Soul mates. Love in many lifetimes

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    It started with an unwanted Christmas toy. I took it back to Kaybee's. The place was swamped. I saw a woman come out of the back. I asked her for help.
    Her face lit up. "I know you." She said.
    She had a look of familiarity. "I never met you before. But I swear I know you " she helped exchange the toy. Then in a odd move I gave her my bussness card. That night she called. We talked for hours. Next night we had dinner.
    During dinner I said "your my bright and shinning star." She said "I'm trying to remember what I am supposed. To answer."
    The woman is,Rikki. From that moment. We bolth knew. We went from strangers to married in a year.
    We know each other. We traveled life's road before. We we do so again.
    I am a man of reason but I know it to be true. Rikki and I are soulmates.
    Hard to explain. To put into words.
    I am agnostic I have no answer in science. Rikki has a strong Faith. She has dedicated her life to her faith.
    By all rights we should fight like cats and dogs. But we overlook our difference of opinion.
    So much more to say. It's hard to explain it. But almost 17 years ago two souls,wandering the world who were ment for each other found each other.
    It is enough.
    Post your thoughts.
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