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    Police Officer Encounters Strange Creature with Glowing Head in Pennsylvania- Late August, 2017


    Sketch Used With Permission of the Witness

    On an evening in late August, 2017, a police officer riding down a road in a wooded location in a southwestern section of Westmoreland County, PA saw something that startled him. Ahead of him on the side of the road, the officer observed what appeared to be a ball of very dull white light low to the ground. He was familiar with the area and had never noticed any type of lighting in that location. As he moved closer and was about 50 yards from the round light, it suddenly rose up or stood up from the ground.

    It was then that the witness observed something that he couldn’t process. The officer told me, “it was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.” The ball of light was actually the head of a very strange being that looked to be about 6 feet tall or larger. It was tall and almost skeleton thin. The officer was of the opinion that the creature when he first observed it, had been lying on its belly on the ground with its head facing toward the road. It then stood up facing the road. In that dark location, he saw the dull light from the glowing head illuminating the upper section of the body of the creature.

    While the officer watched, the creature turned toward the right. The dull illumination from the head lit up the shoulder area. The creature then turned and faced him, then turned to the left and took off at an incredible speed away towards a location away from the road. As it moved off, the witness could see its arms swinging. The officer indicated that it took off at a speed that you could only call abnormal. “it was faster than anything I have ever seen. It was there, then it was gone.”  The witness assumed that the creature moved on two legs, however, he could not see the lower sections of the body in the dark.

    The witness described what he saw as standing 6 feet or taller. The head was about 8-10 inches in diameter and shaped like a ball. He said the head was just a ball of light, possibly egg shaped but pretty round. The light emitted seemed to be just a dull white. The light illuminated the shoulders, the top of the chest and a section of the arms. The witness could not see the hands. The chest looked to be about 18 inches across. The waist appeared to be small, but the arms were abnormally long. The long limbs also looked skeletal with no muscle mass. The skin tone of the body appeared to be dull grayish-blue. The witness could not see any facial features.

    The entire experience only lasted about 10 seconds. The officer was confused as to what he saw and about what could move so fast. He pulled up his vehicle to the location where the creature and been standing and turned on his vehicle spotlight. He looked around the area but saw no evidence on the ground. The officer, after the experience, continued to try to make sense out of what he had encountered but he could not figure it out. I was contacted soon after the incident and we later discussed the incident in detail.

    Notes: While this is a very strange report, many very odd creature encounters have been reported for years from Pennsylvania and all across the country. There have been other reports somewhat similar, and there have been other cases reported where the creature involved had a glowing effect in the dark.

    During the many years that I have been investigating such cases in Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to interview state troopers and municipal police officers who also reported some very strange encounters. In most cases, they talked with me confidentially about what had taken place.

    Stan Gordon's UFO Anomalies

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    Misty Humanoid Creature Observed Moving Across Road in Derry Township Pennsylvania

    A section of the Chestnut Ridge near Derry, PA. Many Bigfoot and other cryptid encounters have been reported all along the ridge.

    On the evening of September 10, 2018, a man was riding down a rural road in Derry Township in Westmoreland County. It was a rainy night when his headlights caught something about 75 feet ahead of him that seemed to “appear out of nowhere.” Whatever it was, it was in the middle of the road and moving from left to right.

    The witness said when he first saw this being he first thought it was fog. He soon realized there was no fog in the surrounding area. The witness said it was hard to describe what he saw, and that it was a humanoid form that was foggy or misty in appearance. The man stated that it was a “foggy white form” that was about 6 ½ to 7 feet tall. The creature seemed to be somewhat stooped as it moved. The physical traits that stood out to the witness were the huge muscular shoulders and a small waist. There was a head but he couldn’t see it clearly.

    The arms and legs were also not clearly discernable. The witness observed the creature from its left side for several seconds. The creature crossed the road and entered into a field where it seemed to just vanish. The man could not see its feet and stated that it moved “almost like it floated.” The witness didn’t notice any smell or sounds during the observation.

