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The Post is a gossip rag but I like it. Saw this today and it made my flesh crawl.
NYC woman attacked during 'white glove delivery' of Macy's mattress: suit

Here's why I am posting this in a spot I hope I get AE's attention. I registered for a 1099 service to pick up onsey-twosey IT jobs, and did. I then saw that there are other types offered that actually pay surprisingly well. Much better than IT. Screw your wifi map or server refresh, putting together a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed or an exercise machine can make it almost worth it. I can stick a few hundred bucks in my pocket with two wrenches and a little sweat.

There is ZERO screening and minimal liability insurance, no background checks required at all. Even if there were they advertise many jobs as 'bring a helper' and they don't care who. Big TVs, beds, exercise equipment - I have been invited directly into people's homes , often elderly women who trust me completely. They have no idea who I am or even know my name. They thought they ordered something from 'a big company' and assumed there would be 'big company' delivery that's safe.

The woman in the article clearly wasn't. You would assume a high end chain Macy's would be different. Wrong. You order something for delivery NEVER EVER BE THERE ALONE EVER

Maybe I'm being melodramatic but this really creeped me out and I'm not sure that anybody really thinks about it too much.

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You make a good point....the other day I had to be at my daughters house to receive her new couch ordered online from a big co. and this medium sized white beat up van pulled up to deliver it with no real company name on it. Two guys brought the box to the front door but would not bring it in..said the order sheet just said to drop it off...they looked a bit scruffy to me but they weren't brain doctors so....they left it ,and I had to have my friend come over so we could unbox it to make it in and get it in the house. Even the receipt looked a bit low rent and I think she used a major furniture idea who these delivery yahoos were... point being, be careful.... :unsure8: