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    The Deer

    :drinks:As wine glasses are clinging in the background with laughter and laughter and bright conversation. A woman’s voice is heard :girl_sigh: Tell them the Deer story.

    :study:And as the stories begin you here a man say :movie:well this how it all started.

    When :movie:Frisk was 12 and :girl_sigh:Ella was 15, a woman was noticed putting up a poster on the tree, as Ella and frisk were riding on their bikes as they stopped and got off, they went to the tree to see a poster with a baby on it.

    She asked the 2 kids ‘have you seen this baby’ they both reply ‘no’ thinking that it would be them, after being runways together for over a year.

    Frisk, thinking about his mom goes over to hug the woman and as he hugs her, he could see through HER Childs eyes and a slight of emotions from her child as it was laying in a blue bonnet inside a house. He hugs the woman so long that Ella, realizing it was weird, went to hug the woman as well, nudging at frisk as saying ‘you’re embarrassing us'.

    After a very intense hug on the woman, he comes back and gives the woman an odd look as he runs and gets on his bike as Ella follows.

    After a long ride and complete silence, they finally stop over the hill looking over the city a secure spot with an old cabin that they use for shelter since they both ran away together over a year ago.

    He tells Ella ‘I know where the child is’ ‘where ‘Ella ask?, as she looks at him with a question mark but joy and enthused at the same time.It is at this address ‘I have seen it when I held that woman’… in some blue thingy’.

    We need to go tell that lady as Ella looks into the city as the sun starts to set over the horizon and as he walks over there with a tear in his eyes, as he remembers his little sisters hanging from a ceiling fan, as the head and body became detached from one another as it hit the table, at which he saw his mother and brother stabbed to death, as they sat dead at the kitchen table.

    As he comes out his trance of the past, he says. ‘No, we need to go save the baby’ as Ella stares at frisk as he looks at the sunset she sayS 'Why not’

    Later on that night, on a dark long dirt road with both sides covered in forest. They both had been pedaling their bikes for hours they come upon a house as frisk drops his bike and simply falls from the long trip.’ Get up’ as Ella pulls both the bikes and frisk into the forest area. ‘Why you did not say it was this far?’ As Ella falls to the ground winded her self ‘I didn’t know it was this far, I and my dad got lost one day and we ended up here but he was in a car, as frisk is on his back looking at the stars.’ You see that star right there, that means we're going to be safe, that’s the safe star’ as Ella looks at him, as she lays on the ground ‘you were always weird.Why do you always carry that baby telescope and why do you always look at the stars Ella ask? Because they keep looking at me frisk replies.

    Sometimes.. I don't know about you??? as frisk is whist up ‘come on, get up ‘as Ella pulls him up‘. As they hide their bikes in the bushes, they creep to the side of the house as dogs can be heard in the background, barking continuously. As they look through a window, they see five men playing cards while one is walking up the steps carrying a baby.

    They then go through the back way as they see several kettles holding many dogs 12 to be exact.

    They both see that nobody’s in the kitchen as the door is already open. They then go up the steps just in time, as one of the men comes in the kitchen to get a beer , in which a man can be heard in the background asking, how much we go get for that baby?’ another man replies ''son of a bitch'' told him 20 large ‘as the further they got up the steps the less they can hear and just as they reached the top of the steps they saw the dude with the baby closing the door going down the steps in which he came. They go in the room saying not one word to one another, and as they see the baby and without hesitation, they grab the baby and run down the steps and out the back door. As they leave to go out the back door, they notice one of the men using the bathroom going towards the same way in which they came.

    Following Ella whichever way she goes they run in another part of the woods in which much later they could be seen walking exhausted, each taking turns holding the crying baby.

    ‘We must have been out here for at least an hour’ as Ella leans against a tree for breath. I’m here little baby don’t cry’ Shhh’ everything going to be okay’ ‘AS HE STARES IN THE PAST’ remembering his mother saying those words to his little sister. ‘Why do you always go out in space like that’ Ella asks? ‘Well’ as Ella looks towards him for an answer they both hear dogs and men shouting in the distance as frisk comes from the past as the baby starts to cry and as they both start to run.

    ‘Come on ‘as she pulls frisk… running and running and running, until they just couldn’t run anymore as they then hide behind a tree, as the flashlights got closer and the barks became nearer as one of the flashlights almost catches them.

    As Frisk turns to his right and as Ella holds the baby's mouth from crying and as the baby starts turning blue, a rustling of leaves can be heard very near and as frisk looked, thinking it was the end, he sees a pair of red eyes glimmering in the moonlight above... as the deer, eating off the branches can be seen clearly as frisk looks into the Deer’s red eyes.

    As Ella turned to her right she to stared into the deer's eyes, as she and frisk were both starring at the deer if a newborn life had been born, as if a miracle had happened.. a day in which, you question whats random and whats not.

    And as the dogs came closer and closer... the Deer took off running..and so did the dogs behind the Deer and so did the men behind the dogs.

    Next Episode

    :girl_sigh:Ella and :movie:Frisk meet Mrs. Cookie and:give_heart2::give_rose: Mr. Pie
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    [​IMG] Bravo.
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    Hours go by as they see a cabin in the distance overjoyed they run with everything they have, as the barking seems to be heard in the far distance. They both knock on the door frantically as an up upstairs light is seen flicking on Footsteps are heard coming down some steps slow, as they take steps backward to run instead of a place of safety in which they hoped.

    The door opens and an old woman and an old man who is standing behind her with a bass ball bat. ‘Hi’ may I help you’ the elderly woman asks. ummm ummm as frisk is scared ‘can we come in’ Ella ask as she looks back shacking nervously with tears in her eyes.’ Do you hear dogs honey’ I hear dogs’ as the old man looks over the elderly woman’s shoulder, in a nosy way?

    The elderly woman looks into the forest and then looks at Ella the baby and frisk ‘sure you can come in come on in little babies. You children look cold and hungry, would you like some pie my husband just backed some cookies not too long ago, come on in and sit down. In the sweetest and softest voice that you could hear from a woman, so gentle, she made them fill comfortable.

    As the dogs can be heard getting closer and closer , frisk nervous from the anticipation that these guys are going to knock at the door he stutters’ in fright as he says ‘Iiiiilll have some pie’ as he looks at the door. ‘Ella then ask ‘can we take that pie to go please’ frisk’ looking too tired to do anything he looks and says I cant run know more, I cant, I just cant’ well then give me the baby and you stay as Ella reaches over to grab the baby and before she could reach ‘both of you’ go around that corner right there, open that the door and hide in the basement‘…‘NOW‘, as the elderly woman takes charge of the situation ‘as she points’ them in the right direction going in the opposite directions towards the front door grabbing a cane that it seemed like she didn’t need to needing it and hunching over as she goes to open the door.

    She opens the door in the kindest and gentleness’ voice ‘As they knock to seem to want to break the door down. ‘Yes’ may I help you? As one out the five men asks’ Have you seen a baby around?’ No’ the elderly woman replies Are you sure old lady do you need glasses did a woman pass through here within the last couple of hours No’ as Ella who is downstairs trying to keep the baby quit by any means necessary and frisk who has not only gone up the stairs but is on his stomach peeking around a corner looking at what’s going on.

    I think imp going to have to come in and search this place lady as the kidnapper tries to walk past her.The elderly woman steps to block him and tells the man Your not coming into my house young man as she postures up from being hunched to putting her cane on the side, she then grabs out the closet next to the door an automatic shotgun of some sort in which she leans on the wall with the shotgun pointed at the floor.

