The Human's Horizon?

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    I want to have this discussion solely about what you think we may see for technology, physical changes from decades away to the furthest future you can imagine. Give us your reasons for the ideas and trends that may lead to it IF you can.

    In a short I believe machines even AI will prove to merely be a stepping stone as man evolves to a point where his mind does whatever he needs without machines or artificial devices.
    Telepathy will have become the norm for communication.
    Peoples desire for individuality starts to fade and their desires become more commonly held. They long discover that mental unity makes them more powerful and they can reach out further in their endeavors.
    The body eventually is shed and humans are no longer physical beings.
    Eventually they discover that they can temporarily merge together and temporarily become 1 massive powerful being. This eventually becomes permanent.

    And somewhere out there at some point in time that Human species being merges with a host of others species beings that gotten there themselves AND they too merge to an inconceivably powerful being and so it shall continue until....?

    I see this as a slow process taken billions if not more years...but perhaps less.


    Your ideas...please...
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