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  1. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Does anyone here believe in guardian angels and spirit protection?

    I certainly do.

    Sometimes we have to look at the most logical answers but I am finding this harder to accept.

    I am beginning to accept the philosophy of 'Why not'!
    Most having read my previous posts will read about this spiritual protection that I believe that I have.
    It does make me think that I have a use on this Earth and that they want me alive.

    Another such incident I our house in the country. I had always had this problem of 'not belonging'.
    It was like that at work, college and even where I live. People will just not leave me alone.

    Where I live now in the country, I am told that I do not dress well enough, do not have enough money and perhaps the car that I drive is not good enough? That I have other houses (strange I thought that would elevate me above?) Most where I live are millionaires and that does not help. Basically I am not rich enough and should shut my mouth and do what I am told.

    The family that i had trouble with, live over 600yds away and pop over to my place to make their noise and burn their bonfires.

    I am not allowed to change my light bulbs or do things to my property without consulting this guy in question.
    The police and council are crooked and use him as the village King Pin because he controls the neighbourhood as he has the most money.

    At the start, I got on with that family and even cut his outside grass.

    Things started happening like, the doorbell ringing when there was nobody there. Except when he or his wife were either arriving or leaving. Every time we looked out of our window to see who was there, we could see them about 700yds away either walking or driving in or out of their property.

    Then light bulbs started blowing.

    It got to the stage where we were losing our property as the authorities were on their side because we refused to give them our land and to stop complaining every time we were smoked out.
    I threatened them with court action by which he said:- "Are you threatening ME George?"

    We took them to court with an Injunction Notice using a barrister. He was cheap. So in counter defence they got a top class lawyer who picked on administration as to have the case thrown out of court. We did not know the law and my barrister was not a solicitor. In turn, they ran up a $70,000 legal solicitor bill that I was told that I would have to pay this on account of having our case thrown out.

    They built up their costs to the highest level thinking that they could not possibly lose.

    My spirit friends insisted that we fight them and that they will help us. They did, every time the door bell rang by itself, allowing us to watch their moves so I could video them for the courts. This included just before he would come over to hit me, as I had my cameras ready.

    The case took a turn for the worst because my barrister took so much work on, that he turned down an already irate judge for the hearing meaning that we were in jeopardy. An injunction is such that on the basis of it, is an urgent appeal that has to be executed in the shortest time which would otherwise defeat it's cause.

    The defendants could then claim the injunction as void because of the time involved. I bet you did not know this...lol? Ever heard of the stalking axe man?

    Well.....to be honest I was petrified of even going to prison because penal notices were in force.
    These are court orders that have to be obeyed as to not add any more controversy.

    I went to the court to ask for a delay proposal or a nearer date and was at the stage of giving up .


    Anyway I arrived at the court to be told that the clerks had left half an hour earlier. By thi time I was getting more and more concerned. So I had a plan that on my waay back to my car through town, that i would visit my local library as to get the court's phone number on their computers.

    In order to do that, I needed my user name and password.

    The librarian took a piece of chopped up paper and wrote my details and handed it to me.

    Unfortunately I could not get through to the court as the phone just kept ringing.

    In total dismay I drove to McDonalds to unwind with a coffee. I am tea total by the way..lol

    Now this is the bit I will always remember for the rest of my life.

    As I stopped the car, I opened my wallet to get some money to pay for my drink and that piece of paper fell came out on the reverse side together with my five pound note.

    I looked at it and nearly fell backwards!!!!

    Here is that piece of paper that
    the librarian had written my details on:-

    The side which was exposed to me was this:-


    How amazing I was worried in case I could not get the date of the judgement and what would happen? There was the answer that spurned me forward as I must not give up.

    I knew that I must fight on. They said I must fight him or I would have to pay his costs.
    This I put forward to my barrister and we now knew their plan to have it thrown out of court because they had no case! We now had a new plan to point it towards the judge and my barrister got the date now for the hearing.

    It got heard and the judge REFUSED to throw out the case and scheduled a second hearing for the battle.

    They knew at that point, that they would lose and paid their costs of well over $70,000 £35,000 as to stop the new trial .

    On that day our doorbell rang for the very last time for many years but instead of playing the normal 'ding-dong' four times, it instead played a 'D' Day victory tune and The Bells of St Clements !

    We finally got our certificate with the heading:-

    "Date of Judgement"

    at the bottom:-

    "County where judgement mde"

    Now what would YOU believe?

    This was a message that I wrote using Automatic Writing 52 years ago:-

    I knew nothing about The Book of Ruth in the bible or if it even existed. My words are almost the same.

    Now I know what they had been trying to tell me.

    Likewise with the storms. My blessed helpers.

    What power do they have to do this????



    PS...we did not get our injunction because they agreed to abide and it we got what we wanted by written consent
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  2. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Another 'mile stone' in my life was a strange experience whilst laying in bed ready to go to sleep.
    A type of rosette undulating in violet blue would be hovering near my face. Perhaps 12 inches long at arm's length?

    Nothing too vivid what I remember, but night after night it would hover ner my face and as I blew it away, it would shrivel up like a spider in hot water.

    On and on it continued until one night I just gave up as I was tired to shoo it away.

    It jumped on my face and had the immediate effect of paralysing my whole body.

    I was suddenly bathed in what I can only describe as blue ink.
    Most strange as I could look down on my body as a kind of shadow with all this blue water which was drowning me.

    A sense of panic grew as I could see where the water touched my body, that it turned peppermint green in colour.

    Even stranger was that I was knocked into a twilight world with such peace and beauty. Vibrant with energy I was in a green village as I could hear the peaceful sound of church bells

    Oh my God...I am falling to sleep writing this....as I am off to bed and will continue it later......
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  3. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    I know that there are ones that protect us
    but the priorities they have are not the same as the people here
    I find that disconnect as a clue
    makes me think that why we think this place is here is not what they think is why this place is here.
    same goes for what we are doing here.
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  4. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Yep...I found from my experience and that is just me....

    That they know more than we think.

    From what I discovered, is that they knew everything about me, what I am and what I am doing.
    That was before I had any contact at all.
    What is more, they knew about my friends and even what they said and thought.

    I am still confused with exactly what I am dealing with?

    There seems to be this power hub in the centre of it all. The all knowing and seeing is the best way I can describe it.
    Although I have seen UFOs...there seems a link with this great power source. As if it is God that I am dealing with?

    I can relate to that and then 'fall down' to the simplest of spirits (or ghosts) who seem more confused than I am.
    It also makes me believe that who we think that we are, is not what/who we really are.

    We think:-"Wow...if only I saw a ghost or a UFO and how I would tell the whole world?"

    Yet our minds are totally different. Mine seems to be thinking:- "So what?" As if our minds are real and we are just an illusion of our real selves. Like nothing really matters here.

    I will carry on to where I left off which may put more 'light' onto what I am putting across?

    It felt like I was a kid of 5 years old. Vibrant with energy. We get older and think we are no different but we are slower! (explains why I was falling asleep earlier...lol) I recollect absolute peace. The other thing that I would like to explain, is that when you are in this so called transcendental state, you not only see these things, but you feel them as well.

    Similar when I do a seance and I am just about to be taken over. I can feel the whole persona, vibrancy, sincerity or lies.

    The way I felt with this experience was absolute power that I had never felt before. You know when you are awake and going your everyday life, you do not realise the thought patterns that bombard your mind?

    You think it is normal? For example the feeling you may get from another person, bad vibes or suspicion?
    How can I explain......

    You may meet someone and the feeling you get from that person may put you in a bad mood for an hour or so?

    No...I still have not got it right.....


    What I felt was the power. This thing was billions of years old which had formed itself from 'correctness' Evolution from a single thought pattern that had travelled round the universe and back. In actual fact it had FOUND God!
    There was no emotions in it, love or hate...I was just a single cell of it. Yet I was important. It did not matter how good or bad I was...it was part of me as I was part of it.

    It began to explain to me about evolution and showed me a stalagmite. Explained that there was no short cuts to producing a near perfect shape as there was also no such thing as failure. It just meant that a person was not ready to move on. It explained that no matter how a person cheated, and even got the result......that result had to be achieved every single time to show that the lesson had been learnt.