    The incident took place only a short distance from the Chestnut Ridge where there has been a long history of UFOs, Bigfoot, and other cryptid encounters.

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    London Man Shows ‘Humanoid’ Photograph

    A man in London says he has taken a picture of a humanoid figure.

    Oscar C., a 20-year-old college student, told Cryptozoology News he and a fellow student were taking photographs for a university project at a park in North London when they observed the oddity on September 17, at around 7 a.m.. He provided a specific location but has been omitted for privacy reasons.

    “The park is surrounded by forest and we were shooting some photos amongst the trees, when suddenly I heard a rustling noise that gradually got louder, as if something was coming closer,” he said about the event.”I looked towards the trees where the noise seemed to be coming from and saw something moving in the trees.”

    That’s when the alleged entity showed up, he says. He described it as a 6-feet-tall humanoid that “looked somewhat like a human”. “But the way it behaved it was definitely not human,” he added. “It moved faster than I’ve seen any human move. It only emerged from the trees for a few seconds and I was able to take one picture before it ran back into the woods.” The blurry picture initially fails to show any clear humanoid-like figure, but an analysis is in progress.

    “It behaved like an animal, possibly hunting, but I don’t know what it could have been hunting for. It also had unnaturally bright coloured red hair. I caught a brief glimpse of its face and looking at its eyes, I believe it did not have a human level of cognition, but rather it was acting purely on instinct like a wild animal. I have no idea what this thing was except that I know it was not a human being,” said Oscar.
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    Friends Find Grey Pale Humanoid Inside Of Sewers

    While several friends were out and about walking towards a nearby park to hang out, they came across a sewer system there. Being rather naive, they decided to explore this location. A large grate covered the sewers but the bars were bent open. The opening was big enough to squeeze through.

    The guy explained that his friend was intuitive enough about things like this. He said she has experience with paranormal type stuff. Because of this, they wanted to find out what was there as it was an interesting mystery to them. They soon noticed light was coming through part of the grate (at the top) enough to see somewhat inside.

    This is when things got weirder. After entering, they discovered a smaller tunnel that led higher up. This room was partly filled with water and at the bottom, there was a noticeable amount of graffiti along the walls of the tunnel passage. Moments after wandering around in there he said a long lanky arm appeared to stretch out. What resembled an arm anyway was not moving. He said it could have been a plank of wood perhaps. Looking around, he found some rocks and stacked them up, so he could see further inside. Light continued to peek in and then he noticed what resembled a grey hunched figure, that had a bony looking body.

    Unsure of what he was seeing fear soon crept in. He mentioned seeing its back along with part of its neck and the top of its arms. Whatever it was, it wasn’t moving and possibly it could have been a homeless person who starved them-self to death. While he wanted to take a picture of this, his girlfriend refused to enter and she was the one who had a phone with her. Both of them decided something wasn’t right with this so they hightailed it out of there.

    The best they both could figure was, this might have been something that escaped from a secret project of some kind. Allegedly, an Army Depot exists in this area and they do testing on animal subjects. To them, it is all speculation but he remembers what was there. It might be something more paranormal related like a grey alien or wraith of some kind. There has been no update posted yet or where this occurred.

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    'Glimmer Man': Multiple Encounters and Physical Contact (Amazing Account)

    A woman recalls her multiple contacts with a 'glimmer man' entity at different locations. Now, her boyfriend is experiencing the same phenomenon!

    "I want to tell you about a series of events that have happened to me, starting in 2012 and could still currently be happening. My story is what I have recently found out could be called the 'glimmer man.' I had never heard of anyone else seeing anything like I’ve experienced before and I have also never seen the movie 'Predator' (I know, lame, but I just never have). My close friend Nick is obsessed with all things supernatural and I am obsessed with true crime, so he suggested I watch 'The Missing 411: The Hunted.' I did (loved it) and by the end I was pretty disturbed because I had never before heard of anyone seeing something that was essentially a translucent figure before like I had. It really took me back because for YEARS I have thought that either I had a psychotic break, or that I’m a medium and can see ghosts. It never occurred to me that it could be something paranormal or anything like that.

