The Aliens and What Were They Like?

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    My main encounter began when I tried contacting them back in 1965.

    It could be argued that they knew about me before I knew about them. This is not easy to explain. Or perhaps why they should be interested in Nottingham?

    I cannot give reasons but there are some here who have made various studies and can perhaps fit this in?

    After my first encounter, I was more or less their study.

    Why they should want to study me, is again unfair for me to validate.

    My aliens do not appear to be your standard aliens. Throughout my experiences I have not come across 'The Greys' (sounds like the Krays?)
    Mine have a similar resemblance but have this Earthly attribute. More like the ancient gods...The chariots of the gods....The Book of Moses.....Jason and the Argonauts.....Clash of the Titans and so on.

    Folks will ask what they said to me?

    I have never consciously met them physically, nor have they spoken direct words to me.

    They are spiritual in the sense that they are really highly advanced.
    Neither do they discuss their plans with me, other than telling me things that they want me to know.

    It is simply the case of:- "We know that you and are watching out for us, but we are not allowed to talk to you as you would a person on Earth"

    "The fact that you ask about us...find out"

    "Did WE provide you with pictures of ourselves?"

    "You asked and as we had gathering info about is only fair that you have the right to know who we are"

    "You go and find the pictures of us that we sent you"

    This is a typical methodical way, similar to mythology.

    My first physical sighting occurred probably around 1966?

    In England we play cricket. Our house is set with a long driveway which we used as a cricket area.

    My brother's friend Ian was batting as we were using my mother's inverted water bucket as wickets.

    I was fielding on our back lawn whilst my brother was bowling using a tennis ball. (bloody cricket balls are like boulders...if one hit you on the head, you would be seeing Martians for a week!")

    When batting, the tendency is to crouch down with the bat and tilt your head upwards.

    Ian happened to be doing that as the advantage was to see where the ball was being struck.

    He happened to be looking above our roof top and suddenly dropped his cricket bat and stared upward in a state of shock.

    We were being observed by what appeared to be a large spinning top UFO.

    It hovered silently spinning on it's axis watching us play.

    The next thing was eerie because it really makes all this 'sink in'

    Out there is our world that states that UFOs do not exist . We were starring at one and it was starring back.

    To actually imagine that there was intelligence out there, not of this world which every government denies, that is observing you as you observe them is uncanny.

    For this precious moment, if the world could see what you were seeing, the whole UFO mystery of a two thousand years would be rationalised in a minute.

    We gazed above open mouthed. Each was watching the other. Perhaps lasting three minutes? You have no fear knowing that if they wanted, they could kill you there and then.

    We watched in silence as suddenly it was 'show time'

    The craft started moving erratically as if to show us what it could do? It spun in a zig-zag, twirled darted at right angles...the lot! Like a spinning top out of control and then 'voosh' it shot off at fantastic speed towards the city.

    As Time Goes On....

    The leading question was:- "Who are you?"

    By which they would send me pictures of themselves, and their craft throughout the many years they were in contact. Mainly areal pictures of Earth from space as I believe that Frank Earp had documented them in his report?

    I found them very friendly and polite in the few recordings that they had left for me. My last encounter or abduction occurred in 2013. I have no memory...just the recording.

    The way they used to talk to me was in dreams. Occasionally, I would open my eyes as to hear voices in my brain...only to be told to go back to sleep as it was nothing. Sometimes I would awake to find myself standing up, looking out of my bedroom window towards the sky .

    They would always guide me through my life, as I must admit that I get confused how they interact with my spirit guides.

    The main issue is that they protect me. Their power is awesome. They have mastered our language, technology, computers, politics and can even mimic our language.

    Not only that, but as you are reading this post, I bet they may also be reading you.

    They want to know what and who you are.

    My protection stems over the Internet as I cannot be broken. Nor can I be attacked as many had found out.

    I have always kept the posts that had shown this. Some of which include:-

    "Let us leave him...he is in contact with the devil"


    "No one can read that accurately...he must be stealing information from our computers?"

    I used to say to them:- "Have you not had enough...give up are getting hurt badly!"

    One guy said that his town was almost destroyed but they left his house intact and just swept around him. No one was hurt.

    What they do not understand is that these entities also control the they found out when this was put to the test.

    I said:- "Why did you challenge look out your window"

    A similar thing happens if someone tries to hit me. They will often spin round in a daze as their eyes roll into their head. Then they come back again for a second and again they spin around. Until they give up.

    Another guy bulit like a wrestler got out hiss car to hit me for papping my horn. He rolled up his sleeves and shouted:- "Fun time" only to suddenly stop, turn around and go back to his car in a daze.

    Another encounter was when someone pulled a gun on me and they intervened.

    They also guided me through court acting as my solicitor, to prosecute a neighbour who was trying to take our property away from us.

    I knew every move, because every time he tried something, my doorbell rang.

    Even knew what to avoid, as a person I would be talking to me suddenly went into a trance and say:- "It is not going to work you's not going to work!"

    I say:- "Excuse me...but what are you talking about??"

    By which they wake up confused a sif in a trance.

    It goes on and I think they want me alive?

    It is difficult much about them, as they will not tell me.

    Like:- "Follow the what you are told and don't ask questions"

    They will only intervene if they feel that they have to.

    No time for ideal curiosity.

    Well....these are my aliens.

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