Scientists increasingly believe there is a tenth planet

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    New research is leading scientists to believe there is a tenth planet in our solar system which has not yet been discovered. Something with massive gravity is clearly effecting Uranus, Neptune, and objects in the Kuiper Belt. There is much speculation over whether it may be a giant Earth (in recent years found to be very common in other solar systems) or a gas giant.

    Two reasons it has not yet been discovered could be the tremendous distance from the rest of the planets or the possibility that it travels in an inclined or even perpendicular orbit to the other planets.

    Hypothetical 'Planet X' - Overview | Planets - NASA Solar System Exploration
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    Nibiru ?
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    God I hope not, can you imagine the I told you so's we would have to endure. Lol...
    And deservedly so probably :)
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    WISE survey should have found it if it was that large.

    Wise was supposed to be able to spot a Jupiter sized planet at 1 light year.
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