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    Panasonic's roving mini fridge serves you sake where you sit


    We've seen some seriously awesome stuff at Europe's largest tech conference. But Panasonic's roving mini fridge/sake server might be the coolest yet.

    According to Panasonic, this device is linked to a database that provides details about every bottle of sake in your Panasonic fridge. From there, it's supposed to offer up suggestions about the best food to go with your beverage.

    It also supposedly responds to voice commands and can move around the house to deliver your sake -- no effort required.

    Metro Tech editor Lucy Hedges spotted Panasonic's Movable Fridge + Sake Cooler on the show floor and says it's currently a concept. Check out the below video, originally posted to her Instagram account.

    The closest thing we've come across in the US is the Bud Light Bud-E Fridge, a compact fridge that serves -- you guessed it -- Bud Light. Panasonic's Sake Cooler certainly sounds classier than Bud-E.


    Get your sake on the go with Panasonic's roving mini fridge

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