    It showed me pictures of events had I took the incorrect path in life? My earthly death.

    Another thing that I felt was that nothing could touch me, as I had complete safety encased in it's protection. Most strange. Like nothing could home onto me that I could hide forever.

    I lay in my bed paralysed unable to move as I am not sure whether I could see with my real eyes or my mind, but about 50 spirits had entered my room from paupers to rich noble men who all knew my name but I did not know who they were.

    They had formed into this great hub of power but each spirit had his own personality.

    Gradually I was able to move as the last spirit bid me farewell and flew out of my bedroom window.

    I felt that each of these spirits had evolved to perfection (near as) and had realised that there was only ONE path...the correct one!

    A kind of voice entered my whole being which said:- "Ask no more about the blue lights...for now you will see!"

    And I did!

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  5. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    as far as spirits go,
    if you have solid electronics, they can't mess with it.
    but flaky connections are often messed with
    give them no interface and they go away
    makes no matter what you are dealing with
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  6. Georgek

    Georgek George

    We just had the Estate Agent from a leading UK company come round to help put our house in the country on the market.

    I explained about some of these ghost devices in the house.

    She was so fascinated that she just stood there open mouthed and stayed three hours instead of 25 minutes.

    Said she would like to see the spirit bell working so I switched it on as well

    It was not the fact that they were switching on, but the way that they switched on .

    They were solid electronics.
    The basis of them is related to night lights.

    Used in hospitals and care homes alike, they are meant to switch on, in the dark when you wave your hand and stay on for one minute.

    My devices activate and stay on from anything from five seconds to a minute. So what is switching them off?

    The point that I am making is that they are BS safety registered and come under the Health and safety Act of 2008.

    This means that they must stay on for a minute every time to allow the person to safeguard themselves by supplying enough light and duration of illumination to allow that to happen.

    If a person was to have an accident and fall, then they could sue the company.

    Electronic engineers say fault. I say not possible because every single one of these devices do the same.

    My auntie had one of these chub fire alarms fitted on her ceiling upstairs. It worked from a 9v PP3 battery and would activate if there was smoke or a fire.

    One morning she was late for work and pushed her laundry basket into the hallway upstairs from her bathroom under that fire alarm, so that when she got back from work she could take her washing out and place it in the washing machine.

    By the time she got back the fire alarm had set fire to her house after suddenly heating up, melting and falling into her laundry basket and setting fire to her clothes.

    Which in turn burnt down the upstairs of her house causing thousands of pounds damage.

    A top investigation took place by the manufactures who made sure that the device was not seen again for obvious reasons.

    The whole point of a smoke alarm is to protect your house against fire or smoke, but in her case. had defeated the whole object as rather to prevent a fire had caused a fire.

    This is impossible. The house was heavily haunted though!

    Ghosts and UFOs can screw up electronic gadgetry ...solid or not.
    It happens all the time with us from door bells, freezers suddenly switching off, only to come back on again without touching anything when the person arrives back home.

    We get these devices checked by qualified engineers who find no fault.

    We even get EVP messages on our answering machine when someone calls and we are not there.

    I welcome these things because it helps me investigate as well as trying to0 understand what they are trying to tell me.

    They even leave recordings on my dictation machine.

    There are too many of these devices and they cannot all be faulty especially when the do the same at different houses.

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  7. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    I have met lots of electrical engineers,
    they are vastly varied in skill.
    just because one of them says a design is ok, it does not mean it is so.

    and by solid electronics, I mean that that the logic levels are low impedance
    not much is designed this way,
    you only design things this way when you want it to work with EM noise showing up from the inside of the device,
    and not many engineers would even understand why you would need this at all, most would use shielding, and that does not help in this case.
    the ghosts don't have infinite energy,
    so the harder you make it for them to mess with something, the more energy they have to expend and the less you get bothered.
  8. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Hello spacecase0,

    Wot! How can you say this as man puts foot into space and we have this old inquisitive thing that has been bugging us for centuries as to just have a glimpse into the world of the unknown...lol

    I don't want to make it harder for them to get through but easier.:mellow8:

    Okay you mean more bits going into the devices to make them more reliable? I get your drift.
    I am not sure what to make out of shielding?

