The Bible: True, False, Or Irrelevant?

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    No. It's more technically a "new age" organization focused on the 'Electric or Atomic Age' established in early 20th century, targeting Christians here in the West. However, a major Hindu branch does accept it and sanctions it as a continuation of their lineage of Swamis. If we delve more into this, hypothesis is Jesus spent 'lost years' in Hindu temples practicing yoga science, so ancient Vedic knowledge / esoteric Christianity / Islam mysticism - it's all the same.

    We all have the same brain/cerebral/spinal system and function the same way - thus how consciousness expands within our physical framework is universal we find. Science more and more supports what mystics claim using different names (maya/Satan) about the unreal or illusionary/false nature (holographic universe) of the world we see around us. It's more a divisive game of semantics I see.

    I did not have the "faith" until personal experience(s) in the subject. Before that it was anecdotal and very "take their word" type of thing. If it comes up, I bring up my strong position based on my experiences - and I stand by it.
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    I try not to talk about my Faith much online anymore, I'm a passionate person and it eventually leads me down a path of defensive arguments, I've come to the conclusion that an angry raving defensive man does very little to persuade people that spirituality is Key. I will say this though, No matter what path someone chooses to follow in life, I think spirituality is important, I feel like it teaches one a kind of inner patience and peace, An enlightenment.

    While I am fervently spiritual, Most people online wouldn't know. :)
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    My truth is in another species being our creators. In seed form. Panspermically sown by our former selves.
    ( and you think you have problems).

    We will become the Gods we perceive as our makers, taking on many more guises before we arrive.

    Returning to the source in a time scale that hides the change is unsurmountable for understanding. Just like finding the keys to life, there is no answer. Just more questions.

    Life is treading water while working on how to exit the pool. A speck in time and place and we already see our end.

    I see mainstream religions as the same, exactly. Just a different tune but also as very relevant for division. It's a great thing division, none of us would be here without it. Not enough people respect that.

    What would the world be with a proven God. Yes a dictatorship. We know what happens to them.

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