    Mrs. pie looks at the men that’s at the front door and looks at them and says in the softest voice ‘I lost my son in a violent attack 14 years ago and I lost my daughter to suicide, my father choked my mother to death and I saw my father get put to death after doing 30 years I prison for killing my mother…if I have to lift this gun theirs go be some problems son I told you once I don’t have any baby here and I have seen no woman you're not getting in my house, I'm old I'm ready to die now would you like some cookies and milk..a piece of pie maybe.

    :stop: She asked those men did they want some milk and cookies and some freaking pie lol,are kidding me so what happened next

    A doorbell sounds and in the background you here disgruntled voices.

    :movie:I'm a get back to the story in a minute I have to answer my doorbell as frisk goes to open the door at an older age ‘:girl_sigh:You could of finished the story the door could have waited ’as Ella cleans off the table picking up dishes.

    :movie: Some of these stories I dare not finish...hey Billy Bike how are u

    Next episode.

    The True legend of 'Billy Bike'
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    Standing ovation. [​IMG]
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    The True and untold story of whom Billy Bike was 'Billy Bike'

    ‘Under the Stairs’

    Billy Bike VS 'Jappy' Aka Peter Pan

    As Billy bike walks in the room, the room gets automatically silent as they sit and wonder is Billy going to finally say something. Billy bike listens but rarely talks… Frisk understands him more than most he answers Billy bike by telling him yes and no without him even asking many of the times.

    As Billy looks at him, frisk says ‘sure Billy goes ahead and gets you something to eat ‘As Billy goes into the kitchen to fix him something to eat.

    ‘Umm, what is his story again’ as Fay looks into his eyes looking a little tipsy.

    As frisk takes another sip of wine he looks at Fay in a very hard way and says…He's a legend’ This is how we found out how deep they go, this is how Billy met Jappy better known as peter pan.As Ella starts to tear up the room gets silent and

    Kids and a school bells are heard in the background... screaming and laughing in the background as frisk starts to tell the story, the story on what set Billy Off. Billy Bike.

    A’s kids are going in the school after playing out side’ a kid taps another kid and says. ‘Here you want some candy’ sure, the other kid replies. You want some money here take 5 dollars. ‘Do you usually give people you meet candy and money,’ ‘yea’ the other kid replies Yes, only to the coolest kid and you seem cool, I am new here just trying to buy a friend. I guess I do not know.

    Later on when the kids were going to the next class he noticed the same boy giving other kids money and candy in which Billy just stood there. Just looking.

    After school standing out side, some kids call 'Billy' come on, as Billy approaches.The new kid is treating us to the pinball shop and with no hesitation, billy goes with them

    Hey what’s your name again as Billy looks at him in a puzzling way looking at the different color hair that appears on his edges ‘Jappy’ he replies. .The video store the other way if you going to Mr. Mills as Billy stares Jappy down.

    Were going to my house I have to change my school clothes will not take but a minute plus I have to get 100 dollars.

    As they both, walked up to the door and entered the house two men who then put something on his face ambush Billy… Billy soon blacks out. Billy wakes up in a very large basement where other kids are being held as well. Day after day 1 child is taken up and never seen again there were no friends to be made as Billy stayed in a corner looking at the trap door wondering when will it be his turn.

    Playing in the dirty sandy basement he notices a half broken sling shot. Days and days go by and Billy has been in the corner trying to fix an old slingshot. looking through rocks he had discovered amongst other things a ‘Sheriffs Badge’ in which he put on as he smiled.More kids were brought in as weeks had passed.

    Billy, over the weeks, was trying to make a rock ball out of spit snout and umm, other sticky substances.One of these special rocks had a nail inside one of his creations.

    As Billy turns around a little boy younger then billy gives him a pouch.I was saving it when they grabbed this is what you have been talking to this entire time. Billy asks, I thought you were just talking to your hand or your self.The boy replies you know how many times I've been moved? Billy extends his hands to take the pouch, he then opens the pouch and in them are a variety sort of marbles As all the kids gather around him, looking for hope. Days go by and as the days go by Billy and his friend are making one specific marble a marble made with glass extra rocks around the over large marble with the snout from some of the kid's noses from them being sick.

    June 10th 1986 age 15 Billy Bike

    As Billy stared at the other kids who were told to hide under the stair because it was time, it was time for feeding and it was also time to try to do something.As the locks are heard being unlocked and as the normal routine of one man with 2 very large jumbo Flinstone bowls comes down the stair with slope.

    Billy then gets up and just before the kidnapper took his last step to get to the last comes Billy'Thinking of being betrayed by this jappy kid being in a basement for nearly a month as Billy is seen by the other kids, walking calm and patient as he pulls the slingshot back which it seems like it took him days to pull it back... with his aim headed right for the kidnapper's temple and then…he lets go instantly killing him.

    As the marble is falling from the kidnapper's temple and as his body hits the ground.. another man comes down the steps as Billy pulls another marble out but pulls back and goes to the back of the crowd going around the back and behind and as the man kneels down to check on his partner Billy bike is seen coming from behind the man with slingshot almost reaching the sky, is then let go right behind the mans head. Billy takes the mans gun and as 2 of the men are sleeping at the table apparently from heavy drinking that had been going on as one still had a beer in his hand. Billy then goes up stair to check the rooms and finds nothing he then proceeds down the stairs and out side as he walks around the entire house, he then walks in through the back door kitchen where the 2 men lye sleeping and proceeds to shot both of them in the back of their heads with no conscious what so ever .Billy bike then goes down stairs and gets the kids and takes them down the road.

    Billy bike saved 23 kids that day thwarted countless of kidnappings and has been a strong leader if not the strongest out of us…he’s really knee deep in this, he takes it personnel like we all do…maybe a little bit more.

    So why doesn’t he talk and no harm but why does he ride a bike wear a cowboy outfit with spurs and a cowboy badge with multi slingshots and a toy six-shooter at his age and aha cowboy hat?

    He’s been in real deep, I heard that he some times gets his self-kidnapped just to save kids…I cant imagine what he went through being in some of those dungeons‘, you see, we, we’ve danced around hell, like a window just looking in, but him…he’s been in the bowls of hell and back…more then just a couple of times. He’s the reason why we have one specific target we are going to shut down the child trafficking the kidnapping, the doctors the lawyers the priest, we're going to stop the truckers the police involved the moon man and if this thing goes any higher were going to stop them to.

    As everyone looks scared as Billy bike walks over….

    Billy Bike, says with jaws clinched:emo: 'And peter pan and the lost boys too frisk..don't forget them, as his eyes begin to water as frisk notice him clinching his famous slingshots hiding all emotions.

    :movie:No question billy were going to get them all as frisk replied with no hesitation. As billy turns around and turns slow and as he walks away he says

    :emo:I have something really special for Swiney and peter pan and the lost boys….. really really special for them i put whats left of my soul on that.

    As Billy walks out Frisk ends the night with a toast..a toast to us.A toast to over 4,000 kids saved in 10 years a toast to major enemies being in jail.Lets toast to the ones that had to be dealt by any means necessary regardless on what or how it was he looks at Sally who has been a little shocking over certain things that she has witnessed and assumed happened from frisk.

