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Discussion in 'Perceptions & Experiences' started by nivek, May 29, 2018.

  1. nivek

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    What are your thoughts on tarot card reading?...

    Do you have much experience with tarot?...

    I have my own cards and a book I've put together myself years ago through research and experience...I've given other people readings before and have done readings for myself in the past...I tend to focus on the aspects of the cards that seem most applicable individually and combined...
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  2. Toroid

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    David Wilcock mentioned the Ra Material numerous times in his book 'The Ascension Mysteries'. Because of that I went through the 174 video series on YT rather than buying the five or six books. One of the most interesting things was Ra claiming he created the concept of the Tarot on Venus while he was still in third density some two to three billion years ago. It's suggested that they were the Ancient Builder Race.
    The Law of One Search Results for ‘tarot’
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  3. nivek

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    Earlier I laid out some cards and wrote down a reading from them for a local friend...Quite interesting reveal, the answer to his question was quite obvious once I saw all the cards...He is at a crossroads and wants to be romantically involved with someone but there's red flags he cannot see but feel...These cards tell me if he gets involved with her it will be heaven, it will be spectacular, but, it will financially ruin him in the end if he isn't careful...This does not suggest that he not get involved with her, on the contrary, this would suggest to him to be aware there may be financial problems if he isn't wise financially and don't allow any distractions keep him from make sound financial decisions if he pursued this path...

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  4. baleeber

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    That's quite a nice deck, Nivek. I had several tarot decks a long time ago, but gave them away the last time I moved. At one time, I used runes as well, but I like tarot.

    I've made one deck (based on classical art), but the interpretations are personal rather than typical Rider-Waite. I've toyed with the idea of making another deck, but actually my classical art deck has served me pretty well.

    My philosophy of tarot is that tarot is what people used before therapists. People would have a problem and go to a tarot-reader for advice. The tarot reader would turn over cards, give some general descriptions of meanings, and ask the individual to personalize the interpretation to their situation. It was a way, I think, of allowing people subconsciously to get some perspective on their problems and look at them in a different way.

    It has a kind of practicality not unlike scapulimancy. In scapulimancy, ancient hunters would take the shoulder blade bone (scapula) of an animal and hold it over the fire until it cracked, and then follow the cracks on their next hunt.

    What it did is it prevented them from developing a pattern. If they had hunted in an organized pattern, animals would have quickly adapted to avoid them. scapulimancy kept it completely random.
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  5. nivek

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    Below is a pic of the set I use, I've had this one for about 10 years I think...Its still in fairly new in condition because I don't use it a lot, maybe 8 times a year lately lol...Two people I know will randomly call me up and want to stop by for a reading...I've watched people use runes before, its quite interesting but I haven't used them myself, I do like tarot though...

    That's a good philosophy, I like that and agree, it helps some people get a better perspective of the problem or situation they are inquiring about, see it in a different light to make good decision that's in their best interest and those around them...

    I looked that up and did some reading, heard the word before but never looked into it, scapulimancy is interesting, I read that Greek soldiers would do this the night before a big battle, a clear scapula was a good omen to them...


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