Third Eye Sight: Remote Viewing

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    I am not sure I can talk about it that would make sense. It has to do with something hard to describe, and if you think your consciousness resides in your brain then it will make no sense.

    It has to do with astral travel and some kind of alert system or some remote viewers that watch for others with that ability that are not trained remote viewers. It is a very strange subject and most would just say I am crazy or making it up. One thing I think may have happened is that once I was convinced to join the army (that is a weird strange story itself) they still had to identify me and it took them almost 2 years. And then they didn't realize I was female and I think that was a problem, but for some reason they still wanted me to be part of their program. Lots of weirdness including being the only one of 10 people who got enough points to get promoted to E-5 and the only one who answered 90% of the questions at the review board with "Sir, I don't remember." It was a big silly dog and pony show and the condition was for me to get promoted I had to re-enlist which I didn't, which led to more weirdness.

    So, I guess that was kind of rambling. I will relate other things later.
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    Secret Space Program.
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    I was a Cryptographer in the Navy. I made E-6 but they wanted me to re-up to get it, and
    I declined. Then they offered me a job with the NSA. I declined. Then they offered me a
    Commission as Lt. if I would stay on. I declined. Glad I did.
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