"They Have Been Taking Humans for Thousands of Years!" - Paul Wallis

Discussion in 'Alien-UFOs Personal Experiences' started by August, Apr 18, 2021.

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    Thanks for posting this, August. Very interesting. I believe big announcements are going to start coming soon from the world's governments about ET and alien abductions. It probably won't be true disclosure but it will still be big and it will dramatically change our lives. Highly intelligent people like John Mack and David Jacobs have been ignored for too long.

    I like the fact that he talks so much in this video about ancient beings coming from the water. Earth really is more a of a water planet. Surely water is very important to visiting ETs.
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    SOUL-DRIFTER Life Long Researcher

    Taking Humans for colonization and Hybriding purposes.
    Started before the time of Christ.
    Involves many species and Humans of parallel worlds.
    We humans of today will be replaced one day soon.
    Think of them as...Humans 2.0
    Ahh yes...IMHO
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