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    I am not sure I can talk about it that would make sense. It has to do with something hard to describe, and if you think your consciousness resides in your brain then it will make no sense.

    It has to do with astral travel and some kind of alert system or some remote viewers that watch for others with that ability that are not trained remote viewers. It is a very strange subject and most would just say I am crazy or making it up. One thing I think may have happened is that once I was convinced to join the army (that is a weird strange story itself) they still had to identify me and it took them almost 2 years. And then they didn't realize I was female and I think that was a problem, but for some reason they still wanted me to be part of their program. Lots of weirdness including being the only one of 10 people who got enough points to get promoted to E-5 and the only one who answered 90% of the questions at the review board with "Sir, I don't remember." It was a big silly dog and pony show and the condition was for me to get promoted I had to re-enlist which I didn't, which led to more weirdness.

    So, I guess that was kind of rambling. I will relate other things later.
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    Secret Space Program.
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    CIA remote viewer now runs a psychic school

    A former government psychic spy is now heading up remote viewing classes at a school in Cedar City, Utah. Paul Smith grew up in a small town in Nevada and joined the army as an Arabic linguist before being recruited into a top secret CIA remote viewing program known as Project Stargate.

    Established in 1978 at Fort Meade, Maryland, the program's aim was to investigate the potential use of psychic phenomena (such as remote viewing) to aid the country's intelligence operations.

    Although some of those who were involved in the program have since maintained that remote viewing was successfully used to spy on the Soviet Union, the project was ultimately canceled in 1995 with declassified documents indicating that it had not proven useful for gathering intelligence.

    Now Smith runs and operates his own 'psychic school' in Utah - Remote Viewing Instructional Services - which teaches students how to reach out with their mind. Lessons can involve one person coming up with a number that the students then have to 'see' without using any of their conventional senses.

    "I teach them how to get that number and then their subconscious goes out and finds out what the target is from that," said Smith. "There's a little hand waving going on here because we don't know exactly how it works. But it does work if you set people up in the right circumstances."

    "While I was in what has become known as the Stargate program I was an operational remote viewer, which meant that I actually did applied remote viewing projects to try and gain intelligence information from potential foreign threats. My own particular approach is the closest to the original that is actually available out there."

    Those looking to enroll will need deep pockets, however, as a week-long course at his school reportedly costs an eye-watering $3,000.

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    ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) never dies, so will this thread :)

    Recently I've been digging into ESP again, just to reaffirm the evidence I skipped over because Of lack of time. It is actually pathetic how bad old habits persist: scientists who are normally practical and "supposedly" unprejudiced people, stick to extreme prejudice in spite of overwhelming SCIENTIFIC evidence that ESP is real.
    From the physics point of view ESP is settled and that's not just my subjective view. Basically, debate boils down weather universe we live in is local or non-local. In simple terms "local" means that no two points in universe can communicate faster than speed of light. "Non-Local" means the opposite, two points can actually communicate faster than speed of light. Speed of interaction depends on the type of interaction: 4 classic fields (electromagnetic, gravitational, strong and weak force) move within speed of light limit. But, quantum entanglement is instantaneous regardless of even largest distance, so faster than speed of light. Now, that's just for intro.

    And here verdict is cast with industrial level of certainty: OUR UNIVERSE IS NON-LOCAL because quantum entanglement is real and Google, IBM and Intel are currently running quantum computers whose working principle is based on entanglement. If we have practical devices using entanglement then entanglement is real and universe is non-local. Practically all scientists are aware of this and this would be no news to any of them.

    From this it follows that ESP is possible, because ESP would work on entanglement between two biological organisms. Now, what many scientists will say here is: "Quantum entanglement only works near absolute zero, at cryogenic temperatures". But that is not actually true, many recent scientific studies had shown that photosynthesis is based on entanglement and photosynthesis worked for billions of years in "wet and worm" conditions inside plants, far above absolute zero temperature. And here is the problem, some scientist know about photosynthesis entanglement, some don't and some deliberately ignore it.

    Here is actually the final verdict of Dr. Jessica Utts, professor of statistics at UC Irvine, who worked with Dr. Hall Puthoff and Russel Targ during their ESP research. By nature of statistician's job, she couldn't tell what was the underlying mechanism of the phenomena, but she could tell weather results were caused by pure chance or not.

