Shocking Star Trek Rumor!

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Honestly, I always got the impression that Kirk would boink anyone or anything he could get ahold of. Didn't he hook up with some chick with green skin on Star Trek: Into Darkness?


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Haven't seen that one. Not that I have avoided it, we just don't have TV here. I'm using a 40" TV as a monitor at the moment, and we have Netflix, Prime, and all the free stuff on the web. No network TV of any sort, which is how we like it. Anyway, Picard is my favorite Trek captain. I like them all. The underrated Captain Cisko is one I like a lot. He was a badass. Didn't take him long to figure out how to get rid of that insufferable Q.

Anyway, I'll have to check it out. I figure anything with Patrick Stewart in it has to be at least watchable. Well, except that one awful Trek movie, the one with a fucking car chase, what was it, Nemesis or something? Yikes.

You would've thought by then we would've had the 'zap the car and abduct the occupants' ray perfected. I hope no real Corvettes were harmed during the filming.


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They can have all the gay or bisexual captains or crew members they want, just please don't screw around with my old school icon !

I thought it weird in ST5 that Scotty finally wanted to cozy up to Uhura, weirder that the New Spock was actually doing the bone dance with the New Uhura, but strangely didn't mind that the New Kirk was rolling around with some woman with a tail.

This is what guest stars are for.

The PC circus ruined Doctor Who making the lead character a woman for the first time ever, the show is in the tank, sorry but The Doctor character is a man and always needs to be a man...



The PC circus ruined Doctor Who making the lead character a woman for the first time ever, the show is in the tank, sorry but The Doctor character is a man and always needs to be a man...


Might be a little too much, .. but I posted my thoughts on this very subject in October 2018 ...
Been watching Dr Who since I can remember, I vaguely remembered Patrick Troughton's incarnation before avidly watching 'what was to someone of my age's first true Dr... Jon Pertwee '. [caught up on all the possible episodes to be found of HartnelL and Troughton since the internet has allowed this to happen] before going from the greatness of that 'brilliant but rather stern' Dr, to the sublimely fantastic and ever-so-slightly-eccentric Tom Baker whom turned out to be quite an act to follow! .. So much so, that I never thought that anyone else could do the Doctor's role any justice at all when he finally hung up his 18ft long scarf. And to my way of thinking I was right. ... " Davidson , Baker, McCoy were all pale caricatures of the previous incarnations of the wandering Gallifreyan genius. Which I believe led to it's inexorable grind and halt. And then the attempted re-boot via the Paul McGann movie-type special that was supposed to excite the fans of the Dr after the seven year hiatus ... failed to ignite the outcry from the hordes of whovians that had been aching for his return, simply because it wasn't good enough!... And though 'Withnail and I , The Monocled Mutineer and Paper Mask had, and still has me being a Paul McGann-fan... the guy just ain't the Doctor material! [might have made a decent Master though?]

And so we then have to muddle through the tedium of life without any new episodes of the great Doctor Who on our screens for another nine years. And then when we thought that all was lost, and that our lives would never again be brightened by the fantastic adventures of the Time Lord and his constant true companion, the TARDIS... The BBC at last gave us the present that we had all craved for so long, ... A decently budgeted and relatively well written and made "Ninth Doctor" [for totally silly reasons they continue to deny that the outstanding Peter Cushing's two films don't count] ... and what's more the ninth Doctor , Christopher Eccleston [ a proper actor, so to speak!] turned out to be very good indeed. So that was it then, all set for a long run of quality shows with this fine choice helming the franchise. But nope... it wasn't to be. Behind the scenes differences between the star and production chiefs [apparently over Eccletston's disliking of the production chief's as well as certain director's disrespectful attitudes toward the minion staff members] and so Christopher packed the role in after just one series ...13 episodes. But not to be sad, we have another Doctor for your pleasure said the makers down there in Cardiff ... "And you'll like him!" .... And sure enough, many people agreed, and a star was born, a star by the name of David Tennant. ... The tenth Doctor, and he lasted for 36 stories, or 47 episodes however you like to look at it. And I have to say that imo, he was OK, not near the top of my personal list, but OK , and he was the Doctor in some of the greatest episodes to date. ... And then, on the first day of 2010, we get our first look at the 11th Doctor, and boy what a shock it was for an old fan like me to see this 'spotty faced posh lad' trying to pull off the iconic role of "Dr Who" by trying to out-eccentric the great Tom Baker?.... Well this is where I have to eat crow because it took me ages [almost half his first series] to realise that he was just brilliant! ... I had let my own prejudices of how the Doctor should be slightly more serious and assured about his role in saving the universe on countless occasions.... and other small things, like being out of nappies and left school first, before the penny finally dropped, that he was indeed born to be "The Doctor"! ... And after I had finally seen the light , I was able to actually fall in love with the idea of Matt Smith being the best Doctor since Tom Baker [at least?] and looked forward even more eagerly to the next episode because of his brilliance in the role. But alas, all good things come to an end prematurely, and after just 44 episodes [and 39 stories] he decided to flee the role in search of 'film-stardom'. [what a waste] ... But never mind, we only have another bona fide A Class actor to step inside the TARDIS and take on the iconic Doctor role..... Only...Malcolm Tucker himself, Peter Capaldi. Immediately I knew that this choice could only be a winner! ... Not only did I enjoy the guy very much in The thick of Things, but from many various film and television roles that he had played so very well for just about 30 years starting with from the first memorable part that I could remember him from in the film "Local Hero" with one of my old idols Burt Lancaster. ... And true to expectations, the man was an ideal choice to replace Matt as the doctor, changing the Time Lord's persona measurably from happy-go-lucky and slightly dippy to a polar opposite much more serious and almost curmudgeonly old fart with an acerbic tong at the ready, but a good hearted old genius beneath it all that will always save the day in the end no matter what the odds against are! All in all, a good replacement for the star-seeking Mr Smith. And as we know, the decline in budget and noticeable drop in script and production quality that has patently caused the recent ratings fall for the programme encouraged Capaldi to vacate the Tardis and the Doctor role after just 40 episodes [35 stories]

