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    Similaries and differences between, and criticisms of, the Cathar Church, Catholic Church and Waldensian Church


    From my understanding, this is a breakaway group of monks away from the Roman Catholic tradition

    It is not my aim to discuss religion or take quotes from the bible.

    It is the political strive of mind control that I wish to point out here.

    When religion spread across to Europe, the true teachings were based on reincarnation.
    The bible had been altered to suit Rome.

    The country that had killed Jesus made sure that his memory still controlled the masses proclaiming Rome as the true Christian faith.

    In order to control mankind, it was necessary to control their faith and religion.

    To do this, Rome had to eradicate the true teachings and to show alliance to the church of Rome by en doctoring a falsehood allowing Rome's power to prosper.

    It meant that mankind was born into sin and fear and their retribute was to swear alliance to both church and political stance ensuring that dominion and power was given to thec hurch allowing prosperity and wars to grow.

    The Cluniac order were the true tribe of Jerusalem and had ventured through France to spread the gospel.

    It was by chance that Augustine had concurred England and controlled the empire.

    It was not neat for two Christian groups to fight each other as the Cluniac order settled in it's own monasteries.
    Renowned for their black gowns and hoods.

    The Search for the Holy Grail is the blood of Jesus hence protected by The Knights of the Templar's and later the Free Masons.

    The blood contained will show that Jesus was human and that his blood still exists.

    Hence by showing that Jesus was not the Son of God and will one day break Christianity.

    This of course is what is termed as explained...The Search For the Holy Grail by which his blood DNA will prove the scriptures wrong.


    (post regarding The Black Friar)

    Breaking of the bread is his body
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    So, those that seek the Holy Grail wish to undo Christianity?
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    I strongly believe there is a misconception Toroid

    noun: Holy Grail; noun: holy grail

    1. 1.
      (in medieval legend) the cup or platter used by Christ at the Last Supper, and in which Joseph of Arimathea received Christ's blood at the Cross. Quests for it undertaken by medieval knights are described in versions of the Arthurian legends written from the early 13th century onward.
    2. 2.
      a thing which is eagerly pursued or sought after.
      "the enterprise society where profit at any cost has become the holy grail"
    The Arthurian Legend is simply the analogical approach to Serpent Energy (Dragon) and energy sites hence taken over by Christianity.
    The whole fabric of Christianity I believe had been distorted throughout time as to lure mankind from the truth.

    The breaking of bread is Jesus body and the Holy Grail must be his blood.
    Arthurian legends and Christianity draw parallels . The 12 Knights of the Round Table depict the calendar of the horoscope as so do the 12 disciples. Each age has 2000 years as we are now approaching the Age of Aquarius.

    There never was a Christmas. It was simply taken over from the Pagan religion of Yule Tide. As so were the equinoxes.

    As true that Easter did not exist.

    If these inaccurate facts lay dormant, how can we surmise truth in the bible?

    It becomes ambiguous as it's meaning is based on inaccuracies and misleading conceptions?

    Deep history analysis has now made claim that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene as his seed is still with us because he had children.

    The bible depicts women as unclean based on the Issue of Blood and is hardly going to allow Jesus to be married.

    The war of mankind is based on The War in the Heavens which had taken the true meanings of biblical salvation and placed them into for ever damnation through a loving God.

    Throughout the centuries, there had been religious wars as nothing had ever been solved.
    Earthly peace will never succumb unless Christianity breaks.
    It already is breaking and will pass like a shadow in the night.

    It's faith is a blind one and in order to dissipate..... the vacuum has to one day be filled.

    When a new worldly peace takes the planet, I believe a certain awaking will take place.

    Going back to your question, the misjustice is not with the Holy Grail but perhaps down to to ignorance?

    It is an innocent conception that the Holy Grail for the search of miraculous powers and the fulfilment of heavenly desires based on the Christian faith.

    History states that the blood of Jesus was taken from the crucifixion by Joseph of Arimathia and placed in a grail.

    If that be the case and the grail discovered, it's research will find certain parallels with human blood groups which in itself will show the human attributes of God contained in the blood of Jesus and our own blood.

    The Free Masons claim just that...... as later to be revealed. So I believe.

    On a broader basis...the Cluniac Order wants to show mankind the true path of righteousness. It is my belief that one of my incarnations had provided clues to this and hi secrets are buried with him.

    If that be the case...there is a strong emanation of The Christ Spirit in my own make up and may explain my power?

    There are reasons for this belief and that does not make me unique. There are probably thousands like me.

    The proof of all this I hope to show here?

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    The Cathars

    Cathar Beliefs, doctrines, theology and practices

    The Cathars are another sect of biblical beliefs who had their base in France. They also believed in reincarnation.

    The Symbol of the Fish

    Ichthys - Wikipedia

    The 'Fish' is symbolic of the Christian era and is made up of the first 2000 years of Christian rule from The Grand Cycle of Recession. The following new age is The Age of Aquarius

    When does the Age of Aquarius begin? |
    The Grand Cycle of Recession consists of 24,000 years and is based on the full cycle of astrological segmentation of approx 2000 years.

    We are in fact like 'spokes in a wheel' as a lot of the biblical texts are simply chronologically encrypted to portray the secrets contained of mankind's quest for spiritual freedom.

    We have to understand the true meaning of the god factor and not be drawn into having to pay for an event that occurred over 4000 years ago.
    If we are simply newly born, why because of our ancestors must we be destroyed by something that we are not directly responsible for?

    If we are to accept downward teachings of hell damnation, we must also understand the misconception of errors produced for our downfall?

    Most of the biblical events never happened.

    Arthurian Legend

    The best way to explain this is through the film 'Excalibur'

    Notice the duel ending?

    The elements-equinox?

    George and the Dragon

    George meaning land...or earth. Geology-Geography for example.

    Dragon is the Ley energy or dragon energy.

    The lance is the shorting of Ley energy.

    The Staff of Merlin

    I had to use a simple prism to reactivate a Ley line that I shut down 2000 years ago.

    The blue spectrum once split in the church through the direction of the sun on the longest day will pass through the altar and re-activate the Ley Line. Hence allowing the flow of energy by tapping the staff three times.

    This is the staff which Merlin had with a crystal on top which worked like a prism.

    No one can reopen a Ley line unless the person who had closed it, can open it again.

    The sword is the shorting of energy flow. In other words.......the dragon with a lance through it's chest!
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