    By which you mean by stray unwanted signals. Spikes.

    Could not the shielding in effect be causing lack of sensitivity?

    I think we can establish that EMF is at work here by the ghost activity?

    We could be looking at a wider bandwidth of EMF?

    If we shorten that bandwidth by selecting certain frequencies, they may not be the correct frequencies?

    I am still unsure what is happening?

    The typical answer what everyone is saying is that stray signals are at work. Interference or some stray radio frequency?

    I do not find that.

    It creates a none starter because we still cannot see what is actually happening?

    "Fred got into the bowl" But how did he get out again?

    I don't think we can go 'chop' chop' 'chop' and narrow that field without taking each 'chop' in turn?
    Do we know that 'noise' is the culprit?

    Or if it is....then where did it come from or who created it?

    We assume...ah..ah!!

    Never assume because we have to know.

    Just because it triggers near a micro-wave oven does not mean that this may be our ghost activity?

    I cannot understand why one device activates and the other does not?

    You may say that they are slightly built different?

    These things are not meant to activate by themselves and the designers had conquered the problem.

    Typical is when these devices are used for life saving or safety. You cannot afford stray energy fields.

    Radiation (harmonic) interference is perhaps different to other types?

    I do not have the answers, your points are valid discussions which need to be addressed.

    I am working on it......:)
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  9. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    ok, let us look at a brain for a moment,
    remember why they can't get computer processors smaller than they have now ?
    if they go any smaller, the electrons might not be on the wire you wanted it to be on, it might be somewhere else...
    they would not work because quantum noise would be to much interference,
    and when looking at the brain, it is a perfect interface to "quantum noise".
    super easy for consciousness to interact with a brain (this is how we interface with a body)

    as far as what frequency you are looking for,
    microwaves are very high frequency, but most electronics just sees a voltage or current, it often cares little about the frequency,
    but we can add filtering if you know what frequency range to look for.
    likely the frequency range is somewhere in the brainwave frequency range
    0.5Hz to about 40Hz, likely it is higher than 40Hz as well,
    if I remember correct, most animal brains only go up to about 12Hz, human brains allow for higher frequencies,
    but every time I have got out of my body, I can think so very clear, so I suspect that human brains limit us quite a bit,
    so if I were trying to set a frequency range to look for, I would set the high cutoff for just below what the AC power in the area was.
    there are also lots of stray voltages on things, so just one detector is likely not going to work that well.
    so seems like what we are going to look for is to have 2 detectors and only look for the difference. and only below 45Hz, or in the USA below 55Hz. If I were far away from AC power, I would set the cutoff for something like 100 or 1000Hz.
    I would have the impedance of the input very high.

    as far as house wiring being a detector, I would not do it.
    don't want some messed up spirit burning things down because it can.

    as a side note,
    ideal detector would likely be a SQUID with good electromagnetic shielding around it.
    mostly say this because we already know they work well for this.
    but kind of a pain to have liquid nitrogen on hand all the time,
    and I think they are pricey anyway.
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  10. Georgek

    Georgek George

    If I refer backwards to my school days...it is understood that the biggest problem with circuits is capacitance.
    Right...so what you are saying....is that if you go smaller, then you are going to get crossed wiring?

    I think I follow you to the point and you refer to quantum noise meaning the uncertainty of what the brain may be receiving?

    I am trying to work out the rest of your post.

    Are you saying that the human brain is coincidentally reacting to the spirit world on the frequency range of around 50 hz?

    As to allow some form of bandwidth as to cut off unwanted noise?

    Are you in fact also saying that these devices are being interacted by both ghosts/spirits and also just stray spikes of natural harmonic interference that need to be grounded in order to differentiate to what is either spirit or natural radiant wavelengths?

    By which I would need to understand what may be triggering these devices is not only ghost but stray natural wavelengths?
    That to get these devices to work both consistently and accurately I need to know WHAT is activating these devices?


