The Next Biggest Catastrophe

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    Georgek George

    I am not saying that this is the end of the world...but it is going to be a big one.

    People often say to me, that I am talking a load of rubbish and that seriously...why would aliens waste their time with me?

    The answer to that is scientists are too busy looking for life under the rocks on Mars.
    Neither do I know when this will happen...but it will!

    So who am I?

    Nothing in this big wide world, but in time....

    It may not be my time but I believe in the time scale of some of our younger readers, that they will remember me. The ones who have condemned me (there goes that persecution) will also remember me as that lunatic who had been rambling on about Ohio!

    This must be the prophetic significance what ConanPoe was on about? 'The coming storms of man'

    I believe in years to come people will remember my saying:- 'Perhaps he was in contact with UFOs'?

    Then maybe the world will change?

    This happened with Edgar Cayce and Jean Dixon I believe?

    Edgar Cayce - Wikipedia

    I am not talking about plane crashes or Surmanis not even Chernobyl.

    If you can imagine 911 The Twin Towers as being the last greatest catastrophe...mine will be the next one.

    According to my research it will happen in Ohio. I was directed there by this UFO message and when I looked up Ohio....I thought:- "Oh my God"!

    Fukushima Aftermath/Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

    The power station is meant to be decommissioned in 2020?

    I doubt whether that will stop it?

    Ohio is near the New Madrid Fault Line
    New Madrid Fault - A Threat to Ohio (Cincinnati, Dayton: 2014, insurance) - (OH) - City-Data Forum

    Massive Sinkhole In Ohio ... Does That Indicate A Major Earth Quake Coming From New Madrid Fault? - WDRB Weather Blog

    Ohio will blow!

    This will probably be caused by the fracking for shale gas which will in turn cause the New Madrid Fault Line to rupture.

    In effect, it will unstable the already frail reactors of Davis Besse as Davis Besse was not designed for this level of seismic shock!

    Explosions will pour radioactive contamination into Lake Erie which in turn will flow down the to the St Lawrence river on the way to New York

    Radio active 'spill' will flow back into New York by the back currents which rotate backwards causing havoc to the city.

    The result could be world wide catastrophe by the fall of a major city.

    In turn which will cause a major instability world wide and induce a Holy War.

    As the UFO people have said to me:- "Heaven help the message!"

    I pray to god that I am I will gladly denounce my ability and credibility for even one life to be saved.

    I dare not imagine the full scale severity of this horrible outcome?

    Just work it out for yourselves.

    How do I feel about this?

    In self denial! I just cannot imagine it, as my logical brain is refusing to accept it.

    I do hope that I am being fooled. I do hope that John Keel the famous author is correct and that mankind is being fooled.

    The UFO people say that it cannot be there is nothing that can be done.

    All I am saying is just be careful if you live around there. Listen for any reports that may be of concern and do not take these lightly.

    I shall part with my information tomorrow morning.

    Beyond Nuclear - Home - Davis-Besse: The world's most dangerous nuke?

    Thanks fore reading.

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  2. Georgek

    Georgek George

    A Summery Towards the Data I will Provide At a Later Date

    This was back in 2013. I am not sure of the date, but I was reading pots by a chap named 'ghostman'

    He appeared to be a very sensible chap and wrote many posts about a recurring dream that was scaring him badly.

    It would recur time after time and began getting stronger and more real.

    He refers to a fireball engulfing his city as he is burning with the intense heat.

    I decided to ask my guides if this would be the next biggest catastrophe by EVPs

    It was agreed that I post back as to give my result.

    When playing the recording back...there was nothing there and someone rep[lied by saying that then it is a good thing.

    Time went by about 6 months later when I was in my office doing some typing.

    I just happened to look up and noticed my dictation machine red LED illuminated indicating that it was recording .
    This puzzled me because I could not remember switching it on!

    It was then that I got one of the biggest shocks in my life.

    I had lost time and there was indications of my abduction. The recordings were about four of them which lasted perhaps a good 30 minutes.

    In these recordings was reference to Ohio and as the recording played on, static messages began to play similar to a police radio. Yet this was just a simple dictation machine.

