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    Sleep and Eat BBQ at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station
    Right off Highway 304 in Bastrop, Texas, is the scariest gas station in pop culture history. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station, a Facebook landmark, has been restored to original quality. The best part? You can sleep there, if you want to.

    On Oct. 8, the owners held a grand reopening of the gas station. They added four creepy little cabins on the property so true Texas Chainsaw fans can spend a night or two there going absolutely insane with excitement or dread, who knows. They also offer BBQ. There's a sign out front that says "We Slaughter Barbecue."

    Interested in how to contact the new horror resort? The phone number to book a reservation is 512-321-SAWS. That's not deterring at all!

    Regardless of the horror factor in this property, it's always incredible to see Texas pop culture landmarks revamped and protected for public use. If there's one thing Texas needs more of, it's scary stories about small towns. Or not.

    You can find the gas station at 1073 Texas 304 in Bastrop, Texas.
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