But of course, time marches inexorably on. Eons pass and the walls of the prison begin to wear thin. And Things that slumbered soundlessly below for millenia begin to stir and become restless.

    And they start to call to those who would hear them.


    Episode 1: Old Number Seven: Barlo, Kentucky 1917: Part One

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    nivek As Above So Below

    I'm rather enjoying this, just came across this podcast earlier and finishing up on episode one...There's a prologue too, shorter than the episodes...

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