Shapeshifting Reptilian Recorded by David Eckhart?

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    Phantoms and Monsters - Shapeshifting Reptilian Recorded by David Eckhart

    Recent digital capture of a portal opening at David Eckhart's residence (above)

    For many years, you may have read about my work with David Eckhart and the ordeal he has endured during that time. I have written David's story in my book Alien Disclosure: Experiencers Expose Reality. I have also interviewed David on Arcane Radio - David Eckhart - Part I and David Eckhart - Part II

    As I have written recently, David has been 'visited' fairly regularly since the latter part of 2018. This time, most of the 'visitors' are evolved & hybrid humans, as well as a few Reptilian beings among them.

    I realize that many people are going to be skeptical. I understand that. The fact that David records using a reflective surface or through another medium (water) seems odd, but it is a phenomena my team has seen with other experiencers over the years. Many times, direct recording with digital equipment / cellphones results is destruction of the device and video.

    In recent weeks, the activity has once again increased at David's residence. Other alien presences have made themselves known, including a particular Reptilian that has attempted to shapeshift into a form that mimicked David's physical appearance. David was able to capture the morphed figure on his digital equipment (below). This Reptilian has also been changing into the physical form of other beings, though David has been unsuccessful in capturing these forms.


    If additional information / evidence becomes available, I will post on the blog. - Lon Strickler

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    where does david live?
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    Not sure, but this link seems to imply he lives in Florida and this has been going on with him and his family for over ten years...

    Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal

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