    The recording followed to a point where I was told politely to wait there (for something)

    It carried on with more broken messages and a bit where it says:- "It's coming!!"

    Suddenly there is a whirling similar to a flap wheel oscillating as I suddenly proclaim:- "I'll be blowed!!"

    The oscillations then get more intense with police like messages breaking through as it suddenly goes relatively quite and my EVP request 6 months earlier is played back to me with more interrupted sounds and voices.

    Although a good half an hour was recorded there, I had noticed nothing unusual. If it was not for the recording, I would not have known anything.

    Even to this day...I cannot remember anything apart from perhaps something that may be interpreted as dreams?

    In this second snippet I am asking about this major catastrophe and are these people correct? The same message I had sent 6 months earlier played back to me.

    All this goes on and on. If anyone has good electronic equipment can you let me know?

    I had some previous messages like :- "I hope you get back okay?"

    and more but thought nothing of them especially references about Roswell and their patience is (getting there?)

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  3. Georgek

    Georgek George

    I have here the post taht made all this possible. This was one of many and I decided to investigate.


    Now here is the date and file of my asking:-


    Here I the recording of that file that I highlighted above.

    As I did not receive anything, I let this guy know...


    I let him know the result of this recording taht I got no guide messages on it and my vision could not see anything, by which this other person said that...... then it was good.

    So far so good but we will see what later happens after 6 follow...
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  4. Georgek

    Georgek George


    Now here is the recording taken from above that appeared 6 months later with 'original request for info' video embedded into it.

    It appears half way through.

    What the aliens had done was took my request from my dictation machine as I asked what great catastrophe would occur and answered it in the above video.

    There are voices talking giving me the answers I presume?

    The point of this post is to establish what is being said? You need specialist equipment. If we know we can prepare ourselves and perhaps many lives will be saved?

    Ohio will blow...cos this is what I hear!



    Taken from the Davis Besse Forum

    Listen guys...I had no idea about Ohio until I went to look for it.

    Compare the orginal to ths

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  5. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Woken Up By Alien Contact?

    The date of this recording was a few days before the main recordings that I have attached at the beginning of this post as my dictation machine started recording.

    I used to keep my dictation machine under my pillow whilst in bed or sleeping in case I got spirit activity?

    If I for example just 'blabbered it out' on this forum, I don't think it would mean a thing to anyone. It may still have no meaning, but at least I try to gather proof by having my equipment ready.

    On this particular night whilst sleeping at Wollaton Nottingham back in 2012, I was woken suddenly by my bed vibrating and shaking.

    Oscillations like rings flowing up and down my body from the waist downwards had woken me up.

    In my tired state, I took my dictation machine out from under my pillow, switched it on and threw it in the direction of the vibrations near my knees under my covers.

    You can actually hear me asking in a croaky voice saying:- "What your doing??"

    The beginning of the recording starts with "Roswell was!" in a fast voice.

    Then further along another voice says something like:- "Our patience is getting there!"

    I am pretty sure that contained in all that conversation that there was a another bit saying:-

    "I hope you get back alright?"

    (the picture that I had added on the video, is an image taken from Startrek)
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  6. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    Hey George, I have a few questions, I've spoken in the past about premonition and practices within my mother's side of the family, I, only offer my thoughts.

    I have never understood, Why a Psychic would ever reveal themselves, yes, I understand that relating information to others ahead of time is beneficial, I would adamantly deny any gifts and abilities because that benefits me with an advantage. I realize this sounds one way, But I'm looking for a deeper discussion into these gifts, And To be fair, I'm not looking for tired and played out Quips that every uses like, "Oh that's just how it happens" Or "The gifts work in mysterious ways" No they don't, How people relate the information to others is the mysterious part, Anyone who has ever had a premonition is usually quite resolute in what they experience. What I'm getting at is this. And Don't take this the wrong way, Because I don't mean this how you or others are going to take this. How does a Gifted person know That the messages they are receiving are from a benevolence of any kind?

