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    Cases I read about are only like 2 or 3.

    But if some of our visitors see us as little more than animals(some contactees over the decades reportedly have been told this), then it stands to reason they may treat us as such as well.
    After all how many humans die by other humans every single day worldwide, via murder war or? Think of how we may look to a visiting species where that has not occurred for them in thousands of years.

    Some years ago I read a case where a woman that had been abducted saw tanks on the ship with human body parts in them. Are these the remains of some those that go missing never to be found?
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    Good Lord!
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    I recently watched his movie about the CE5 project. It was interesting and thought-provoking but at the same time shallow and overly simplistic. He claims over the years that he's spoken to a lot of politicians and military leaders who have secretly met with aliens. They always relay the same predictable message -- that they are here to help us and that we are bad people who are destroying our planet. No one he's spoken to ever seems to ask them the questions we'd really love to hear, like why are our farm animals being mutilated or why are humans being abducted.

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