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    Yep! joined the thread late, but couldn't help posting that in my humble opinion, that this is one of the most under-rated aspects of the stress caused when losing a loved one.
    No matter how grown-up and practical you would like to appear, the inner-stress that you go through when you have to dispose of your loved one's beloved 'crap' … belongings that were as precious as diamonds to them for so long , but deemed to be worthless detritus to everyone else! … I admit that it is truly heart-wrenching and still have many worthless treasures of my mother's and also from my father in a spare bedroom of my home from 31 and 6 years ago respectively.

    Cheers Buddy.
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    My grandmother had a similar post-War electric Singer complete with all the original accessories. I learned how to sew (badly) as a kid on that thing. I was really obese as a kid and somebody had to figure out how to hem pants, replace blown out zippers etc. I have occasionally thought about getting a modern portable.

    When we were taking care of my aunt I could've just taken it but decided to just leave it alone. Didn't need more dead relative's stuff and I figured I'd let my two idiot cousins get into a fight over it.
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    One should be careful.
    I several time almost threw out what I considered as mouse nesting garbage only to find (after an urge) that valuable photos, jewelry or papers were in the mess. Often times have been missed by the mouse.
    One customer at one of my recent 'garage sales' told me of her grandmother that kept her money hidden in the pages of books. After the family helped finger through all her books they recovered over $4000.
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