The Nimitz Encounters 2 Update

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    its also a amazing way to destroy their credibility
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    1.) The DD Form 1910 is by definition a "Clearance Request for Public Release of Department of Defense Information." So the information was cleared for public release.

    2.) Are you seriously trying to argue that information which was cleared for public release should not be available for viewing by people in the public, such as you and I? Personally I see no legal justification within the US Constitution that permits the government to withhold data regarding unexplained phenomena of legitimate scientific interest. UFO/AAV phenomena are clearly in that category. So the DoD withholding important information about our universe is every bit as morally, ethically, and legally repugnant as the Church suppressing the fact that the Earth orbits the Sun - such action is intolerable within the context of a modern and allegedly "free" country.

    You totally missed my point.
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    Robert Powell had released detailed scientific analysis of all the publicly available physical data on Nimitz UFO incident, cameras, radars etc:

    A Forensic Analysis of Navy Carrier Strike Group Eleven’s Encounter with an Anomalous Aerial Vehicle

    Nothing beats scientific analysis [​IMG]

    Just to sweeten your appetite, here is a one little quote from the above paper:

    "Calculated AAV accelerations ranged from 40 g-forces to hundreds of g- forces and estimated power based on a weight of one ton ranged from one to nine gigawatts."
    Just for comparison a typical electrical railroad locomotive has power output of about 4.5 - 5.2MW. That is between 200 and 2,000 electrical locomotives under Tic Tack's bonnet :). And medium size NERVA Phoebus nuclear reactor can output 1,100 MW.
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    It an excellent analysis IMO, I posted it last month after reading it over thoroughly, now I want to read it over again, I may just do that after dinner tonight...:happy8:

    SCU - A Forensic Analysis of Navy Encounter with AAV

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    Here is something playing on this coming Sunday...

    The Nimitz Encounters Rises

    Like a Phoenix, the Nimitz Encounters rises with epic new information first hand Navy accounts and new research that will shake your world. This is real. This did happen. The objects are real. Sunday May 26th 8PM E Here.


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