That woman on Twitter. Why it important to be nice to people.

Discussion in 'Social Place' started by Shadowprophet, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Shadowprophet

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    Several days ago a woman approached me in a twitter thread. Her first words to me were that I was a cunt. Why was this Woman saying this to me? Because I dared to have an opinion.
    When she said this to me. I suddenly had another opinion. That I'd be anything she said as long as it wasn't her type. This woman looked like someone had shaved a method addicted polar bear. I informed her she was kind of unpretty.

    This was the end of it. Except it wasn't. Days later I go to check my YouTube analytics and wow I have thirty five dislikes in under one hour. Someone had dislike bombed my whole channel.
    Normally there is no way to tell who dislike bombed your channel. The closest you will ever get is the country where the dislikes can!e from. I check this woman's profile to immediately notice she is in fact from this same country that the dislikes came.

    Low and behold every dislike came from the same country at the exact same time. The same time my very truthful Revelation of this Godzilla woman transpired. You know what I did? Not a damn thing. I deserved that. You shouldn't call people ugly. Its a tasteless classes move to do to people..

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  2. 3FEL9

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    Lol, thanks for a good laugh Shadow :smile3: I see no wrong doings. Your were both honest with each other..

    Hard to picture this woman you interacted with.. I dunno .. Anything like this ?
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  3. August

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    Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.
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