    As they toast, Sally holds her glass and says, :feminist:let's have another toast, lets toast to the guy whom you crucified a couple of months ago, lets umm toast to the guy whom you used the drill on, yea, lets toast to that.Lest have a toast of the 5 million dollar bounty on all our heads, why don't we toast to that?

    :movie: not today sally your a little drunk

    sept 14 1998


    The Moon Man' Every Full Moon
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    Anticipation for the next instalment. Last one was FAB. [​IMG]
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    ImmortalLegend527 The Messenger Of All Gods old and new

    Sally:feminist: Yea that right, go downstairs in your dungeon and go 'TO HELL, you're a monster frisk your just like them...a MONSTER YOU HEAR ME!

    Ella:girl_impossible:Sally, stop it, that's enough, not the right time not tonight sally.

    As sally goes down memory lane.\Sally goes back to the night, the night in which she snuck into frisk layer, the night in which she finds out who the moon man is.

    Fay:curtsey:Its that Moon Man isn't it, Ella?

    Ella:girl_sigh:The moon man...a sick individual that kills every full moon at 12oclock and bury his victims under a tree, Bent on killing a thousand victims under a thousand moons.He has the same gifts as frisk does, He makes frisk wacth him through his eyes and its absulty nothing frisk can do but watch.Its almost 12 frisks is preparing.

    :curtsey:Preparing for what?

    :girl_sigh:Just preparing. don't ever tell frisk I told you about this..Please

    :movie: As frisk walks downstairs into a basement as he gets to the end he takes his shoes off.The entire basement is filled with sand and on the ceiling, there are hundreds and hundreds of names written in wood as frisk lifts his hands as his hands are running through the wooden names as he walks slowly.Frisk puts wood in a fireplace that he has and pours him a drink.He then sits down in a chair that sits directly in front of the fireplace.He takes one shot after another after another as he sits and stares into the fireplace.

    He then looks at the clock.
    :movie: 11:59 its almost time, you're going to slip up one day, just one day he says to himself.

    Just when the clock turns 12:00 frisk breaks down and starts crying on his knees holding his head.

    The Moon Man:devil: My favorite spectator,hahaha..mind your business for god's sake, little nosy ass..stop looking at me you perve.Can you please shut my door I'm busy..haha.Excuse me, can you go home and leave me alone?Why do you look at me boy?I have 135 more innocent souls to bury under these trees boy.You have just been all in my business the last couple of years huh 76 in total, just nosy as can be why you always looking at me.

    :movie: You force me to look at you I cant control this I hate you so much as frisk is crying like a baby

    :devil: In the Moon mans whining voice,'You forced me to look at you, in my crying voice with boogers and snot coming out my nose haha.I have a special treat for you tonight, ah yes.look at what I have for you...just 4 years old.

    :movie:'With frisk head in the sand with fist clinched'I put this on my soul your going to be the first person I ever kill I swear to the mother of all gods.

    :devil:Which should I use frisk, this, that, ah yes this is your favorite watch frisk watch closely?


    :curtsey:Where all in this together Ella what goes on down their you can tell me?

    :girl_sigh:He Yells and he cries fay...he yells and cries and begs him to stop..that what goes on fay...he just cries.

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    ImmortalLegend527 The Messenger Of All Gods old and new

    The conversation

    Yesterday was a good day the party was spectacular As Fay seems to be in the happiest of moods, 795 kids saved in 6 years and more to save in the future that is progress!

    AS sally comes in the room in the middle of the conversation.Do you ever sometimes wonder why we don’t call the police or sometimes we see blood on him and were not allowed to look at TV, the news papers I mean, ‘You mean what ‘as she is cut off by Ella the oldest out of all of them.

    I mean he sometimes comes back bloody as hell and in a lot of cases screams were heard and what as Ella cuts her off again so what, huh? So what if he pays a little payback for what those monsters did to those kids. What is your point sally what are you a perve lover now? , you have sympathy for these monsters? Why are we hiding? Because this, is what we do you just don't get it do you?

    Therefore, we torture people now.

    You look at them as people sally, huh? You know why he keeps you in the truck sally you know why sometimes he tells us to leave because he would rather bare the burden because he doesn’t want us to get shook up.

    One time I went inside and we found several girls who were sex slaves to the extremist, you ever smelled a girl that had sex with over 20 men within 3 days who hadn’t taken a bath in over a week, you ever see a little baby bleeding from his ass from being raped by one of those monsters, you ever see a girls uterus hanging out her half nightgown and left for dead.,. Have you ever gone from state to state looking for a child and you get to the scene 15 minutes after that infant is butchered and bludgeoned to death?

    We have saved over 2,000 kids in less than 10 years. 376 kids in the last 4 years that he saw die in his eyes, as we all were there to witness the tears as well as our failures early in our missions. 15 to 25 thousand kids go missing a year, in 8 years we have saved 2003 kids, who do you feel sorry for most sally the perves or the kids?

    The perves that’s who’ as frisk walks in the room she loves the perves more than the kids, you want to leave sally, the door is right there. Can you imagine sally if the government found out that I see things like this? Frisk grabs a remote and points it towards a wall that opens and inside are taped videos and many stacked papers standing up neatly. If you ever want to look at what happens when I tell you all to leave this is what happens, its right here sally.

    Here, as he picks an old tape out. He then puts it in the VHS. Wait let me fast forward ,ok, here’s the man we, you see’ he’s on the floor, wait, here comes the good part, here comes the half naked 6-year-old, what is that shes holding in her hand sally, what is that..her intestines... is that the small or the large no, that’s her Her uterus sally.

    Let’s fast forward just a little more, oh yeah, watch this, watch as I drive a nail through his hand 'as screaming in the background of the video can be heard., wait a minute watch how I nail his testicles, listen to this guy huh, I’m not going to bore you with looking at me nail his other hand and his feet.

    I want you to watch how I stand this monster up in the air and how I crucified this monster, rapist, child, molesting freak, and I enjoyed it and look who’s watching the little girl, that’s the little redemption that I can give them, you can deny me, hate me, think im the monster but look at the girl ,look what she does, wait she’s holding her uterus because she huh has been to hell, as he forwards the video, look, she spits on him look at her beaten his testacles with a hammer. she was kidnapped by that man at the age of 3, had been raped over and over again for 3 years, a 3-year-old, AND THAT’S WHAT YOU CARE ABOUT 'as he yells in her face something that frisk has never done to any of the girls'.

    You're a monster frisk don't you see you're going overboard WE HAVE CONTRACTS OUT ON US HRED HITMEN PERVES ARE AFTER US AND PRETTY SOON THE POLICE ARE GOING TO TRACK YOU DOWN BECAUSE you're A SERIAL TORTURE.You're even starting to talk to your self, your losing it i want out I DONT WANT TO DO THIS ANY MORE.

    She died 3 years after we saved her sally... as he looks in the air eyes watering do you remember the girl who we saw about 7 months ago sally, do you remember..the little 6-year old that weighed I guess 35 pounds.Did you know that this is the girl in the video? She died of complications of aids but before that, she went blind FROM gonorrhea 4 months after we saved her, as he throws a Champaign bottle at the wall and starts ripping through the tapes and videos’ from the wall, he then goes to pick up the TV and just before he smashes it, he stops and puts the TV down and he goes into a safe and brings out a cassette. I have a special video I want to play for you sally. No,' Ella' says walking over to frisk to try to take it from him. No frisk your doing it to be petty Ella says angrily, oh it is said frisk.

