The Extant Future

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    pretty much what i was trying to say!
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    You have free will; you do not control the will of others. Our own free will is bound by the limits of the group think. What the group thinks/believe is what determines what is possible: The rulers have always understood this.

    The future, like the present and the past, is made from information. The information we receive forms a program. It is our software: Our individual actions and thoughts are the result of the programming and experience modified only by the constitution of the individual. Our own unique individuality is the unpredictable element in the human condition.

    OK, first off correct me where necessary, which might be often, but I thought the whole idea behind so called quantum mechanics/physics is that particles/quanta pop in to and out of existence. In other words, the premise behind quantum physics is to explain where matter comes from.

    A Solitron is said to be various things depending on the science, but fundamentally it is a quantum tunnel which forms a string like tunnel connecting two ends together, and if properly understood can be seen as a dependent part of existence across space and evidently time as well.

    Consciousness can influence what quanta stay>That's my understanding. So reality is really real, and that the mind and it's world are not: They are two separate things inhabiting only one physical plane. The presumption is that consciousness resides elsewhere~ it comes from where quanta reside, and therefore it is logical that it can create from which it came.

    Yes...yes~ I agree with you
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    Let me refine this idea of consciousness a little more.

    The idea of some people is that the mind/brain is a biological fractal receiver. That consciousness, your individuality, who you really are, well that's coming in to the body from some unknown means. Hence the reference to a Solitron as a conceptual notion of how this works. If the cosmic string is broken then life ceases. If the brain is damaged it malfunctions as any other malfunctioning device might. So the over all idea is that life is an experiment and when you die your consciousness is intact since it never really existed in your own mind in the first place.

    Not too sure about this idea. It's appealing but I sense that we are more than an animated flesh receiving data from the vacuum of Universe. I feel we are truly independent beings whom have an ability to receive data from Universe but I'm not too sure about the return home deal. That's about all I can say on this right now.

    However, the vast amount of psychic/medium information seems to validate the former idea that life is like an experiment and that our consciousness comes to our minds from an external source not in this realm.

    Our soul's or consciousness, well It has been described to me personally as life as a human being and living in a very large house, sitting along a beach where a vast ocean stretches out in front of a very large house, and in the house there are said to be many rooms occupied by people. I considered this all very symbolic as the person/medium described setting out on the ocean in a small boat. The ocean being Universe and or time or both. Setting out on the sea of time and going out in the ocean of the Universe in a small boat is to me a symbolic image of a venturing forth for another experimental life.
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    I'm quite sure you're familiar with this concept. Light cone - Wikipedia

    So it appears to me that free will is contained in a light cone of time. Thus the present defines or contains the possible expressions, and the future can be reasonably charted which then also predicts the extent of free will in a future time.

    Future history is observable and predictable to the aware. The possible future defines or contains what forms of expression an individual can take (in the main obviously).

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