The Mandalorian


March 1st this new season begins...



Hi guys... just watched episode one of season 3 and am pleased to report that "it's brilliant"! ... I must say that I was a little apprehensive about this season in light of the increasing pace of the seemingly inexorable wokefest in the popular entertainment medium is racing to. ... but gleefully I saw none of that irritable enjoyment killer! [well, not in part one anyway, but then... that's what I would have said after the first episode of Pedro Pascal's other t.v blockbuster 'The Last Of Us' ... but now after watching 8 episodes ? ... it turns out that after all the pre-show hype , I personally have to say that it is a very disappointing show that could have been great with a little more focus on the situation and not just being a show dedicated to popularising LGBT wokeness! ] ... imo, the filming, budget , storyline and acting were all up to scratch and left me with only one gripe.... the same one that I had with the first two series.... it's just no where near long enough!... 35 minutes of this class of 'big-kid-entertainment' per week is akin to mind-torture! ... It should run for at least 90 mins per week, .... which leaves me to say 10/10 and can't wait for episode two! [wish I had the mental fortitude to leave it for a month or two and binge-watch the whole series in one sitting lol] :Thumbsup:




Hi Nivek, hope you're well my friend and thanks for posting that video mate, ... but what the heck is that guy spouting off about? ... have you watched it yourself yet? ... O.K everyone has opinions about everything [but of course the old maxim of "opinions and arseholes" springs to mind] and all I can say is that his and mine are something akin to polar opposites! ... this programme in my view is awesome! .. almost faultless! and the only [slightly] weak-spot is that Mando got himself caught by an entirely unworthy foe and of course had to be rescued by "the imperiously dominant woman" on the show [Katee Sakhoff] ... but then of course this is to be expected with today's pursuant mandate of the emasculation of the heterosexual male hero in all forms of entertainment and mind-fantasy-fodder! Apart from that, I still am feeling that this series is spot on for my personal enjoyment.
But that's just my opinion of course and the guy in your video critique is very entitled to his, but as a critique of his own video, I find myself having to express my personal boredom whenever I hear someone expressing their own opinion heavily laced with claims of esoteric knowledge of a subject that doesn't have any esoterica about it!! i.e casually announcing that "we, with the knowledge know that A was far superior to B! .... when all opinions are subjective [influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions] ... e.g against all of the popular 'esoteric-rhetoric' In my humble opinion I personally have enjoyed all of the Star Wars films and spin-offs pretty much equally! ... the fifteen films range from 7 to 9 out of ten for me and as for the four live-action t.v series that i've watched [Mandalorian, Boba Fett, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Andor] well ... they've all been top notch for me and seem to be improving [quality-wise] as we are progressing! ... And so it is important for people to have individual preferences in what they like to watch and is imperative that they watch the programme before watching videos like the one that you have posted , with some random guy's opinion.... and if it's true that the viewing figures have dipped below those of Obi-Wan Kenobi's, then so be it. [Obi-Wan was magnificent fgs make more!] ... the producers will know when to stop with far greater expertise than the guy who is trying to grasp a little fame and faux-gravitas by claiming that a damn fine programme is waning by means of an imaginary esoteric knowledge . [in a similar way that The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was substantially hamstringed from the get-go!... even though it was pure quality.] .... in other words, just watch it mate and make your own mind up... you either like, or you don't like. :Thumbsup:

Cheers Buddy.