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  11. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    ok, it is clear that i left out some of my starting points.
    I am entirely convinced that humans are a spirit having a human experience.
    a brain is the interface for a spirit to run a body.
    the scientists that have done research see quantum noise, and the brain interacting with that "noise", I see a path as to how consciousness easily interacts with this world.
    the brain also does other things, but mostly it is an interface (just like your monitor and keyboard)
    if this assumption is correct, then we know what frequency to look for spirits
    if you have ever set up any antenna to an oscilloscope, you clearly see that the AC power in the walls is a massive noise source.
    so if you are looking in that range, you either need to set a cutoff filter or a notch filter to get rid of that noise or you don't get useful results.
    so I am saying that the brain interacts with spirits (us), and that the frequency range likely matches brain wave frequencies.
    so depending on what they are doing, you likely know the frequency range to look for. just go look up the frequencies and what brain state that is linked with.
    as a side note, the ones with pure emotion show up on my detectors that only see low frequency, the ones that are pure logic never showed on the detectors.
    so... likely you are good looking for below the AC power noise at 50Hz

    capacitance in a circuit slows things down, can be good or bad depending on what you are doing.
    capacitance is good for averaging things...
    if you are looking for a faster CPU, capacitance is just in your way.
    if you are looking for the temperature outside, capacitance is going to get rid of the noise from the microwave oven.

    what is activating the devices ?
    it is a spirit.
    just like you,
    only likely does not have a body here.
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  12. Georgek

    Georgek George


    I share that view with your 'spacecase0'
    To elaborate on that...let us not mix up 'brain' with 'mind' Mind is our true selves being the subconscious and the brain is the physical maths 'crunching' device

    Interacting OR reacting? Meaning that their there is harmony with one from the other as opposed to just interfering.

    If you forgive me on this.......it is a little ambiguous as to assume that just because we are perceptive on one frequency, that there is no other frequency that we can perceive by way of a transducer? The transducer hence being similar to our doorbell which is triggered on one frequency and then relayed to our brain by sound waves? With a transducer we can in effect be picking up these signals...yer okay on our brain wave frequency but because they are so weak. others my term these signals as imagination?

    Possible.....as this is similar to a ferrite rod on a amplifier. A capacitance is introduce to specify a bandwidth and to cut out drift and coil inductance?
    If that is similar to what you describe, then the same analogy or principle applies to bandwidth. For example:- We have Short Wave from about 120 metres down to about 13 meters and hitting Top Band.
    Our scale across the range is quantitative by which the length of our scale is only certain rotations of our dial meaning that we need 49 meter band, 13 meter band and so and so. as we cannot tune our dial sensitive enough. Otherwise we are picking up all sorts of things which may even be correct based on our interpretation. So hence we use crystals to give us exact frequency responses. The point I am not too sure about is what exactly are we cutting off? Have we cut off too much?
    Yer okay..the AC has gone but perhaps taken other things away with it? What is this fine chop and how do we know EXACTLY what these spirit frequencies operate at? We call it filtering or grounding...but is it? If we take something like Parkinson's Disease, there are certain drug that cut off unwanted parts of the brain and hence stopping the major effect of the disease. The drugs also cut of other parts of the brain. I was watching a film today called:- 'Hereafter' A man had a brain operation which resulted in him becoming psychic. Could for example surgery or frequency interaction cause data to use a different route? Probably in that case, parts of his brain which was used for logic became impaired?

    I would say that it is difficult to form such analogy without fully understanding the full effects. We take Aspirin to cure a headache but what else is the Aspirin doing? Yer okay the Aspirin is our CUT OFF and it iss cutting off the headache but also doing other things.

    That is good but the problem is that some feel to believe that stray signals are the cause and I am still not sure what you mean by all the filtering if the result are caused by what we are tring to achieve? ie:- spirits.

    What I am understanding from you, is that getting a more precise instrument (ie filtering) it gets rid of the excuses from most saying it is caused by this or that?

    Going into depth can also be a bad thing because it confuses the matter even more. We react by simplicity and we deduce by simplicity. SETI is a typical example of graphs. "It looks like so and so......."

    The best thing I a m working on 'spacecase0' is a robot. I will keep it 'dead' in the corner of the room as to let it activate to scare the b*s*ards to death!! Hopefully a few false teeth will jump out from their mouths and I may need the resuscitation team!

    "Er...well it could just be a fault which i due to the misjudged ingedie....AHHHHHH!!!!!" Lol...