    I told my friend Nick that I had seen a translucent being before but that's all the detail I could admit to him. He told me I had probably seen what's called the 'glimmer man' and sent me a podcast so I could have my sanity validated. I have never told a single soul these stories. I have tried to block it out of my mind because I realized after the fact that it could be something sinister, and if it wasn’t, then I couldn’t tell anyone because I was sure they would think I was insane. This has really freaked me out for a lot of years now, I vowed I would never tell anyone, but after listening to the other stories, I really think I need to. I refer to this thing as a 'mass' because that’s the best way I could describe it.

    Physically it was translucent and had no discernable edges, however I could tell it was made of something. If you took light, got it to refract through a prism and took a picture of it. The cut that picture into ¼ inch squares and faced them every single direction you can, all at random, that’s what it looked like. I could see the blue, green and red bouncing back to my eyes but it all moved like static so I couldn’t hook on to a single section or color for long. This description is the same for every time I’ve seen it. The shape and size are the only thing that changed, and it was by no means smooth. Usually the upper half would be sort of distended but in a very rough almost rocky cliff like shape.

    One last thing before I start, two months before the first incident, my roommate Kylie made a suicide attempt that lead to her accidentally drowning in the Boise River. It was not actually her intention but very long story short, she passed away. I say this because I thought that this 'glimmer man' was her coming back as a ghost at the time. I thought she had come back to talk to me. I wanted in my mind to believe it was her. I say that to explain why I did not panic when I saw the 'thing' on the first incident. I cannot explain why I was so calm on the second.

    So here it goes: October 2012 - I had moved to Portland, Oregon from Boise, Idaho in the wake of my roommate’s death. I was in my room alone at about 11 pm. My room has a sliding glass door that connects straight to the backyard. I looked over towards the door in the corner of the room and I see a strange mass that was about 4 ft tall and 3 ft wide. I would estimate the depth to be 3 ft as well, and was completely translucent. I blinked because I had assumed it was my eyes playing tricks on me, but it was still there. I felt very calm. The figure was very obviously focused on me, it didn’t have eyes but it’s almost as if the top part of it was leaned in a little closer than the rest and if I moved around the room, it would turn in my direction. Immediately I think 'this is a ghost, it needs to tell me something.' So I reached out my hand and the 'mass' came towards me and lifted my hand, very gently and weakly, but I did not have to use the regular amount of muscle it takes to lift my own arm. It was clearly lifting my arm for me. I would describe the feeling as if you took two opposite magnets and tried to force them together, not the strength of it, but just like an invisible force that you can physically feel pushing you. It was completely even pressure where it would touch me, and it could move my hand and arm if I had it relaxed.

    I held out my arm and asked it to tell me who it was. The mass pushed on my arm to the left and led me through my room to group of magazine posters on the wall. It lifted my hand up to the posters and put my hand over a picture of a band I had liked. This is a band Kylie loved as well, so I said 'move my hand up if yes and side to side if no, but are you Kylie?' The mass moved my hand up. I got very emotional, cried immediately, but I held it together because I wanted to talk to her. I went and got a blank notebook and a pen and asked the mass to write to me what it wants to say while I held the pen. The mass would move my hand while I had it on the paper, but none of the drawings made any sense, so I asked it to move the pen instead. I was BARELY holding on the pen, I just had it between my fingers to keep it upright. The mass started to move the pen across the page. I realized that I couldn’t be imagining things because I could literally see the pen moving by itself, even though I was still holding the bottom of it slightly.

    This went on for probably two hours. I tried and tried to get this thing write something legible, but nothing looked like any type of letter, it was all just strange designs and shapes. I believe I still have this journal in my parent’s storage area in Idaho. I plan on finding it and sending pictures of it once I leave Alaska this fall.