    Yea it is as he puts the tape fighting off Ella. Get off me as he pushes Ella.

    You see 10 years ago I bumped into a man I saw that his 2 daughters newborn son and his wife were in a basement I knew one was alive because that’s whose eyes I was looking through…as he pushes start we set off 7 alarms stole 2 cars just to save this little girl. look this is us walking down the stairs holding a bazooka for a camera, light bright as hell. Oh my gosh, look at all those brains on the ground, you see that STUPID.

    You see, this human being, this kind gentleman, this lovely father, woke up one day and decided to bat down his entire freaking family, guess who survived? Hey, who is that? , is that sally..well we never knew her real name so we just woke up one day and decided to call her sally.

    Hey look, look at you on the ground sally, you look like a fish on land, 'laughing sarcastically'. Your mothers dead, your sisters dead, 2-month-old brother dead, look at your brothers face, look at the rage your father had, your daddy, your 'FLESHING BLOOD' as he yells at sally.

    That little girl is the reason why we met Agatha and her daughter, over a million dollars spent on medical bills to keep your identity safe while you stayed in a coma for almost 7 years inside that hospital..and this is how you look at call me a monster im the

    I know were he stays as he whispers in her ear, your family to us, despite how much I wanted to torture him with a doctor present to keep him alive, I didn’t, that’s your job, your destiny, your way of life, what are you going to do huh, ask him why, feel sorry for him, have sympathy for him as he whips his eyes as if he is crying. I feel so sorry for my father something must have ticked him, oh my daddy the only family I have, I wonder do I have stepsiblings I wonder how he’s doing, I wonder can we bond as father and daughter despite on what happened.

    That's enough, frisk 'STOP' as Ella has lost all patients with this situation.

    I think my mother would have wanted me to forgive him as well as my 2-month-year-old brother and my sister who were slaughtered by this man, but ill turn the other cheek.
    'You are sicker than your father is' as he grits his teeth whispering in Sally's ear.Maybe you should leave before you wake up, just like your daddy and decide to bat all of us down.

    This is what I do, I save kids from monsters like him, that is my job, that’s Ella job, that’s fays job, I cant say you because I don't know whos side you're on. So next time you have ill feelings or behind the back questions or accusations about me, the next time you try to tear my family up, think about your daddy, why don’t you do that, that’s enough frisk Ella says angrily, maybe its true what they say about the apple don’t fall far from the tree, your daddy tore your family apart, literally, your not going to tear my family apart like your daddy did yours. MY god frisk are you serious, what is wrong with you as tears start to come out of Ella's eyes.

    I HAVE THE MOON MAN A MAN WHO MAKES ME WATCH HIM KILL KIDS AND BURIES THEM UNDER A TREE DURING THE FULL MOON, HUH, AND THEN I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE TRUCKER A DERANGED LUNATIC THAT TRAVELS THROUGH THE WHOLE UNITED STATES KIDNAPPING NOT ONLY KIDS BUT WOMAN, AND THAN I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS, PETER PAN AND THE LOST BOYS KIDNAPPING KIDS ,AND NOT ONLY THAT I HAVE TO DEAL WITH an origination , that holds sex games 10 times per year, a game in which the greatest perverts hang out and pays to have sex and they have sex games with these kidnapped kids, and gambling on these kids to win, and the perves can take them home and after they are finished, you know what they do, they kill them, or send them back to the games.

    And now’ as he opens a bottle of Champaign’ I have to worry about this sick disloyal bitch who’s just like her father as he pours Champaign on top of sally HEAD as Ella slaps him and takes the bottle from him and tosses it as Sally starts to cry with her head lying down Fay grabs sally to comfort her, as she yells ‘she’s had enough’ your not right your mentally unstable as Fay starts to cry. Your right I am the bad person, 'you are not the bad person' Ella says with a tear in her eye, but you do need help.

    I need help......I save kids and i need help..i torture the soul out of these monsters and I need help huh

    Frisk walks downstairs very slow before he gets to the bottom he takes his shoes and socks off and washes his feet in a sink. He takes a couple of steps as his feet disappears in the sand he then looks above him 100s and 100s of names carved in wood as his hands wave through all the wooden name carvings above him.

    He looks in on top of a shelf and gets a bottle of liquor and pours him a drink as he looks at the clock on and off, he then gets up and looks at all the names and after a minute he takes one down Sarah, he then goes to sit down as he continues to drink he grins slightly as he remembers the girl whom story he told upstairs. Talknig to himself 'Over an hour you got redemption as he remembers throwing a couple of beers back as he remembers her that night ,he nods his head smiling even more, as he thinks about the little girl going back in the house and coming out with a pair of sizzers, as he laughs out loud, get him Sarah, get hem girl, he says to himself as he remembers looking at him on the crucifix, private area bloody , screaming to the top to his lungs. He then claps and laughs as he remembers her going in the house and plugging up a drill as she looked for plugs that could reach the area where he stood in the ground Frisk then goes to the crucifix and ask the little girl to push it down with him he then pulls the man, over close to wear the drill would reach, as he opens another beer, as he remebers the little girl drilling into his private area and remebers ,as he lost count after 52, the many of times the little girl drilled into his body not just in that area but others as well.

    He puts the Sarah name back on the ring connected to the ceiling and pulls another name down.

    He looks up in the air at all the other names and says I'm sorry, as he cries falling to his knees, looking at all the victims that he couldn't save in time.As he clinches his fist.We tried, I swear we tried, holding a name we were an hour late..I'm so sorry...3 days we looked for you..I'm so sorry to all of you,im so sorry as frisk goes to sorry.
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  9. ImmortalLegend527

    ImmortalLegend527 The Messenger Of All Gods old and new

    Frisk Fazon) -Frisk Fazon has the ability to touch a Childs parent and see through there Childs eyes only. He was only 13 years old when he first saved his first child. When frisk was 18 he and his partner decided to save kids. He did this from 1983 until

    (Ellan/Ellana)- is frisk first partner and next door neighbor and long life friend she is the advisor of the group as well as the organizer, planner of all operations as well as the peacekeeper.

    (Fay/Faith)- is the mapper and computer specialist of the group, she helps the group with mapping out the whereabouts of where they might be at, as frisk can only see through a Childs' eyes as he tells her road signs street signs and high ways signs if the child sees it.

    (Sally)-Sally helps out with the little things she’s very disturbed on what they are doing especially when she finds out that frisk sometimes torcher's the perverts/kidnappers in the most disgusting and inhuman ways.

    (The Moon Man)-The moon man is one out of 3 main villains‘. His mission is to kill 1,000 kids under 1,000 full moons in his quest for long Gevity. For reasons untold, he has the ability to make frisk watch him kill kids under each full moon AS HE THEN BURYS THEM UNDER OR BESIDE A TREE, his skin is never seen in the nor is his face. The moon man has a crow with him and caries and an assortment of exotic knives. He always where’s gloves and he is always wearing a long black trench coat.

    (Angel)-Angel has the ability to touch a person and see their whole lives from birth to the present. She is used by defense lawyers and prosecutors in big cases. The kick is that she has to find some way to touch the people who she is ordered to find what really happened. The thing is, she can only use this gift one time and she has less than 2 minutes before it is wiped clean from her memory. She either writes it down or records it, but sometimes obstacles get in her way as time is being wasted.