    Someone hears a voice, Telling them things, Sometimes they Hear "Fire" "Fire" "Fire" So they burn things,
    Sometimes they hear "Do this thing" "Do it" "Do the thing" So they eventually cave and do the thing. Now people would take this as me asserting that some people are weak-minded Because I was alluding to people making suggestions and following through with them which is little more than Hypnotism. So psychological Groundwork must be brought to light here. The Human mind is Geared Groomed and cultivated to accept a suggestion. This is a fact. You see it all around you, you go to a bar, And the Singers often stop between songs to remind you how thirsty you are. You turn on your internet there are algorithms in your web browser that predict the kinds of content you would want to digest.

    There is nothing weak-minded about people being susceptible to suggestion. If you subtly suggest something to someone subliminally for a long enough time, they will eventually do this thing if for any other reason, Not having ever done the thing yet. People are proud of their minds, But those minds are not perfect, If I suggested For a long enough time, actively campaigned that the unexplained mysteries section of the forums Smelled like Farts, Sure, We all know this isn't true, But Eventually with my active campaigning people wouldn't be able to visit the section without thinking about Farts. The mind is not perfect, It's a thing in people that is so easy to control we even do it naturally and have a programmed response to submit to it.

    HEY DONT YOU EVER FUCKING DO THAT:mad8:!! I MEANT IT!!!!!:mad8: <-- See, That caught you off guard did it not? That is called programmed response" It will fade as soon as you determine that was an arbitrary example... of how any mind can be directly controlled, You didn't choose to be thrown off guard and feel that way, I threw you off it? I made you feel that way, It was my choice. The brain is something people are proud of, but it's something that is very suggestible and as painfully as people don't want to hear this, it's easily controlled by others and even broken. We even seek forms of mind control for our own benefit it's called therapy.

    I ask you, brother George, Now that you understand I'm not trying to Insult you with the Question, That it does have Deep thoughts behind it with Implications of discussion. How do you know the Voices you are hearing, Are who they say they are? How do you know they aren't lying to you Bro? And I know you will rationalize something, Anyone would, But I ask you again, to yourself, How can you be 100 percent positive these voices have your best interest at heart?
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  7. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below

    Hmm, on one hand there's Eric's aliens telling him the end is coming, and here the "ufo people" are warning you about impending doom...Is there a pattern emerging?...

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  8. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    I totally wanted to mention such a pattern, But neglected too, As people are so easily offended anymore..
    But yeah you aren't the only person to notice this, and it's such a nitch rare claim to possess to boot it all.
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  9. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer tall, thin, irritable

    Been through Ohio a bunch of times. Meh.

    We got 49 others. Relax.
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  10. Double Nought Spy

    Double Nought Spy Easily Amused

    George, are you still cranking on about that? You give Jean-Eric a hard time for doing the same thing. Y'all just need to get over yaselves. It's like watching a couple of bums fighting over a park bench. It's embarrassing.
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  11. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    I love it when a thread comes together.

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  12. Georgek

    Georgek George

    We share our love for Cornflakes 'nivek':D

    Seriously.....I will try and build up on this if I may?

    The pattern started from a guy called 'ghostman 25' on another forum perhaps 4 years ago. I will implant more data when I find it, as it is all cluttered around my hard drives.
    This guy was a level headed moderator and kept having these weird dreams on an almost weekly basis about being burned alive by this fireball that had engulfed his city. He will not reveal to me where he lives which has to be understood.

    I wrote that I would try and get some information from my guides via EVPs on my dictation phone. You can check the dates above.

    The next day, I was at a loss as there was no message on my dictation machine, EVP or otherwise.

    So I wrote back as can be seen and told him so, and got a message (as shown above) by someone called 'snake29' saying that this must be a good thing.

    The matter was forgotten but still these vivid dreams kept coming to 'ghostman 25'

    The matter passed and about 6 months later as I mentioned, I was sitting in my office innocently typing away at something I cannot remember....perhaps a forum?

    Then I looked across my 'L' shaped table to see my dictation machine running on record.

    The feeling what 'hit me' was something there must be a reason.
    So I played back the recordings (more than one lasting for a total time of about 30 minutes)
    The first was the most vocal whilst the others were like police messages trying to get through.

