Starfish Looking UFO Caught on ISS Live Stream

Discussion in 'UFOs & Sightings' started by nivek, Dec 1, 2018.

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    During the live stream of one of the ISS (International Space Station) cameras, an unusual, unidentified flying object was noticed by the viewers. One of them, grabbed his phone and filmed the UFO while it was streaming on his TV. The object resembles a starfish and the light seems to be pulsating around it. The viewers were able to see the UFO for several minutes before it moved away from the camera. In the second part of the video we can also see an some kind of flashing light orb.

    Caught this on ISS live around 3-4 AM Thanksgiving morning. Starfish UFO? Also caught more lights before object moves left and fades out. Any ideas? : UFOs

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  2. Toroid

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    I think ground control watches the ISS feeds and are instructed to move or turn off the cameras if something questionable appears. I wouldn't doubt if they have software that does it for them. An astronaut in the cupola on the ISS can more thoroughly surveil the area. What they observe could be part of a slow disclosure agenda.
    Cupola (ISS module) - Wikipedia
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  3. michael59

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    Every video of cats, or dogs, or giggling baby video taken by a cell phone on youtube is crystal clear. There's literately millions of them!

    Dude uses his phone to video a UFO off his own TV and it comes out blurred like that?

    There is no hope...
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    too badly filmed and blurry for analysis : (

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