Star Trek: Picard


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Indeed. There's the beauty of this franchise, there are things that can just be ignored - like crappy movies. In TOS there was a writer's guide that had to be adhered to. It should be rolled up and several writers smacked in the snout with it for misbehavior


Hi guys, I watched the last two episodes the other night, and have to say that whilst I wasn't blown away with the send-off through lack of originality, nevertheless I suppose this was an adequate way for Picard and the 'main crew' of TNG to finally sign off.
The whole series was obviously made with a top class budget and produced with all the loving care that a true fan of the original show would give it. ... I am easily prepared to ignore the drawbacks of the cast being dressed, fed, medicated and whisked from Seedy-Pines old folks home to the studio by private ambulance every morning [and that there were probably a couple of men in special-effect-green-suites holding up 120 year old Patrick when he had to walk around the sets ... and also fine with the fact that the storyline about the Borg-Queen does not chime with the fact that the last time we saw her , she was on her way to the delta quadrant having been spliced with dippy-Agnes and becoming a kind of peaceful friend to Picard and his species?!
.... Yes i'm confused, but fine with that.... and I reckon the only thing that I can really gripe about is the complete lack of forward imagination!
Familiarity and continuity is o.k but I also crave a little more originality in my villain-reveals , rather than to fall back on old overused' enemies such as 'The Borg' [they were great in their day] ... [and as for resurrecting the once great Q to tease a follow up series with Ed Speleers ? ... forget it, he's never good enough to carry his own Star Trek series, what a waste of Q!]... but as this was the very last of TNG adventures, I thought it deserved something a little more original. ... But there we have it, it's done and dusted now, and i'll say that because nostalgia is so strong and the production values were pretty cool I have to say that i'm satisfied that the good captain and his crew got a decent send off, and i'm looking forward to the Janeway, Chakotay and Harry Kim bow-out series. ... but i'll bet that their ultimate secret adversary will turn out to be 'Species 8472 from fluidic space' lol.



As Above So Below
This hour long video feels really like a lost episode of Star Trek about the Borg with Q as the main character which takes place after the events of Wolf-359 however it is really from the 1996 Interactive Movie game called "Star Trek: Borg"...I played this game many years ago, it is marvelously produced and fits right in with TNG or Voyager...This video is the full story and enjoyable to watch as an episode...