    (FBI Agents Captain Bradshaw and his 3 newly straight out of FBI school agents.) Agent Smith Agent Medina and Agent James

    Captain Bradshaw has just received a top-level priority letter from way up above in which the name of frisk has been giving to him. The letter, in brief, is claiming that frisk and his friends are kidnapping kids and waiting for a reward to claim. Frisk has become a millionaire by saving kids. The letter also tells Bradshaw that it would be necessary to get 3 newly trained FBI agents because it is likely that there is a mold in the FBI. The letter giving to him is on a high clearance level in which information on who gave it to him IS NOT PRESENTED.
    The 3 agents later on in the movie have planted secret cameras in his house and are doing surveillance on him day and night.

    The lemonade girl-the lemonade girl sales lemonade in front of her house in which an old woman in a rocking chair can be seen on the top floor, she’s not alone as her giant size ST Bernard sits closely next to her as she sales lemonade. She’s more than just a lemonade girl she gives riddles’ in the most sarcastic way about certain events. Frisk has only gotten lemonade from her a couple of times and finds her very weird but one day he purchased 2 cups from her and he found out the more you purchase, the more the conversation and riddles came together and made just a little bit more sense.She's a smart ass and she loves to pick with him

    Mr. Cookie and Mrs. Pie-Mr. cookie and Mrs. Pie live in a cabin in the woods in which civilazation doesn’t even know they exist. One day when frisk was just 15 and ellan was 17, they helped save a child in which they got lost along the way and ended up on the steps of there home. Mr. Cookie and Mrs. Pie have been helping them hide kids as well as themselves, most of the time when they do need them it’s a majority of more than one child or it’s a serious case in which they themselves need to hide.

    Nurse Agatha and the ghetto nurse-frisk in some cases take the kids in which were either sexually abused or beaten up really bad. She takes the kids in some cases and gives them a private room and treats them without prejudice and in some cases, she lies and tells them the kids were dropped off to the parents to protect frisk identity.
    The ghetto nurse/doctor is the daughter of Mrs. Agatha she always helps her mother during the hiding of the kids, she’s to young to be a doctor but always says she’s needed for heart surgery amongst other operations not fit for someone her age. Frisk does not know for sure if she’s a doctor or what, the mystery will always be on his mind, as she gets a page. Oh my god I have to do this kidney transplant!

    (Agent Tolliver and Agent Sims)-Agent Tolliver is a highly decorated FBI agent who has dedicated his life to finding missing kids he is at the top of his field as his rewards are endless. He has a record of finding 324 missing kids and over 300 convictions but then Agent Sims comes in the office.

    Agent Sims and wife just moved into town agent Sims has moved up from the police to lead detective to the FBI ranks. Over the last 8 years, frisk has called him on the where about of missing kids that he saved. Over 8 years agent Sims has a record of saving more than 700 kids but with only 20 convictions.

    Agent Tolliver 5 years ago noticed a pattern with the killers and kidnappers, as a lot where tortured, some not only tortured but beaten close to death, private areas being cut and in more than one case some were even crucified. One of his goals is not only to find children that are missing but it’s a personal goal to find out who is torturing these killers.

    Agent Sims has never seen frisk before or does he knows who frisk is. Because of jealousy and envy agent Tolliver starts to wonder how he found those kids and starts snooping into files, he finds out some of the cases he closed himself relates to children that were found by Sims and that’s where the adventure begins with those 2.Agent Tolliver thinks he either knows the killer or that he himself is a kidnapper and killer.

    (Midget Mike) lives next door to frisk, he walks in when he wants, he eats what he wants, and is just a pain in the ass until one day frisk gets in a car crash and breaks his neck and shoulders and midget mike saves his life by healing frisk.

    (Octus) Swinney Octus is a cold-blooded child molester who enjoys molesting kids. When he was young he and his 2 cousins use to kidnap a woman and torture them and rap them in which later he would kill them. Later on in the years he started to kidnap kids and molest them. In the current present, he kidnaps and traffics kids to other countries and holds one of the biggest secret games unimaginable to live. A game in which only molesters get invited to play and pay very heavy to participate. It’s known that he has a network of kidnappers that kidnap more then 1,000 kids a year if not more and in some cases, he has been known to kidnap the woman and teenage woman to support another group of killers who love to rap woman and kill them.

    (Jappy aka Peter Pan) Jappy is one of the octus main kidnappers as he was just 8 years old when he led his first child to the organization of octus. He is now 16 and he has been known to lure more then 3,000 kids to theses games and ultimately to their death for octus and his organization.

    (Billy Bike) Billy bike was kidnapped by the octus organization when he was 13.Billy bike and 20 other kids were held captive in a basement. Billy bike found a slingshot in which he made 3 marble like rocks from the materials that was left in the basement. Billy bike used the slingshot to kill one of the guards and ultimately saved all the kids, he has vowed to kill all in the organization. Billy bike rides a bike and wears a cowboy outfit a sheriff’s bag spurs and a cowboy hat. He also he has numerous different slingshots, numerous marbles for numerous situations and has what appears to be 2 fake guns. He himself was lured by peter pan and vows death upon him as he looks upon schools and makes sure it doesn’t happen to any other kid
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  10. ImmortalLegend527

    ImmortalLegend527 The Messenger Of All Gods old and new

    Greatest Secret ever told Wa

    The amber zone and the binary zone.

    My first ability was maxed by the time I reached age 14. My sole gift was that I could touch a person and see through only what I thought was their Childs' eyes. Through the astral plane to outer body experience, to realm jumping to the past and future was never a question of ability or gift until…the binary incident and the three entities that I saw that day.

    8 years ago I had wakened out my sleep and as I opened my eyes all I could see was a bunch of zeros and ones in red by the thousands all over the room, my body and as I got up and looked out the window so was the world. This incident happened some 2 weeks after my contact with some three entities that flew in a triangle shape over my head.

    Jan 3, 2017.

    For some reason when the year 2017 came in all my gifts turned from nighttime gifts to daytime gifts , basically, I could use my gifts without meditating or going into a deep trance. My gifts could be done at will and so I did. My daytime gifts had a surprise for me because for some odd reason I had jumped into a realm/frequency of pure gold or amber.

    The amber zone in my experience is zones in which I believe consist of space and this is on a scale of 87% my fact from what I have experienced. The amber zone is a zone in which is slower but faster.

    Example, if I was to the realm, jumped I would be taking the astral route the out body experience route in which sand water or earth is used. People with these gifts, not just me use various sorts of ways to get into certain realms/frequency’s/other time zones. When I use to use these methods I started using a wishing well, sometimes sand or even quicksand. Sometimes the rhythm of raindrops would get me in. The last thing that I would use to get me in a realm was a mirror or double mirror. When you enter in this type of way, the first 3 seconds is super fast, out of this world fast as you go down the rabbit's hole. Concentration has to be at its peak. I don’t understand when a person says that they can outer body or astral every day or 4 to 7 times a day, maybe what I was doing was different but I could get into these realms at least 7 times per year. If that.

    The most I ever got in which I believe using this method was maybe 3,000 years into the past if not 6,000.That was the deepest I had ever gone into the past, and it took me almost 5 minutes to achieve that goal what happened that particular day was very traumatic for me as I got lost and couldn't get back.Its not funny when you have a little astral air to breath not knowing you were going to be in the astral realm for a very long time,it was the first time in which I found out that =if your brain in the astral world doesn’t take in enough breath in the physical world complications will occur.