    This is where things get really nuts. What I am going to say next is why I have never told anyone any part of this story before. If someone told me this, I would never think they were sane. My new roommate Alexa came into my room to ask me who I was talking to. All of the sudden the mass got very tiny, like the size of a mouse, and it sat in my hand. I told her I think Kylie is here talking to me and to watch this. I say ‘please move the pen for me’, the pen and my hand start to move across the paper and Alexa freaked out. She said this is insane and she doesn’t know what’s happening, but she said I need to stay away from her for the night. I was honestly too preoccupied to care about her reaction and we didn’t get along well anyways so I just let her go.

    She goes to bed and the mass gets really big, skinnier than before but probably 2 ft taller than the start. It starts pushing my hand left and leads me to the door, out to my living room and to my front door. I said no I’m not going and walked back to my room, but it just keeps putting this pressure on my hand to get me to go out in the living room again. I oblige because at this point, I am convinced that this is like the lost soul of my close friend and nothing she could do would be dangerous. I go outside and it leads me to my car. I must have gone back in for my keys and coat because I remember wearing a coat, but I don’t remember exactly how I got it or my keys. At this point I’m in the car and I tell the mass 'move my hand left or right for turns, up to stop and down for forward.' The mass leads me out of my neighborhood and down at least a full mile to an area that is sort of industrial but also like an abandoned park. I don’t know how to describe it totally and this is the only time I’ve ever been to this location. There were several big trees surrounding this place. It was like an open sort of park behind an industrial building so there were no lights and there were several random pieces of abandoned scrap metal, just assorted random things everywhere. I got out and it was very clear that the mass was putting pressure on me to go forward. I’m going wherever it’s telling me to go.

    We get to this 6 ft tall and 10 ft wide (ish) metal structure that has a little ladder on the side. It wants me to go up the ladder, so I climbed it. Then it’s jolting my hand forward, but forward is the ground below. It wants me to jump off the structure, which I did one time because it wasn’t too high and I sat down before I jumped to lessen the impact. Then the mass puts pressure on my hand side to side, which we had agreed was no, leads me back to the ladder and signals up like it wants me to climb. At this point, I’m realizing that I don’t think this is my dead friend anymore. I’m thinking something is tricking me, but I also didn’t want to completely give up in case it was her. I climb up one more time and stood at the top, the mass signaled me to jump, but I told it no. I said it’s not fair because I’m alive and this could hurt me, so if 'you' have something to tell me, you need to find another way.

    I climb down from the ledge and the mass tried twice more to lead me back to the metal structure. I just couldn’t be there anymore alone in the dark in a weird part of Portland. I didn’t want to be arrested or killed, so I said enough, I’m going home. The mass tried to control my hand the entire ride home, even getting out of my car and walking up to my house. But keep in mind, the pressure is not that strong, so I was easily able to ignore it. I walked straight to my room and I kept feeling the pressure on my arm trying to get me to go outside. At this time, and for the whole time we were on our ‘outing,' the mass was about the size of a basketball. I tried one last time to communicate with the mass via pen and journal, but I still couldn’t get anything legible, so I decided to tell it that it’s time to go. I walked out back and told the mass 'it’s time to go, if you are Kylie then I hope you go to heaven now but I can’t do anything further, so you need to leave.' The mass went about 10-15 ft in the air and hovered. It was big at this point, at least 7 ft, and then I walked back inside and closed the sliding glass door. I was hoping it was gone but I saw the mass a few more times out of the corner of my eye. I chose to ignore it and just kept repeating 'you need to go away, I can’t do anything for you I’m sorry,' and eventually it was gone. I didn’t see it again for a long time. I never talked about it and my roommate never brought it. I had decided I must have a strange ability to talk to ghosts but I obviously cannot tell the good from the bad. So I knew that I couldn’t communicate with them if I ever saw them, for my own safety.

