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    This is hard to explain it's multifaceted, I was and am sick, The first problem was the perforated colon, The infection from this, Caused me to develop Diverticulitis, The problem is quite severe, If surgery were possible because of the severity of this, they would have done this thing, Instead, My Body is very weak and can not really take the surgery even if they could give it to me and they can not.

    SO, The solution My doctor and the specialist Doctor Corba came up with was to put me on a mixture of different antibiotics and force my colon and diverticulitis to heal, The problem is, As the diverticulitis heals, Those pockets of infection are bursting open sending infection through me and causing me to be sick, Overall, I will eventually heal, But, My case was unique because I should have sought medical treatment years ago and did not.

    The infection large and by far is gone completely, I may be better soon, My mind is clear Like it was when I was a teenager, That Fog that I just thought was old age is lifted, However, All of this infection-fighting I sleep a whole lot now, Like Most of the time. There is no pain, I think I'm mostly better, I think it's the medications they keep me on, I'm always so sleepy, Even when I'm just waking up, So, I usually shave shower drink some coffee and by that time, I'm going to sleep again. I've lost a lot of weight, But I was never really big. I'm sick of being sick, I'm not in pain, My mind is clear. I want to be off this medication and stop sleeping my life away, It sucks.

    I've been creating projects to keep myself awake. This project is beneficial to any gamer that loves Arcade, Sega Genesis, NES, and SEGA Cd Gaming, And you could be playing literally Thousands of Games Free, Right now On your Living room TV. Is This Legal you May Ask? " Well, It's not Illegal, That's what's important to remember here" In this Article, I've Created for Fellow Gamers, I'm going to show you, How to Spend 40 Dollars and then go on to play thousands of free Games, And I'm not talking Google Play store mobile Freebie games, I'm Talking about Anything The Sega Genesis or NES or Sega CD Ever Made.

    This Method has been thoroughly tested and Works perfectly on almost every game on these consoles.

    First, you need one of these, This is the Bulk of the purchase,


    This is called an Arcade legends Flashback, You may have seen these at your electronics outlets, They are inexpensive have two controllers, And play Fifty Games out of the Box. But you can update this console with an SD Card, Any Sd card you can find as long as it isn't over 16 gigs. 16 gigs are this Boxes Limitation.

    You will Want to Go to this Website and Download the newest firmware AFZ Player Portal

    The Update file is Why This machine can play these console games and Yet Be Legal. The console they sell you only plays those fifty games out of the Box, But the free update for this machine allows you to play Any Sega Genesis, NES or Sega Cd game, The Update is fifty Megs, You Need to rename the file, Arcade_update.iso Put the file on the root of the Sd Card and then turn the box on, The Box will walk you through the update instruction. After the update is applied Turn the Box off, Remove the card and Then erase the update file from the Card.

    On your Sd Card, you will need to Create Two folders, Data and GAME.


    All Roms, go into the Game folder, Here is a great Example of a Rom Site, This Site has All Sega CD games Ready to go. Sega CD ROMs / ISOs - Rom Hustler All Games go into the GAME folder, There can be no Spaces in the Name files. So here is an example, Is a game is named, Smurf The Smurfing Smurfers.Bin You must Rename it with a title that is one word or phrase, SmurfTheSmurfingSmurfers.bin

    Now, To make Genesis games work, You are going to Need the SEGA CD Bios for the U E and J Regions, That's United States, Europe, and Japan, You will want to Carefully rename Each Bios exactly like this, Capps matter here, for The U.S, BIOS_CD_U.bin. For Europe BIOS_CD_E.bin and for Japan BIOS_CD_J.bin Those go in the game folder as all other roms do. Sega Genesis Games Must be in .bin format. You can find any number of tools to convert other rom types to .bin. it's a none issue. But. Many sites already have their genesis roms in .bin format anyway.

    Nes Roms carry the same Rules. No spaces in the name and their File extension Must be .dat Most nes games are .nes It's okay to just rename them .dat they don't need conversion. Just renaming them will do the trick here. Sega CD games again use the no spaces rule but they Must be in .bin .cue format. That Website I mentioned earlier has them all ready to go in that format. I know, This was a very specific post, Maybe no one will find it useful at all, I can promise you this, When it comes to gaming, This is the best 40 bucks you have spent in countless years. Consider giving it a Try,

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