And so to combat this ratings drop and the loss of the show's behind-the-scenes-mastermind "Steven Moffat' as well as Peter Capaldi, the production chiefs decided to roll the dice and pander to the 'pc-mob' by regenerating the iconic Doctor whom previously and historically has been a father and grandfather into a woman!?! ... Well call me sexist or misogynist if you like [I don't care, I know who I am] ... but gimmicks like this really get my goat! I'm all for gender equality , burn the bra, women's rights and all that, but Wonder Woman should be played by a woman, and Dr Who should be played by a man! ... The Doctor is a man. I don't want to go and watch a new Charlie's Angels film where the angels are played by three guys, and I don't want to see Angelina Jolie playing Tarzan either! ... So in short, even if this "P C Publicity Stunt" of changing the Doctor's sex does succeed in an immediate increase in viewing figures, I doubt that it will last, and if the bigwigs persist in trying to ram this p c codswallop down our throats and not remedy the situation asap then it will only facilitate the speedy demise of the Dr Who franchise.

That said,... I have of course being a life long devotee of the Gallifreyan Traveller watched the new 13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker. [though for me she should be named the 15th, Cushing and Hurt should not be excluded] ... And you'll have to take my word for it that I am not just being peevish about my personal impression of the efforts because of my prejudices of casting a woman in the iconic man's role , but all that I can say is ...what the heck? ... I have to say that I had hardly heard of Jodie Whittaker before this and can say that I had no bias against the woman whatsoever ,[ in fact in hearing that she was an actress that came from just a few miles away from me [practically a neighbour so I wished her well,] but not only is she not right fior the role because of her gender, she is nowhere near the class of actress required to pull off this enormous stunt! [ as say a Tilda Swinton that was once mooted could possibly have done] ...pretty enough yes. but then the Doctor doesn't rely on looks [Patrick Troughton apart lol] she was also enthusiastic and I thought trying to emulate Matt Smith with it... but the voice! ... If I took my eyes from the screen whenever she was speaking, I thought that one of the grandkids had secretly switched channels and sneaked 'Fifi and the Flowertots' on while I wasn't looking! [and Jane Horrocks wouldn't make a good Doctor Who either!]... but it wasn't just her,... the rest of the cast except guest stars Sharon D Clarke from the opening episode, Susan Lynch , Susan Lynch , Art Malik and Shaun Dooley [another neighbour of mine] from episode 2 ... are just as poor! Even the beloved British television presenter comedian and all round icon seemed out of place and surplus to requirements in these two outings at least. The production budget has obviously hit rock bottom, I swear that old seventies British syfy programmes like Blakes Seven and Space 1999 were better made than this 2018 production! Cheap, cheap, cheap! is all that I can say. ... And I actually liked the idea of ripping the "The Predator" maxim of a technically advanced but morally retarded alien coming down to hunt Earthling to earn stripes idea, but then it was executed so very poorly [cheaply done with amateur makeup and acting] .. what a disappointment! ... And the "special effects" in part two, [with the terrifyingly violent talking scarfs] were to be quite frank... rubbish! and could have been improved exponentially by means of scary hand puppets made in a hour long craft lesson at my grandkids infant school!

Harsh?... maybe a little, but of course I will continue to watch out of loyalty to my lifelong hero The Doctor!... but I don't mind telling you just how disappointed I am that the powers that be in charge of the production of this great gem of a legacy, seem to be playing foot loose and fancy free with this national icon, and seem to be content in driving it off the screens once again leaving old fans like me to loose a bit of their inner child by yearning for the good old days when Dr Who was something to genuinely look forward to every week!

I could be wrong, I was about Matt Smith.... and who knows this massive deviation from the Dr Who being a man thing, the reduced production and storyline quality ...and poor casting in general might all seem irrelevant as the series progresses and the ratings shoot to a comfortable high and save the franchise from certain shelving in the next few episodes, but i'm personally not optimistic ... and in fact i'm not only disappointed , but also worried!

ahhh! The good old days.

.... And here we are a couple of years on and I have to say that "NOTHING'S CHANGED" i've not seen anything to stop me sulking.

Cheers Buddy.