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    Okay, here is what Pluto Tv is, It's a free Television service with over a hundred-plus channel it has a Tv guide that you would be familiar with, That's the plus side, The con side is Because it's free, It's all older content.

    I have known about pluto tv for a few years now and it was never worth mentioning till about right this moment, They recently added channel 370, That is the classic doctor who channel. I've literally been binge-watching the classic Tom baker run for the last two days, I would say it's worth checking out, but it's free and no sign up is necessary, so, there isn't much of a way a person could go wrong with this.

    Check em out, And check out channel 370 it's not like the new doctor who is detracting anyone from how great the classic show is or anything. Pluto TV It's not Netflix, But let us be fair here, I have Netflix, you have Netflix and even though we don't admit it, Netflix isn't Netflix anymore, and we all know this. Watch some free doctor who.
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