They Saw Amelia Earhart Alive?

Discussion in 'Unexplained Mysteries' started by nivek, Oct 14, 2018.

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    What the hell? This makes about as much sense as looking for Jimmy Hoffa with a Geiger counter and Captain Kidd's treasure map. The one on the Pizza Hut place mat. There are dozens of variables sufficient to render any results accurate to within 1,000 miles. Maybe. If yer lucky.

    Earhart was known to be, shall we say, less than proficient in the use of the radios she had, and Noonan had none back where he was confined by the fuel tanks, if memory serves. He probably would have been a decent radio operator but they communicated by passing notes back and forth via a fishing rod or something. I don't think Earhart even knew how to operate the direction finder.

    Anyway, as a junket this looks top rate.
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    This is something that I'll follow.

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