    About 6 months goes by, I moved into a new house in Portland with my brother and close friend. I drove down to Southern California for the Coachella Music Festival in April 2013. A friend and I drove down for the weekend and then had to drive all the way back up the I-5 back to Oregon, but he had to drive because I dropped my driver’s license on the first day of Coachella so I had no ID. As soon as we crossed over the Oregon border, we stopped in a town (I believe Ashland) with a DMV so I could get a replacement temporary ID and share the driving. I had to fix my makeup before I went to get my picture taken and all that, so we stopped into a grocery store to use the bathroom. I believe it was a Safeway. As soon as I got into the bathroom, I saw it, a vibrating translucent static mass just standing in the corner very ominously. I looked straight at it and assumed it was a ghost and I thought it was probably lost if it’s just sitting here in this bathroom. I can’t explain why I did this. I’m not actually a brave person whatsoever, but at the time I just felt overwhelmingly calm. I can’t express to you how unlike myself that is for me to do.

    I proceeded to fix all of my makeup in the mirror, then I turned around and looked at the mass that was still very obviously there and I said 'you look lost. You can come with me if you want.' My thought process at the time was that maybe I’ll get another chance to help some lost soul or something. I had blocked out most of my first experience and wasn’t immediately remembering how terrifying it was. I did not touch the mass this time, but I could feel it following me in the same way you can feel something watching you. I walked out of the store and to the car where my car buddy was. He never mentioned anything about the mass being in the car, which could be because he slept almost the whole rest of the way, but I could see it in the rear view mirror from time to time. This mass never changed size or shape, it was always about 4 ft tall and 2-3 ft wide, sort of rectangular but very rounded.

    As we drove, I started to remember how bad of an idea this could be and realized I didn’t want to do it anymore and that I didn’t have anything left to say to the 'mass.' When we got back to Portland, the mass followed me inside my house and stayed in my room for the next two days. I ignored it almost the whole time and I started to feel guilty about that because I had told it to come with me initially. The night before the last time I saw it, I told it 'I’m sorry, I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t think I can help you, you should leave so you can find someone who can.' The mass stayed in the corner all night and then the next day it was gone forever.

    Since that time, there has been multiple occasions where I have seen something like the mass out of the corner of my eye, but I have always avoided looking directly at it. After a few years of avoiding looking, I completely stopped seeing them. I live in Seward, Alaska now with my boyfriend. We have a house in the forest on 5 acres with a lot of tall trees. He watched 'The Hunted' with me and afterwards I told him 'this really freaks me out because I have seen that before' referring to the saran wrap-like thing the woman in the movie had described. He told me immediately 'That’s what I’ve been seeing looking in our windows.' He told me he has seen these things multiple times and multiple at a time. He is a hunter and he will see them almost every time he goes on hunts alone but almost exclusively out of the corner of his eye, very rarely can he get a full front view of them. He says they’re following alongside him, and they don’t have any trouble getting over obstacles like trees or rocks. He knows about Bigfoot and Skinwalker Ranch, but that is literally the extent of anything he knows about this sort of thing. I know he could not have made this up and he said it to me before I told him any details from my experiences. Even now, he knows far less than what I’ve written here. It worries me that maybe the reason he sees them is because of me. He said it’s only been in the last two years that it has happened and that’s how long we’ve been together. Evidently his sightings have been increasing lately which is why I feel like I can’t waste any time in getting this information out to you.

    One last thing, my boyfriend has seen these so many times at our house in Seward, Alaska and we live 4 miles from a location where Michael LeMaitre vanished on Mount Marathon in 2012 during the annual 4th of July race up the mountain. Our town swells to over 10,000 people during this race so there were plenty of people to search or to have seen something but no trace of him was ever found after numerous searches of the area. The animals all leave the area because of all the tourists and there was no evidence of an attack, and this mountain is so close to downtown it’s impossible he could have been lost. Makes me wonder if there is a connection." JS

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    Crawling Humanoid Roams Near Home in Rural Quebec, Canada - Phantoms and Monsters Report

    A young rural Quebec resident describes a crawling humanoid that would roam the forest near his home

    The following account was recently forwarded to me:

    "These incidents occurred during my teenage years, at 16 years old. I lived in a small town of 2000 people, mainly surrounded by boreal forest, in a region of Québec, Canada. This place was great, as we often saw deer and it was usually a quiet and safe place. To put this in a bit of context, my house was located at the side of a dead end and the only light source at night was from house. There was a single street light at the end of the road, but it only lit a part of the street and the forest behind it.

