The New Leader of Space Nation Asgardia About What The Future Holds

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    Personally, I see this as the right way to explore space - Let's get out there first, and worry about direction
    later - Something like the sci-fi epic 'Babylon 5' where you have a city floating in space - Totally independent
    and capable of whatever can be done on Earth.

    We Talked To The New Leader of Space Nation Asgardia About What The Future Holds

    Asgardia, a nation of would-be spacefaring futurists, now has its first official head of state.

    Since he first created Asgardia in 2016, Igor Ashurbeyli, a Russian computer scientist and engineer, has served as the country’s de-facto leader. But on June 25, he was formally inaugurated as Head of State during an extravagant ceremony at Vienna’s Hofburg Palace, according to a post on the nation’s web site.

    Right now, the 200,000 or so people who have registered as Asgardians don’t have a permanent home in their new country, but that’s not a problem for Ashurbeyli. His goal is to bring humanity to outer space, establishing colonies on a constellation of orbiting satellites as well as settling the Moon........."

    Image Credit: James Vaughan/Asgardia

    See whole article here:
    We talked to the new leader of space nation Asgardia about what the future holds

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    Well to be fair a satellite the size of a milk carton makes up the entire territory of that self-proclaimed space kingdom of Asgardia...


    By becoming a citizen you gave a privilege to upload data to the satellite...

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    Most of the intelligent, reasoning people I have heard state that we need to get off planet as soon as we can. Between overpopulation, pollution and depleting the planet’s resources we don’t have much choice in the matter. Let’s just hope that scenario doesn’t end up like the science fiction program ‘The Expanse.’
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