Star Wars Episode IX

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    I don't know if you would consider this a spoiler or not, it's only regarding the time span between episodes...

    Report: Episode IX Takes Place A Year After Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars rumors are out there thick as a horde of locusts this time of year, but this one might have some credence. According to a scan of what appears to be Empire Magazine’s most recent issue, a 2019 movie preview issue, the still-as-of-yet-untitled Star Wars: Episode IX will definitely feature a time skip, taking place a full year after The Last Jedi.

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    OK. Silly minor observation here.

    I respect the hell out of my chainsaw but lightsabers seem like something I would stay the completely away from if they were real. That said, didn't anyone mention to Ren that a light-hilt-guard or whatever you call it might not be the best idea? Looks like a good way to accidentally lose a superfluous nipple just from the way he's holding it.

    If Jedi must construct their own lightsaber don't you think a certain percentage of them flubbed it? Do they have a closet full of 'off the rack' models for those who just don't get it right?The guy that graduates last in his class at medical school is still called 'doctor'. From what I've seen I'm putting Kylo Ren in the lower third of his Sith school class.

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