The Lost Book of Enki

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    The Lost Book of Enki was originally channeled for lack of a better word from Enki to the master scribe Endubsar. They were inscribed onto lapis of lazuli tablets and the book came from later Sumerian tablets. The ACIO translated the tablets and used Zecharia Sitchin as a front. According to the accounts earth is actually the bottom half of Tiamat the planet that was in the location of the asteroid belt and Nibiru’s passing destroyed it. The moon or Kingu was once its moon. The question is where is the top half? Is it Titan, Mars or the sum of the mass in the asteroid belt?

    This story starts some 445,000 years ago on Nibiru. Their atmosphere had a giant hole in it they needed to repair by using gold dust or possibly monatomic gold sprinkled into the atmosphere. Anu the leader of the Nibiruans sent his first born Enki and his brother Enlil to earth in search of gold. During their first journey to the planet they had to blast their way through the debris field which is odd because why didn’t they go around it? It seems they had to enter on the solar plain. They stopped on mars which they called Lahmu. Apparently their ships were powered by water and they needed to stop on mars to refuel because it has a lower escape velocity.

    After colonizing earth with their people which at that point were referred to as Annunaki, the laborers in the mines complained about the hardship in extracting the gold. The decision was made to create a hybrid worker race and the first would be called Lulu. They mixed their DNA with that of an indigenous primate and failed many times until they created Adamu which is the biblical Adam. Strangely they placed him in a location called Edin. They allowed the earthlings to reproduce naturally and put them to work. This went on for eons until a calamity struck the planet.

    In the 120th shar since records had been kept (1 shar is 3,600 years or one passing of Nibiru) they knew that its next passing would pull the Antarctic ice sheet into the sea and cause a global flood. It was decreed by Anu that the humans would be allowed to perish. Enki ordered a submarine not an ark be built for a small group of earthlings, their livestock and birds who instinctively flew into it. The Annunaki would ride out the disaster in their ships orbiting earth/Ki. They had seven days to construct it and it was completed in five. Ziusudra the son of Enki was the biblical Noah and carried a cedar chest filled with eggs from all the indigenous life. When the ice slipped it sent a wave to the upper atmosphere and it covered the earth. It rained for forty days after and Enki directed the vessel to Mt. Arrta which is close in spelling Ararat. After the floor there were a few human survivors other than the occupants of the ark. Enki ordered a lion be carved atop a mountain facing south in memory of the event. This could be the sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains. The flood buried all the gold mines. The water removed sections of mountains exposing new sources of gold.
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    From other sources a 3,600 cycle is called a sar not a shar. Perhaps this is an intentional alteration done by the army of censors Jamisson Neruda described in the Wingmakers interviews.
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