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Discussion in 'Perceptions & Experiences' started by 3FEL9, Mar 12, 2018.

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    Okay okay, one more... Maybe. Lol
    So, I have these other reaccuring dreams every other night where I meet a guy, the guy "of my dreams" quite literally lol, but they're so so real. When I wake up, I feel as if I came back from some alternate universe of mine haha. It really has me convinced. But, these guys that I meet in my dreams, I fall so in love with, like deeply in love with . I can't let them go and when I wake up I feel sad that it ended because it felt so amazing to feel such a rush of emotions. Love is such a powerful thing to feel, the things that you feel throughout your body and your heart, it feels so magical. And I cling to them like puppies. And they love me back just as much. It's insane I wish I could put it into words how I feel in these dreams. But, in every one of them, I never see their faces. And in every one of them, the guy is different Everytime. And Everytime I wake up, I still feel like I'm in love. I get over it after a few minutes of being awake, but it so freaky and weird, the emotions that I feel are so real in that moment.
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    Maybe they induce you into feeling that way to store or use your strong emotion(s). Kinda like the opposite of loosh energy.
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    I used to have that dream quite often. Sometimes I would feel fear that there was something or someone there that shouldn't be. Most of the time it was kind of fun because I felt the sense that it was my new home and all the stuff left in it was now mine. It was fun exploring and examining all the rooms and things in them.

    Welcome to Alien Expanse, PocketOfLint. :)
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