seeing the alien figure 3 footer like a child who was smart

since this is 'alien expanse' i figure this can go here

hello all. sometimes people make up stories for fun but not me.

My town is a huge hot spot for UFO sightings.

Whenever i went for a walk i was afraid because i felt they were watching me. I would sprint home as fast as i can

This time I found trust in existence and know it's not by chance it's all intentional and magic and I found my twin flame soul mate from a higher attraction we gravitated towards one another.

I had faith in god and since almost a huge majority of humans understand what aliens are, about half of them believe they are here. I know there is aliens and I energy pulled one of the ships light's to flash and i started waving when i saw it communicate to my pull. Many psychic occurences happened. When I went inside they were disappointed, but when they knew i was on the toilet i felt something say "oh he's just on the toilet" and they felt reassured i wasn't letting them down by not following through with my wave.

I went outside once more so they knew i was waiting.

I finally gave up and told my family "Yeah i'm trying to summon gray aliens, i want to learn more about higher understandings of what god is"

And i didn't think aliens were coming. But I was pulled to lie in my bed which is raised up to my window similar to a bunk bed i could look outside.

I felt strange energy pulls like i had my hand on my private part and i felt something say oh that's bad (uncivilized) oh well the videos will show it to everyone

as if maybe they were going to show everyone

and i was pulled to close my computer and just lie down in the dark. whenever i turned my head to the window i felt something like "Yess that's good that's what i want" and it thought i was very lovely my face.

Then i turned upwards and i felt nothing significant. But then i faced my window again and i felt the same energy pull like "Yess thats good" as if me facing them would make us encounter one another.

But I ignored and kept lying down, wishing no aliens were there as I felt so comfortable already.

But I heard a loud sound as if a rock hit something loud and so i leaned up and looked and i saw a figure crouch right as i looked.

You can think what you want of this

But i have one of the best memories out of all my friends.

Edit: Yeah just to assure you in my 4 years of lying there i never heard sounds. But i heard one just an hour after waving to it's ship, and as i look out i saw something crouch down.


The first time I saw a grey, I was four years old. I thought it was Casper the friendly ghost and it led me to believe that I was correct. :mad:
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