    One day just thinking I realm jumped by accident into this realm for 4 seconds, it scared the hell out of me because I had never seen this before so I panicked my way out. I realm jumped 2 more times into this realm for maybe 3 seconds but I knew the directions but It was just nothing there.Usually when your realm jumps you will see something a street people cars etc.But the amber zone is just nothing but amber and this is the sole reason why I say it might be a space realm/zone of some sort.

    24 seconds.

    This particular zone in which I believe either goes back by 3,000 years to 5,000 per second and the texture of it is so smooth, even the travel is smooth and my favorite, absolutely no speed.In this particular realm or whatever it is, you can see ripples.Imagine a gold ocean with precise waves coming pricily after one another.It seems like each wave is at least 1,000 years or better.

    Out of 5 times ever being in this zone this one particular time was the only time I had ever lasted so long..24 seconds. By the time it was over I had traveled I guess to a point in which all I saw was volcanoes, no people.

    Last year I went to sleep looking at my fingerprints…and for some reason the amber zone was their…right along with the binary realm?

    What does my fingerprints have to do with me getting into the amber realm and how did I get into the binary realm by using the amber zone?

    What does space have to do with the binary realm what the connection and what does my fingerprints have to do with it.

    Eary last year I thought I was daytime astral projecting.It was new to me because I had never done or tried any gifts in the daytime.I would just be sitting or standing minding my business and here I am astraling in the daytime, no warning nothing…Until I see my hands.OMG,I have astral hands as I saw a hand pull up and use a camera to take a picture of someone..OMG, I have an astral camera as well.7 times under 8 seconds.So here I am in my new astral body actually talking to people pulling my astral camera out with my new astral hands, so stoked I was.Until…my astral body wanted to go to the bathroom, and as my new astral body came into the bathroom and looked in the mirror..that’s when I knew this had nothing to do with what I thought it was, it was just me seeing through someone's eyes.

    Greatest secret ever told was copy written by iml 527

    1-time last year in December I jumped into a drone and was looking through its camera.Jan 12 3017 I realm jumped into a camera overlooking a city block.Today February I jumped into a bicycle camera helmet as I was looking at the guy front tire.This had nothing to do with the eyes these 3 incidents or events not of my control has something to do with electronics.

    How in the world does a person go from realm jumping into the past and future to jumping into electronic?

    Greatest secret ever told copy written by iml527. The Binary realm.

    There is a realm somewhere in this time or past or future or another time or .. somewhere, a realm that’s full of binary codes in red that goes up and down.I've entered this realm and in my conclusion is that entering this realm has allowed me to look or infiltrate ceratin electronics..I guess? 89.99%facts

    The Greatest secret never ever to be told was copy written by iml527.

    This gold zone thingy zone allows me to...see more than realm jumping.I found out while being in the amber zone that the maps on earth that have been programmed from birth inside you is totally false in fact its upside down.The north is actually the south, why the handlers tell you this, I have no idea?

    In fact, your history is somewhat in reverse and this is really hard to explain so i won't even bother..its extremely complicated.

    Just a question???

    Suppose..just a suppose, a thought.......Suppose that, whatever leaves earth atmosphere into space, the space shuttle rockets, etc etc, suppose..they kept it a secret that whatever leaves earth atmosphere is actually...going into another time another realm another dimension?

    I can see Venus, Mars, the moon, stars...but...can you see a satelite anywhere, I mean its suppose to be hundreds right.

    It's funny how the launch pad of the space shuttle is near the Bermuda triangle..a place where hundreds if not thousands of ships have disappeared OR TELEPORTED?????????????

    Was Copy Written by iml527

    Teleportation has always existed and has been used and treaty amongst world superpowers.

    'Space and space have nothing to do with earth space and time.
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  11. ImmortalLegend527

    ImmortalLegend527 The Messenger Of All Gods old and new

    In the beginning.The First Time

    As school bells are heard in the background and kids laughing....The beginning.
    :study: Recess is over kids lets gey inside time for class.

    It was right after recess when out the blue my father came to pick me up.1981 12:34 am April 11th.

    :scool:Son, we have to go were leaving early, As he grabbed my arm.

    :movie:Wheres, mom?

    :study: Excuse me are you taking frisk home early?

    :scool: Yes, Mr. Spantent.

    :study: Very well you have a good day.

    :movie: I thought mom was taking Little Bobby and Milly to school.

    As frisk father ignores him as they both get into his pickup truck.

    An hour goes by as frisk and his father are driving down an high way.

    :movie: Where we going, wheres mommy.

    :cool3:....we have to go far away son that's all I can say, my god...i.....thats all I can say.

    :movie: What about Milly and

    :cool3: I..dont .. I don't know what happened son you no.The kids woke up late you got on the bus they missed it when I wake up I smell breakfast and I wake up and smell you moms bacon and I doze off and I smell your moms bacon and I woke up the first time right,and then I went to sleep i told your mom to wake me up but he didn't so I slept and smelled the bacon frisk and I don't know what happened I swear to god boy, as 'tears start to come down his fathers eyes' I swear son I just woke and went down stairs I swear to god why would god do that to me son 'As he reches to touch frisk head with his hand', he shakes frisk head' You understand right son, I swear on the soul of god i just woke up i.'Frisk eyes open wide as if he had seen a ghost shaking with mouth wide open as

    Frisk out of nowhere see through the nanny's eyes, through her eyes he sees that her hands are shaking as she tries to pull a knife out of her stomach and as she looks up she looks over frisk see his mother and little brother with knife holes in them as they lie dead at the kitchen table.As the wounded nanny looks up, she looks at frisk little sister hanging from a ceiling fan.As frisk starts to shake in a panic as her head comes off and the body hits the kitchen table.

    Frisk goes into a frenzy and starts panicking, frisk then trys to open the door as they are riding down the highway.With one hand on the wheel and the other trying to hold frisk, frisk jumps out the truck and frisks father flips the truck over and over again.Frisk, dodging freeway traffic looks back as his father being helped by a passerby, as he runs into the woods, it was the last time frisk ever saw his father again..or was it?

    Next Under the Window

    Frisk and Ella
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  12. ImmortalLegend527

    ImmortalLegend527 The Messenger Of All Gods old and new

    Last Greatest Secrets ever told by iml527 Was Copy written for them on the other side of earth.2018 to the end of time.From 'Legend League'

    :movie: So..........the other days while realm jumping in this amber goldy zone that I discovered within the last year and I discovered that the moon can be moved and in fact has been moved from planet to planet.

    I never ever really believed in aliens and such but I believed that something was pulling the moon.I decided to open up a spaceship program and Oh, by the way in the binary goldy one I also found out that the maps are all wrong.. anyway, so I open up this spaceship program and well, I didn't find a spaceship or spaceship or aliens in them, lol.

    You want to know what I found... I found out that earth, laughing the f&^% out loud, is a double earth, omg, and that, you all have some really out of this world stuff over there.Every continent that you have trained us to see is actually one side of the earth and while the other side of which, is not China, is where you, human aliens live.

    lol, you're just right around the corner, like really! You have implanted so many of your people into This society that, we cant even attempted to....bring the truth out, or even go to war with you.For the simple fact, you all are super cool and what I found out I'm super stoked.

    I realized just now, it wasn't the moon that was being pulled by a ship. I believe, that program, that I was in, was simply telling me or showing me why only a half of a planet or moon is always seeing or programme to see.

