The Debrief reports on "complicated" progress of UAP-related measures in Congress

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    From The Debrief (Oct. 4, 2021)— “‘Until now, there has never been explicit UFO/UAP language written into law,’ says Douglas D. Johnson, a volunteer researcher with the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU) who follows UAP-related developments in government as @ddeanjohnson on Twitter.

    ’It’s complicated,‘ Johnson told The Debrief. ‘There are four bill versions in play, and still many steps in the legislative process. There will be negotiation among the four key committees and opportunities for further improvements in the UAP provisions before they become law.’

    “One problem, Johnson said, is that neither the House-passed NDAA, nor the Intelligence committees’ proposals, currently require the Executive Branch to produce any more unclassified, public reports on UAP-related findings, such as the Preliminary Assessment on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena released earlier this year.”

    The Debrief: House Intelligence Committee Approves Bill to Mandate Intelligence Sharing in 'Pursuit of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena': Congress continues to narrow its focus on what it calls a “mysterious threat to U.S. airspace and our military forces.”
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