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    Many won't have an interest in this, But I'm almost Certain some of you will, This is Why I ask.

    Years ago, Many years ago, I was Part of a "HomeBrew Community" What we did was Exploit Consoles to Run unsigned code. This May sound Incredibly Complicated, But Honestly, It's more Akin to a Software "Puzzle" There is always a solution you just have to keep trying until you can find a Stack Overflow. Sigh, Nintendo, Has Recently waged a campaign to once again make Access to Games you May own or have paid for in full, Illegal to Copy. " This has always been a Grey Area" It's a battle Nintendo has been fighting nonstop since the original NES era.

    Because the Old Rom Dumpers for some of these older carts is becoming so rare along with The newly enforced restrictions on Copyrights, Roms and Isos especially those of Nintendo are becoming increasingly rare, But this time, They won't be coming back ever. Copyright laws have changed. The Days of Roms and Emulators being freely distributed across the Net are coming to a quick and silent end.

    Many People are making efforts to Archive this Information for nonnefarious reasons.
    For some, This is a part of their past, Not just the Nostalgia of those old games, But The Memory of a time when people had more freedom, Of a Time when if you were smart enough to do a thing, There was no law that said you could not. Those times are quickly drawing to a close. I don't need any official roms, I need to Stress this, There is no official Release for any console 2- 128 bit That I don't already have archived. I've been doing this for 25 years. If it's official, I have it.

    I'm looking for rare works of Digital Art So That they may be preserved, I am looking for Hacked Roms, These are Roms that have been modded changed and updated by the community.. Some of these Hacked roms are exceedingly rare and doomed to be forgotten completely.

    I ask anyone If you know of any sources that still carry Hacked modified Roms for gaming consoles. Please Get in contact with me, Do not Post the Link Openly for it is Valuable and sure to be taken down as soon as it is exposed publicly, So, Pm me Those Links, To those who know what I'm talking about, And What I'm looking for, I thank you, And I'd appreciate any leads you can give me, Someone has to preserve the past.
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