    A planet within a planet, a planet that's shaped like a planet but has a baby egg on top.A round planet that has another big piece of land attached to it, and you all live on the small egg/extra piece of land.

    Greatest secret ever told to the world copy written by iml527

    Your mortal world is attached to another world, a world that has your aliens all in one, a land in which only the elites of elite no about.Your planet is flatly round like an egg, and attached to this egg in the south, is a baby egg, a baby planet/massive piece of land is attached to your earth.

    Copy Written by the founders of Legend League

    Iml527 is a long time student who means no harm to the elite or aliens or the other side.First and last time this info will ever hit the net.We do not want any problems.Legend League.

    :movie: Greatest secret ever told Was copy written by iml527.I'm scared and I'm going to sleep.
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  13. ImmortalLegend527

    ImmortalLegend527 The Messenger Of All Gods old and new

    Under the window':movie:

    Almost 2 hours went by as frisk walked from the freeway all the way home.As frisk walks up to his house, he stops and stares, scared to go inside, scared as to what he visioned when his father touched him.He sits under the window at his next door neighbors house as he hears thumping on the other side of the wall.

    A car pulls up in the driveway as frisk here's a man voice saying, 'your moms home hurry up and get dressed' open the window'. As frisk try's to run from being noticed, a window opens up and as Ella sticks her head out, she notices frisk running.Frisk, then runs into the backyard and out the back door Ella comes running out chasing him.

    :makeup: What are you doing frisk, what did you see, why in the hell were you pepping in my window?


    :makeup:ANSWER ME!!

    :movie:My entire family is dead in my house, I didn't know where to go.

    :makeup:What, what do you mean frisk whats going on.

    :movie: I have to go, talk to you later.

    :makeup: Did you by chance see anything in the window when you were looking?

    :movie: Let's run away together Ella.

    :makeup:Are you stupid where would we go?

    :movie: Anywhere, I know what your father does to you... it's not right.At least that's what my father used to talk to my mother about.My father, he was wrong himself because I think he was trying to look at your mother through some binoculars at night or maybe you and eh, your father.

    :makeup:lol, your funny frisk.. let's do it frisk, let's go to wonderland lets run away together.

    :movie:You think Bigfoot is in wonderland im..soo scared of Bigfoot.

    :makeup:I'm pretty sure frisk

    :movie: You think the bionic man is in wonderland he can beat Bigfoot.

    :makeup: Who cares what about wonder woman shes the best.

    :movie: What about long ranger and tantoo do they have horses in wonderland?

    As frisk gets punched in the arm

    :makeup:You're not going to be asking me a thousand questions frisk, I'm the boss i am leading us to wonderland.


    may 4 1983.


    From Wonderland to Homeless land
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  14. ImmortalLegend527

    ImmortalLegend527 The Messenger Of All Gods old and new

    It was hard being a 12-year-old runaway with a 15-year-old girl who once a month just starts bleeding everywhere.If we weren't stealing out of stores to eat we were begging for change as life for us got really hard until frisk bumped into this man.It was the first time that frisk had used his gift for a good cause.They both ended up in the woods being chased by dogs and a bunch of men,lol, running with a screaming baby.A deer saved them that night and after they saved the kidnapped baby, they had made 5,000 bucks from the reward.With no id, no credit, no adult and not a bit of knowledge about life, they stayed homeless for most their teens, from wonderland to homeless land.1983 to1986.

    Next.'Fay', Jellof Boys and girls club.the Sierra club.Fist contact The Shenandoah valley incident.
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  15. ImmortalLegend527

    ImmortalLegend527 The Messenger Of All Gods old and new

    I am currently downloading a before the moon program in which I thought would take 3 months just might take over a year...not even at just a 3% so far.I found out last night that it wasn't how the pyramid was built or how many people built it or what was it constructed for.The magic question is who was the architect.

    Well, what this has to do with the moon I have no idea but it seems that under all that construction lays one more coffin a coffin of books...secret books by a man with a very funny shaped head.In fact, this man is the one who blueprinted the entire design specifically to hide these specific books.

    Great Giza pyramid
    The moon
    a bunch of books
    a man with a very long head that looks like a bird

    Why would a before the moon program lead me to the great pyramid and a bunch of books i have no idea.Hopfully 4% will let me know more.
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  16. ImmortalLegend527

    ImmortalLegend527 The Messenger Of All Gods old and new


    I would never have imagined that crop circles are real.

    Greatest secret ever told was copy written from a program called before the moon.

    I would never have thought that crop circles are real.So here I am,in a time before the moon and after the moon.I call these beings the ultra-terrestrial aliens I knew that they had been on earth for a while but I never thought that i would see them before the moon.

    Before the moon these things were flying around all over earth even with the dinosaurs this lasted for about 4.5 seconds.After the moon, I saw one of these things inscribe writings on a clay tablet or stone or whatever the man was holding.The light was very blinding and it made me snap out, but that's all I saw.

    After the moon, i saw one of these beings drawing on the ground using heat or compressed..something.Whatever it was doing or however it was doing it.when finished it was very beautiful it was a flower.

    Greatest secret ever told was copy written by iml527 3018.

    One of the ultra-terrestrial alien beings is an artist, a communicator or is a diplomate..regardless of the fact of what it is, it knows how to draw and write.I believe that the first 5 crop circles ever created or seen have a very powerful message.

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  17. ImmortalLegend527

    ImmortalLegend527 The Messenger Of All Gods old and new

    The eyes.

    Everything that is blue to the eyes is called a realm, a transfer point to another point. The blue water, the blue skies, the blue flame..can all be jumped.

    The eyes and direction.

    Early this year I was able to jump through peoples eyes and when that happened my eyes rolled back into my head to a point of no return.

    When I use astral travel or outer body, my eyes would sometimes move erratically but never pressure erratic, unstable eye movement but not any pressure.

    3 days ago I had done something that I never thought I could do or basically didn't know it could be done or never even thought to do it. For the last 6 months, I have been toying in a zone in which I call the amber zone. The amber zone is another place in which my eyes roll to the back of my head in ways in which it hurts and I have to break the string.

    3 days ago I jumped by accident into a....i don't know what to call it yet, like.. I really didn't understand this jump. I found my self-realm jumping in space without the amber zone. WHEN I SAY I HATE SPEED, I ...HATE SPEED.

    This realm took me through at least 12 clusters of different galaxies less than 15 seconds and its a place in which it doesn't matter how scared you are, you're going to finish the jump. I was trying to break out of it, it wouldn't let me it just would not let me.

    Greatest Secret ever told Was copy written by iml527 'Radars in the eyes'

    3 Dyas ago I jumped into a door in which led me into to space and through numerous galaxies at a speed that I have never been into before but was sustainable. I'm writing this because...My eyes were coming can your eyes come outwards. sideways, rolled back, to the left, to the right, up, down but how in life can your eyeballs come forwards.

    Your eyes have the ability as radars to find certain doors if your a novice or better in this.speed and closed indoors are not me because I'm scared of speed and tight doors so i would consider my self an apprentice or even lower in some of those jumps.

    I would never go in that door again because of the speed but if speed does not matter to you hears a heads up. Use your eyes because your eyes are like radars when it comes to VERY different doors you can get into.

    side note. Now I see why NASA always cuts the live feed when the rocket leaves the EARTHS atmosphere AND IMMEDIATELY GOES TO ANIMATION AS IT ENTERS THE 'BLUE' i


    Why is NASA based near the Bermuda triangle? Answer mid-June.
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  18. ImmortalLegend527

    ImmortalLegend527 The Messenger Of All Gods old and new

    :movie:About 7 months ago, after entering a gold realm or amber realm because that's the color of this particular door I started realm jumping into electronics.