    I was shocked and numb as to what I could hear. I had been abducted but I never had moved.

    There was no indication of anything unusual apart from the dictation machine running.

    I do not have any real memory...only lightly that could just be dreams. Yet I had lost time.

    It b*ggers up your physical 'nut's and bolts' belief and did not make any sense to me. I lived at Wollaton in the city centre of Nottingham.

    They are talking to me, and I am answering them. Most strange as if I did not have a care in the world and they were natural.

    As I listened to the you too can listen to it..... it sounded robotic and kept asking me to wait very politely.

    Then the words "OHIO...OHIO" were shouted out.

    This of course carried on through the recording as voices began fading into what I can only describe as breaking up police messages with the occasional interaction with my own voice.

    A voice saying:- "It's coming" can clearly be heard as the room is filled with a high pitched hum of something oscillating ?

    Suddenly the recording of my request was played back on this very recording made 6 months earlier.

    When I do an EVP request, I normally start the recorder and ask my question as I did there on the recording above.

    Speaking continues as similar to radio police messages but I cannot make out what is being said?

    The only real clues I can make out is the word 'OHIO'

    So as a detective I started reseraching the state of Ohio in America and found the greatest potential atomic disaster with the Davis Besse nuclear reactor.

    I could be wrong...and the recording does not say 'Ohio' ? That be my error...but if I were a gambling man, I would say that I am correct!

    If you or anyone else can look at the serious implications of Davis Besse ever blowing up, it would be mayhem!

    The seriousness of this disaster is almost obvious. I admit...Davis Besse is due for decommission ...I cannot explain that? Perhaps it is impossible to just switch off a nuclear reactor after a few years...I dunno.

    Also...nothing had happened yet.

    They have never ever lied to me.

    They said THE NEXT greatest catastrophe. Nothing has happened as a great catastrophe as yet.

    We are talking of millions of lives. Just imagine if atomic waste flows don the St Lawrence and ebbs back into New York?

    With all due respect you do not believe

    The difference between John and myself, is that I have shown results. Nor have I misled others.

    You are an intelligent it out for yourself. Look at the posting of ConaPoe and the prophetic significance as this is no other image but Wollaton Hall. It was like someone showing me a picture of my bathroom! We don't know each other.

    Whatever this power has the ability to move across one forum to another and into your living room.

    It knows you and every person I write to. It has the power of keeping me alive and warns me of pitfalls so that I can survive.
    If not my words...or ConanPoe' about Frank Earp's, Julie's Carole's Susan's, and many more who have been by my side?

    You are an intelligent guy....can you not work me out? Would I honestly keep records for over 50 years and to repeat them here?

    The Sad Thing

    It has to happen and cannot be stopped.

    Why am I Saying all this?

    1) Mainly because I asked them

    2) Most importantly...I appeal to all others who believe in the supernatural. The ones who have the insight to be open minded.
    If you hear of any problem in this area...get out of the place. Don't say:- "Oh...this will never happen?" You hear something remotely.....move out! Move West until it is over. You are living on a 'time bomb'

    3) If I can save one life this would all be worth while. I am not saying leave your jobs and property? How can anyone do this?
    You do not even have to believe me....just do it.

    I will write to ShadowProphet's post soon.



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  13. Georgek

    Georgek George

    The only people giving John a hard time are you guys...not me.

    I am just helping him get his act together. John has been proved WRONG and there is nothing that I can pretend or build up to show otherwise. I don't like to see a person fall like this when he has so much faith in what he is doing.

    He has to understand that he is wrong...I have not been proven wrong...there is a difference.
    Already folks are comparing him with me. You cannot do that and this is why I may have given him a so called hard time.

    Her invites people like yourself to have a go towards those who are genuine. You cannot 'tar a person with the same brush' Wrong is wrong and you have nothing apart from brainwashed beliefs.

    Get your facts and THEN crucify my intentions. Comparing success with failure based on preconceived beliefs is not the adaptive form of discussion.

    There are millions of lives at risk and all you have to do is look up Davis Besse.

