The Christmas Spirit Thread.

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    The story of Noe.

    The usual story, two parents staring down at their bundle of joy trying to figure out what to call it (I liked "Precious Treasure"). They chose Noe.

    For some reason they dropped the "L".

    Noe was a pretty dark haired girl.

    But her name gave her problems. "What is your name?"
    "But what is your name???

    The script writes itself if you ever watched Laurel and Hardy.

    Noe endured some measure of misery because of her name and got picked on more than average.

    But there was one season of the year Noe really loved.

    She never shined more brightly than in church on Christmas, singing "her" Christmas song.

    "No 'L', No 'L', No 'LL', No 'LLLLLL'..."
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    Most people when they decorate their Christmas tree, with the tinsel, and the ornaments, and the bulbs, put an Angel on the top center branch that is designed to mount there.

    And they never ask themselves why they did that or where the tradition came from. It goes back to Santa.

    Santa was in a funk. Life was not going well.

    He had a knock down drag out with Mrs. Santa and had been sleeping on the couch for a week and was tired and irritable.

    As Christmas Eve neared he started his rounds to check how things were going.

    First he dug out his Santa suit. Which was dirty and torn because Mrs. Santa was still pissed at him. He donned the garment anyway and went out to continue his survey.

    The reindeer weren't looking good, all the reindeer were sick, and Rudolph couldn't walk let alone fly. Sighing, Santa went to check on the toys.

    And found the Elves were on strike for the usual Employee-Management issues and most of the toys were still unfinished.

    With dread he picked up his empty toy bag and went to check on the sleigh.

    And found that the striking elves hadn't repaired the reins or fixed some of the landing damage to the sleigh from the previous year.

    A little angel bringing him his Christmas tree found him sitting in the broken sleigh, with the unrepaired reins, in a dirty torn Santa suit, with his empty bag, and no reindeer, bemoaning his fate.

    The innocent little angel toting this huge tree spotted Santa and joyfully announced her gift, "Merry Christmas Santa! I bought you your Christmas Tree!"

    "Where do you want me to put it???"

    Santa glared at the angel, and all the anger, tiredness, and frustration welled to the surface. When he looked at the at happy smiling carefree angel, something snapped.

    Santa's eye's narrowed, and he bellowed, "You can take that tree and ..."

    And that is why the angel is on top of the Christmas tree.
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    Merry Planet X-Mas

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    Well they were made famous by Warner Bothers with Taz weren't they . Otherwise people like yourself would never have heard of them. One of the Warner Bros people came to this far flung land of ours saw the Devils and noted their behaviours and incorporated it into their cartoon version. They are not weasels they are Marsupials . They do not bark , just bite.


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