    The first was a camera.

    The second time was a bike cam.

    The third time, believe it or not, I jumped into a drone overlooking a city.

    A couple of days ago i realm jumped or...i think this has happened to me to a point in which I have to give it another name. So the other day I realm, I see rain and I see the color green and more rain and then I see the color yellow and red and I see more rain. To make a long story short, I jumped into someone's dash cam in ones car, which was the longest that I had ever held this certain door open.

    I wrote something the other day in which I believed on a scale of 100% truthfulness and so I gave knowledge to this realm. We are not allowed to give this realm knowledge of any kind below a ration of 98% or lower on the honesty scale. So I would like to make a correction about something i said the other day.

    The other day, I said that I had jumped into space and that I had traveled many galaxies within a short time. I also stated in which to me was a 'FIRST' because my eyes seemed like they were coming forward as if about to pop out my head.

    When a program opens up, we call it the 'FIRST'.

    It was the first time that I had traveled through space.
    it was the first time that I had my eyes move the way it did.
    it was also the first time that i didn't need the amber zone to get through and into the space realm.

    So..First Greatest secret ever told that's not 98% fact was copy written by iml527 3018 #50/50

    :Unsure:Either I realm jumped in space and it was my first time 50% honesty.


    :Unsure:I realm jumped into a telescope..or whatever it is called..machine jumping electronics jumping.. I don't know but yea i think I might have jumped into a telescope of some type somewhere in this world.50% honesty.

    x3 In all honesty, I absolutely think... that you have absolutely lost... your everlasting fucking mind.

    :movie: ...................In all honesty, I have to agree.

    :movie:But for some reason, after I found the goldy realm I started jumping into electronics for no reason.

    :study: You are...a lunatic an the way, why goldy realm, why not the gold realm..the gold door, the gold asylum, do they have straight jackets in these goldy rooms, lol, you're pathetic you need help.

    :movie:..what did you just say ?

    :study: your a lunatic and

    :movie: No, the gold thing.

    :study: I asked, why goldy realm you sound dumb and stupid why not the gold realm or

    :movie:The Gold....Gold, maybe I am interfering with the program by actually thinking a color has something to do with this. Gold and electronics go hand in hand maybe, amber colors gold colors are interfering with this... it's actually Gold.
    Thanks, brainiac I think... this has something to do with gold, not a color but gold. The Gold frequencies..the binary gold door, the binary gold frequency, the gold binary door, The realm of gold, the Binary Golden Realm. That's how I've been getting in through gold but where is the gold.

    :study: In the computer stupid, your first jumping in the computer the gold is just a transfer point.

    :movie:Ooookay.Sooo, you think ...that I am jumping in a computer and the the transfer point..are you okay, who would say something as ignorant as that.

    :study: What-what-what do you mean, you said

    :movie: I never said I could jump in a computer, whats wrong with you, how can someone jump in a computer what are you, a lunatic or something you no, you really need help, your glasses are affecting your brain.

    :study: I will never in my life talk to your ignorant ass again good day immortalloser.

    :movie: Transfer point huh.

    :study: by the way, hear clown
    Electronics and Computers:
    Gold is a highly efficient conductor that is able to carry tiny electrical charges, and because of this property, a small amount is found in almost all electronic devices, including cell phones, televisions, GPS units and more. Because gold is such an efficient conductor of electrical charges, it is also often found in desktop and laptop computers to transfer information quickly.

    :study: And just to let your dumb ass no. Your frequency jumping, from the electric in your body to another electrical frequency. This has nothing to do with astral realm jumping or any of the other names or definitions in your mortal world, you dufus.

    That's why you're confused that's why your idiot program is dysfunctional because you cant separate the 2 from each other.

    :movie:....You...have to be the most ignorant emoji on this whole board you have a nice day.


    :movie:Yea thanks have a good day goodbye.

    electronic jumping, bloody idiot..........electonic jumping lol...

    Greatest secret ever told copy written by iml527 I hate the guy that lives down the hallway from me but today he jumped on my side and told me some valuable information and I didn't say thanks. and I really can care less. because it sounded really dumb.was copy written by iml527.

    :study:You're welcome.

    :movie: I never said thanks

    :study: your welcome again

    :movie:i never and would never thank never.

    :study: Your very welcome and I appreciate that you finally understand why I am smarter than you.

    :movie: I hate you, like really, im done.
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  19. ImmortalLegend527

    ImmortalLegend527 The Messenger Of All Gods old and new

    It had been three years that frisk and Ella had lived on the streets.3 Years ago frick and Ella had saved a baby which earned them 5,000 bucks. That money had only lasted them for about 2 years, the last 9months leading to the next event was hard on the 2...hard it was.


    As the sound of anger and harsh words was spread through fays ears as the pillow drowned the sound out as her father would pimp her mother for drugs and rent. On this particular day and was Fays turn to contribute to the family's needs.

    It all started with fay coming out her room to use the bathroom.[​IMG]




    a0007 My god Frank, your daughter is so beautiful

    a0009 She sure is, ill give you 300 bucks right now for an all-nighter with her frank.

    [​IMG]Well, as the mother and father we both agree.

    a0007 I have 150 on me

    [​IMG]450 in one night, girl you our rent ,our habits, lol we might even get some food up in here.

    x18as fay walks past them

    Fay immediately goes in her room and locks the door as she hears them talking about whos first.Her mother knocks on the door 'Honey open up I have to talk to you.

    Fay, tiptoes to the window and opens it, and she runs for her life..never to return home again. September 14th, 1986.
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  20. ImmortalLegend527

    ImmortalLegend527 The Messenger Of All Gods old and new

    Frisk and Ella meet Fay
    Thanks for giving November 1986.

    It was a special time of the year for people with out food because if it was one time, that the homeless could eat it. was this month, the November month.

    Frisk and Ella had a good time at this church, they ate good and had fun, it was the first time both of them had smiled in a while. It was rough from the last december to november because the money that they had ran out.

    As they sat both sat down, thinking, where are they going to sleep that night, a girl sits down with them and starts a conversation.

    Fay:curtsey:Hi, my name Fay faith faylanora but you can call me fay.

    Frisk:movie: Hey

    Ella:dtm: Whats your point why are over here.

    :curtsey:Well, I figured since we are the only homeless kids here, why not conversate. Why are you homeless did your mother and father try to make you a prostitute did your mother and father do drugs all night my mother has sex with my father's friends to support their habit am I talking too much.

    :movie: My daddy killed my entire family

    :dtm: I was rapped by my father every since 8 years old, been pregnant 3 times, 2 abortions from the clinic and one from my father with a coat hanger any other questions.

    :curtsey:3 kids with 3 shitty parents and here we are..its getting late you want to sleep with me I got a spot.

    :movie: Hell yea its cold.

    :dtm: No, we are going to be ok.

    :curtsey: Its food, video games and its warm.

    :movie: video games!

    :dtm: warm?

    :curtsey: Its a club that's called the Jellof boys and girls club but the pools door is always open and then in the morning all the kids come here and we get to play with them and eat well. We just got to pretend like we have a membership. That's why we got to be there until the morning as if our parents dropped us off early.

    November 27 1986
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