    We were a dog family. I only had small dogs when I lived there. Everyday we needed to let them out, as all dogs do. But at night they were almost impossible to see because of the darkness. Our terrain was kind of big and the light sources were weak.

    I was a gamer at that time and I was often up late. So I was the one who needed to take out the dog at 2 am, because it stayed with me while I was playing. One night I opened the door and waited for my dog to do his thing while trying to look at it. I only was able to saw the reflection on the light in its eyes when it looked at me. I started to look around, because there were sometime deer roaming in the woods under the street light or wild turkeys moving around, when a little dark spot catched my attention. It looked like a human head coming out of the bushes, but I wasn't able to see it because it was a bit in the dark. I didn't want my dog to run after whatever it was (it had a tendency to run away after wild animals), so I called it. It didn't listen to me but the thing in the bushes started to crawl towards the street slowly. It looked like a human, with thin limbs but a normal body and a slightly long neck. I started to freak out a bit and shook the treats cup so my dog would hurry. It came inside running and I shut the door as fast as I could. I turned off the lights in my house so I could have a view of what was outside. The strange being crawled fast, almost running like a dog with every limbs broken, as a improvised crawling movement. The being passed under the light, where I saw it had no fur, like a shaved animal. It was disgusting. I was afraid and standing in the dark. The being ran towards the light and continued on the street, where I wasn't able to see it because the houses in my neighborhood were delimited by trees. I locked the door and went to sleep with my dog. I talked to nobody about it.

    A couple months later I went to bed kind of early one night (11:00 pm) and went to watch some videos on my phone. These were gaming videos and I had earphones on. A sound on the video was recurring and I thought it was annoying, like a distant weird scream. After a couple minutes the video finished and I went to see another, but during the loading the sound occurred again. I took off my earphones and waited for the sound. I heard it and immediately had tears in my eyes. It was coming from my window. My room was at the second floor, so I looked down in the forest if there was some movement. The only light near the forest entrance was the moonlight and an underwater light in our pool that emitted a small halo around it. I wasn't able to see anything, but the sound occurred again. It was like a mix between a distorted scream and a pig having his throat slit, or a strong pain whining from a dog. I looked down and saw something that passed so fast it was really hard to see it but I barely saw a human-sized being with thin limbs crawling like a spider. It wasn't running after anything, but the sound occured another time. It was the most horrible thing I ever heard. I closed my window quickly. I heard it again three other times, and it stopped after that.

    I talked to my dad about the sound and he told me it was probably a deer being attacked by a wild animal. I was so scared of it I barely walked in the woods at night the following 3 years, before moving in a city to go at a university.

    Even this day I have never heard of an animal or being like that. There were barely any reports of wolves, coyotes or bears in my area, and believe me I made a lot of discoveries exploring the forest in this town." -

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    8-9 Ft. Tall 'Whistling' Disfigured Humanoid Encountered in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

    A group of friends were camping out on the Montour Trail in western Pennsylvania. One of the group encounters a 8-9 foot unknown humanoid while gathering wood. A frightening incident!

    The following account was forwarded to me by a 2nd party:

    NOTE: The Wendigo can take various forms. I just don't think that it is a Wendigo. They are aggressive, according to reports I've read over the years. There have many similar sightings throughout Pennsylvania in the past few years. Stan Gordon and I recently discussed it during his appearance on Arcane Radio. This is some type of unknown flesh and blood humanoid. That's all we have at the moment.

    Lon Strickler

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