Square Shaped UFO on Video

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    Square Shaped Object With 4 Multicolored Lights.

    Event1: ~ Video 1 – 24 second video
    Time: Approx 9:00 PM, Thursday, 21 February 2019
    Duration of Event: 3-4 minutes
    Elevation in sky: Estimated 200-500 feet at time of filming
    Sound: Silent

    Description: Primary witness was a passenger in a car driving northbound on I-5, traveling through the La Jolla area and culminating in area of Del Mar at the Sorrento Valley exit 33. The driver of the car was also witness to the event.

    Primary Witness (1): 15 year old female high school student from Carmel Valley, San Diego, being driven home from dance practice by one of the dance mothers. Female teen is experienced with seeing and hearing commercial and military planes in sky. She is a previous UFO experiencer and contactee.

    Secondary Witness (2): Adult female driver, a dance mother, but not the mother of the primary witness.

    Technology used to film: I-Phone X through the glass of vehicle windows.

    Witness 1, was sitting in the car on the front right passenger side, looked up into the sky through front windshield and saw 2 very bright golden colored, constant powerful glow, spherical lights standing stationary in the sky. One of the lights appeared higher in the sky and to the right of the second lower light located to the left. This is when Witness 1, the passenger, said to Witness 2, the driver, “Look, Aliens.” And gestured to the sky. Witness 2 laughed and said “Yeah right.” Witness 1 said “Wait, watch, they are going to start doing something and then you’re going to believe me.”

    Shortly thereafter the higher light disappeared up into the atmosphere and then came back down through the clouds after approximately 10 seconds. Then, the second lower left light did the exact same thing, it went vertical up higher into the atmosphere and then after about 10 seconds dropped back down into the same position. Next, simultaneously they both began moving and traveling in different directions. The higher right light traveled in the direction of right and the lower left light traveled in the direction of left. As the right light traveled to the right, Witness 1 could see through the windshield that it was a craft with four lights and began filming.

    The craft hovered near the car and then moved off further to the right and Witness 1 followed it with her lens from the front windshield to the passenger window and continued to watch until she lost sight of it. She stopped filming.

    Witness 1 wanted to see more. So, with her mind she consciously began to communicate to see if she could get them to come back. For about 15 seconds she thought “Come back, show me that you are real by coming back.” She searched they sky, but couldn’t see anything. Then she began to feel something in her chest and something as a presence in the car and this feeling prompted her to look a certain direction in the sky. It was then she saw another craft. She felt like it was a third craft, not one of the first two. It stayed for a short while and then disappeared.

    Witness 2 also saw the lights after Witness 1 initially said “Look aliens”. After seeing what she saw she said “What! No way!” Her comment indicated she saw something she could not explain and made her contemplate the topic.

    Note: Observation by Witness 1: Two crafts in sky, too close to one another to be airplanes, too dangerous to be airplanes. Would never be allowed by FAA.

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    At least the lights are in a square configuration. That white to red light makes me think it's something conventional.
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    SpongeBob SquarePlane.
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    plane, more blinking lights
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    I've never viewed a plane with that type of larger light configuration and relative size, not saying there isn't one though...


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