    I stand correct until shown otherwise.
    Having an Elvis Messiah don't impress me either but then again...everyone to their own.
    Discuss my points...beliefs and premonitions as this thread I am still building on as I gather more files from my hard drives. Don't discuss me, unless I request that I don't fit into YOUR category. Nor am I a bum. I don't like you...never had. Period.

    Your failure is your own and not mine
  14. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Hello 'Shadowprohet'

    Thank you for your interesting post. I will try to answer it.

    Firstly, I do not know whether this is benevolence of any kind. I just believe that it is.
    All I can say is that it had been good to me. It had helped me avoid danger and 'stood by my side'

    The reasons why I reveal myself (although not entirely)

    1) I want folks to treat me as a person and not compared to many who have misled others on forums. To understand that although I could be incorrect, that I am not mad, crazy drugged or living in poverty. That the reason why I am doing this is because I solemnly believe that there is a power that controls me which I can show to others who are also looking for inspiration and truth, that their is something there.

    2) I wish readers to understand me by getting to know me. I am not one who denies what is there. Most cannot perform and fall short and have to leave. This be one reason why they shut their mouths.
    I can do what I say. Had been challenged live and delivered.
    It is not the proof that they need but the openness of their hearts. They issue a test and after I pass that test, they still fail me. How is that? What if I did fail?

    3) A gift...why deny it? Maybe I do not have a gift that it be natural which we all have?

    4) Also I enjoy it! I love to see these guys fall. Oh heck...yes that is bad, wrong whatever.....but I like to see the shock on their faces and the disbelief in their eyes. To feel that these guys had been 'knocking' dozens of seers who have the gift and had fallen short only to have a go at me. Selfish...I know...'hands up' They get really...really angry and will kill you if they could because you had broken them, their ideas and whatever keeps them 'humming'
    I hate to see one man going it alone.

    5) I enjoy talking about a subject that I love. Had been brought up with it and know dozens of friends just like myself from various UFO organisations. If I could...I would like to give my full name but then my neighbours would read these posts and I could really have trouble. I do not want another witch

    The rest of your posting I will tackle when I get back from Wollaton.

    Again..thank you for your post


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  15. Double Nought Spy

    Double Nought Spy Easily Amused

    I don't care which one of you is the bigger crackpot. You are both full of shit.
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  16. Georgek

    Georgek George

    I take that as a compliment coming from you, as it makes us different. So no offence taken.
    had it been from many of the members that i respect would have been insulting.
  17. Double Nought Spy

    Double Nought Spy Easily Amused

    You are correct: I am not full of shit.
  18. Georgek

    Georgek George

    This is similar to people who hear voices and to either kill someone or do something outrages.
    You ahve to realise that this does not always apply to psychics.

    Deep religious commitments are also to blame where there are no psychic powers. If I heard a voice that told nme to do something which I felt was wrong, I would not do it. Nor would I ever intentionally hurt anyone. It is called moral background. It is interesting because religion also promotes what you say. Like for example when Abraham was told to kill his son as a sacrifice to God. Psychics are still reasonable people, and although hypocritical at times, we do see the realism in what some may describe as real?

    You can also apply what you say with psychic hypnotism. Many times I had been hypnotised and have never jumpede out of a window or attacked anyone.

    There is like a 'fail safe' device in us. If for example I were to be hypnotised and told to strangle someone, I would just wake up.

    This is also a very interesting point. My mind WAS susceptible to suggestion at a very young age. I used to askk Frank Earp 'why us and not some older powerful person'?

    We were told that our minds were young and not full of rubbish that needed to be dumped (I will not mention this person) I saw and learned. It means that I was precondition from a very young age. I was susceptible because I knew nothing else. It is true that I was a loser, because I rejected the views of others as I knew better. Many here say that they are 'open minded'. They are not. Nor are they stupid as they know that UFOs exist. It becomes a direct war with their upbringing because they had been CONDITIONED. I had not.

    Without offence, they can yap about a load of rubbish about an ascension of total mayhem because it interferes with their Christian belief. Okay...fine.