    Now, in the above video Dr. Utts only skimmed over her's many important ESP findings. Dr. Utts had "birds eye view" of all the ESP experiments and she published a detailed paper in which she gave the most down-to-earth scientific overview of what ESP is and is not:

    (PDF) An Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning

    Here are some extracts:

    "In 1988 an analysis was made of all of the experiments conducted at SRI from 1973 until that time
    (May et al., 1988). The analysis was based on all 154 experiments conducted during that era, consisting
    of over 26,000 individual trials. Of those, almost 20,000 were of the forced-choice type, and just over
    1000 were laboratory remote viewings. There was a total of 227 subjects in all experiments.
    The statistical results were so overwhelming that results that extreme or more would occur only
    about once in every 1020 such instances if chance alone were the explanation (i.e. the p value was less
    than 10-20).
    " ​

    "A summary of the results revealed the following:

    1. “Free-response” remote viewing, in which subjects describe a target, was much more successful
    than “forced-choice” experiments, in which subjects were asked to choose from a small set of

    2. There were six selected individuals whose performance far exceeded that of unselected subjects.
    The fact that these same selected individuals consistently performed better than others under a
    variety of protocols provides a type of replicability that helps substantiate the validity of the results.
    If methodological problems were responsible for the results, they should not have affected
    this group differently from others.

    3. Mass-screening efforts found that about 1% of those who volunteered to be tested were consistently
    successful at remote viewing. This indicates that remote viewing is an ability that differs
    across individuals, much like athletic ability or musical talent. (Results of mass-screenings were
    not included in the formal analysis because the conditions were not well controlled, but the subsequent
    data from subjects found during mass screening were included.)

    4. Neither practice nor a variety of training techniques consistently worked to improve remote-viewing
    ability. It appears that it is easier to find than to train good remote viewers.

    5. It is not clear whether feedback (showing the subject the right answer) is necessary, but it does
    appear to provide a psychological boost that may increase performance.

    6. Distance between the target and the subject does not seem to impact the quality of the remote

    7. Electromagnetic shielding does not appear to inhibit performance.

    8. There is compelling evidence that precognition, in which the target is selected after the subject
    has given the description, is also successful.

    9. There is not evidence to support anomalous perturbation (psychokinesis)--that is, physical interaction
    with the environment by psychic means.

    To me observation #4. is particularly important: it means that ESP is limited to talented few, or about 1% of population, and ESP can not be improved by training. So, many "gurus" who are selling ESP courses are just milking the eager crowd, who's maybe hoping to make money on stock market :)

    I know that this post is getting very long, but just yesterday I found something very interesting that makes a completely new angle on ESP. Unintentional, this video indicates that people with schizophrenia can actually broadcast hallucinations to their partners who don't have any psychiatric illness. Its interesting that this telepathic cases occurs suddenly, mostly late during night, when partners are relaxed. Ability of schizophrenics to "emit" images would be another angle to further study ESP.

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    consciousness is clearly non local.
    the proof is very clear.
    the standards sure change depending on what you are trying to prove.
    it is to the point now where the "experts" are just proving how stupid they are.
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    There are few points that were made in the above post:

    1.) now even scientists have to admit that ESP is real.
    2.) phenomenon was consistently repeated in different labs and countries,
    3.) statistical significance is not very high, only between 10 - 20. Standard statistical significance broadly accepted in science is 5. Here, lower is better.

    Now, this one is the most important:

    4.) ESP gurus are all misleading believers. ESP is very difficult to train for. Only 1% of people have talent for ESP. But, if one looks really hard and goes through hundreds of individuals he'll always find a few.
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    I bet the people running Remote Viewing classes for $$ wouldn't want to hear that some just have it and other don't.
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    Remember that experiment that we did. Two of you performed immaculately, while I was a total brick.

    The only way I worked in that experiment was as a conduit or transmitter. And that same result repeated itself in all other ESP situations I was involved. So ESP un-talented people can still act as info conduits.

    If you were to read the book "The Reality of ESP" by physicist Russel Targ about ESP, when you read between the lines, he didn't have success with majority of people and he failed at training them. But he's so enthusiastic about ESP that he keeps pushing and finding talent. His conclusion is that extroverts are better at ESP than introverts, possibly because introverts are more suppressing their own emotions. And I am definitely introvert. For example (he's American) he finds that's easier to train Italians for ESP than Americans. The only people in US that he managed to train, out of few hundred he tried, was a group of professional dowsers.

    Some people just have it and there is relatively speaking a large number of them. In, say, 1,000,000 people there would be 10,000 clairvoyant individuals. In a London, with 8M people, there would be 80,000 people able to do ESP. Not a small number.
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    Well, I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as an extrovert. I’ve had trouble recreating any form of what we did earlier but have been dealing with some heavy Life crap and know that my frame of mind is all out of whack.

    Within those that ‘have it’ there are probably wide ranges of ability. Training might help bring that out but I am very leery of snake oil salesman
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    If you guys want to do some sort of ESP experiment any time soon, I would love to participate.

    I believe everyone has extrasensory abilities. That being said, most of us will never be able to see aliens on the moon.
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