  13. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    the filtering is to eliminate things that are not what you are looking for.
    you don't want things like radio transmitters that you know are not spirits to set off your detectors.
    suppose this might be pointlessly complex, but I want detectors to only detect what what they should detect.
    your current detectors pick up way to much, but they do work for you...

    there are a few ways to filter frequencies, not sure it matters what method you choose
    some of the digital methods work very very well.
    if a digital filter is used, we could also find out what frequency range they use.
    I bet each spirit has it's own range to some degree

    brain waves are week, but they are also inside a conductor so they are shielded
    imagine how much easier it is to detect them when it is not shielded
    then there are the spirits that can move physical things, they play with electric fields and are super easy to detect.
  14. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Radio transmissions sometimes ARE spirits or UFOs, as I had found out on my dictation machine.

    Some of these songs do contain truth at times based on actual facts.
    I recollect a radio transmission back in 1965 on Short Wave that let us say made me hesitate?
    "We shall catch up and carry on" in a metallic slow motion. This was on the 13 Meter Band and I doubt whether planes operate on that wavelength....around about 27 Megacycles I think? With all the crap on the wavebands today I would of course think twice, but not back then. Police and aircraft operate on higher frequencies .

    We could in fact be decreasing the accuracy of our ghost detectors. Literally do not know too much about them. They may be bombarding a whole range of frequencies overlapping radio frequencies? I am still not sure why some light detector work and others do not?
    There needs to be more research in this field and scientists are just too pig headed and respectable to delve into these things.

    The impression that I get 'spacecase0' is that the signals that are being picked up are blasted with a range of over laps which just happen to activate the ghost detector. Ib have no evidence of LONG RANGE frequencies causing the detectors to activate.

    Okay when they are near a an IPhone of a micro wave they activate. Probably the same when a transmitter is near by?
    We get a similar effect with the old CRT TVs by putting a transistor radio next to one. There is a whoosh from the oscillator circuit. I once converted my reel to reel tape recorder to a transmitter and the effect was similar. I could transmit by voice up to 300yds on Long Wave. around the 2000 meter wavelength which could also be picked up on the 500 meter wavelength at half the distance. I do not believe that the device was actually transmitting on these frequencies other than having a strong harmonic effect.

    The situation is very similar with our detectors. People will say that they are picking up 'hic-ups'

    I do not think they are? What is I feel happening is that spirits are hitting the detectors 'straight on' by going inside them.

    For example:- If we have two ghost detectors and move them near a microwave oven, both will trigger. It may be argued that one may trigger a second before the other, but they will always trigger because the source of the microwaves are blasting them both.

    If we place two detectors in one ghost box and use a red light for one and a white light for the other, one will trigger and the other colour will not. Also vise-versa.

    This points to a narrow frequency field being actually very close to the detector(s).

    The strangeness is even more bizarre because the white light may trigger ten times and the red only once in succession.

    Also once triggered, the lights should remain on for a full minute. They do not. Instead the device may lay dormant for thirty minutes and one light will come on for only 5 seconds and then go out again and remain off for a further ten minutes.

    The whole thing does not show stray signals. There is a an intelligent interaction that must be seen to be understood.

    I am still trying to work this all out...lol

    The way forward is to firstly accept what is happening, as we both do. Most will not.
    They call themselves open minded and nothing gets done or understood.

    Here we are are too imaginative but we are getting something done by listening and trying to fathom the answers.

    All I know at thiss stage, is that they work. I am not that brilliant an engineer to fully understand. Others are capable and one thing that would be an asset is to get the designers to take a closer look at their devices and to let me know thee actual diffeence between their device that does work compared to other similar lights that do not work.

    Then we can pin point the part and haave less to study.


  15. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    I have tuned with a dial form the 10M band down to 160M listing to USB and had something talking to me the entire time...
    and as a side note, have had many contacts on the radio that I later got conformation that I was talking to an actual person.
    but if you push that a bit,
    you don't need any hardware at all.
    most of this is a signal to noise ratio issue.
    the quiet the mind and emotions meditations are fantastic at wiping out the noise.

    why do you think I have been talking of what frequencies to filter for ?

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