    I concentrate on the person. There is no logic in either quarters because they are just 'hammering nails into dead wood'

    My Christianity slowed down when I saw my first UFO. I began to realise a injustice in our belief system.
    Here they do not. Instead they are trying hard to fit UFOs into Christian doctoring.

    In a away, they are awaiting the clanging of cogs as UFOs make their way to The White House to reveal themselves and bow down to our leaders. They want LPs of Elvis Presley sent across the cosmos with a spelling book and pictures of our solar system. To show that:- "well we ain't stupid as we know how they move about"

    UFOs don't operate on our wavelength...full stop!

    I can see that and no matter how many times I have tried to show this, that they will just go back to their preconditioned thought.

    No disrespect, but they find it difficult to move forward. I can because I had not been brainwashed with false religions and science. Science to me...comes second.

    You see 'ShadowProphet' you can see it and many more can see it that there is 'something different' They cannot no matter what you put in front of them. First their old views has to break.

    If I were studying me.....I would work myself out. I had just been told that I am a crackpot. What does that tell you?

    A lot!
    Nope.... lol. That is because I know you!
    I am sad to say that nothing can throw me off guard now. I do not even feel fear anymore.

    You are correct. I do not know. But let me show you why I do believe that I

    See video below:-

    Sending you an email as well


  19. Georgek

    Georgek George

    My biggest point that I am making is that I did not make the recordings.

    Everything that I had written here is simply based on what YOU can hear.

    If I did not make these recordings and no one else in my home did...then who made them?

    These recordings are more precious that the Holy Shrine of Turin and are not of this world.

    I say this with 100% certainty as I had never been more sure of anything in my life.
    They are REAL!

    I believe they are UFOs in origin?

    If someone can get software to scramble the voices that I cannot make out, this will probably be the greatest revelation since Jesus.

    It may not happen in my life time but it will happen in generations.

    Perhaps in your life times.

    You may be very old when this happens but you will remember me. That guy who was over imaginative.

    The next biggest catastrophe will be this one. I mean massive that the world will never forget, far more than 911.

    I will look for more info of these recordings and will see what happens.
  20. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    Hmm, Well, I know that some people may not want to hear this, But, I have mixed feelings about how some people react angrily toward other stories. It's complicated because, It's everyone's right to be as skeptical as they want to be, To be as inquisitive as they want, To even deny and debunk what they want. I do feel though, In some instances, the lines between being skeptical and maybe even belligerent aren't expressed clearly enough. What I'm saying is, Someone, comes in telling a story about a claim, Some people Debunk so Extravagantly the lines between legitimate criticism and character assassination aren't definitive. What I want to express is, Everyone is entitled to an opinion about a story and to express that opinion openly that's called discussion, It happens. But in an environment where people are encouraged to tell such stories, It's almost unfair to attack those people because we or others don't believe their story.

    I think when we attack others for expressing a claim that we don't believe in, We are being unfair to the community, This is a paranormal community, So if someone has a weird or unbelievable story, That's really what this place is for. I'm just saying, People, get too shitty with one another, People argue too hard sometimes. It's okay to disagree, but when someone makes it their mission to take someone else down and prove to the world that they are wrong. That's more than skepticism, That's an attack. We all need to learn to be more civil with one another. Because some Day we will log on to the forums to see that the most paranormal story here, Is about a forum with no paranormal stories on it. Let's be Skeptical, But let's not attack the thing we love, The thing we come here for the paranormal. To be perfectly frank, If I want to talk about the sexy naked ghost women that I am convinced came to see me when I was a teenager. I should be able to do that, Weather others believe it or not. And I'll be honest upfront, That never happened, But, If someone here ever had a story to tell involving naked ghost women, It's me.

    Now everyone can brush me aside, And I see that coming, So, I'll just step it up to Being Frankly honest and not allow others to brush this aside as inconsequential. We all need to stop being Dicks to each other, That's not an environment that can hold, it's hurting the community weather people see it or not, And people just need to stop being dicks to one another,, Suck it up buttercup, The world Suck's and people aren't fair and sometimes they say things others don't like, That's no reason to be dicks to one another.
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