Shocking Star Trek Rumor!

Discussion in 'Arts, Sports, & Entertainment' started by wwkirk, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Rick Hunter

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    Honestly, I always got the impression that Kirk would boink anyone or anything he could get ahold of. Didn't he hook up with some chick with green skin on Star Trek: Into Darkness?
  2. pigfarmer

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    You would've thought by then we would've had the 'zap the car and abduct the occupants' ray perfected. I hope no real Corvettes were harmed during the filming.
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  3. nivek

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    The PC circus ruined Doctor Who making the lead character a woman for the first time ever, the show is in the tank, sorry but The Doctor character is a man and always needs to be a man...

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  4. 1963

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    Might be a little too much, .. but I posted my thoughts on this very subject in October 2018 ...
    .... And here we are a couple of years on and I have to say that "NOTHING'S CHANGED" i've not seen anything to stop me sulking. [​IMG]

    Cheers Buddy.
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  5. Double Nought Spy

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