Three Huge Asteroids will skim past Earth this Weekend

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    Three huge asteroids up to 100 feet wide will skim past Earth THIS WEEKEND, Nasa warns


    A trio of enormous asteroids will skim past Earth this weekend, Nasa has warned.

    Scientists predict that the largest of the space rocks, dubbed 2018 VR1, is up to 100 feet (30 metres) wide - as long as a blue whale.

    Nasa expects the asteroids to make 'close approaches' with our planet on Saturday.

    Unfortunately, you would need a satellite to see them, as they are too small and too far away to be visible to amateur equipment.

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  2. wwkirk

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    Fortunately, close is 3.12 million miles from Earth.
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  3. Castle-Yankee54

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    I guess it does count as bullet burn.....but in this case they seem to be smaller than the one over Russia in 2013.
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  4. Toroid

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    The meteor that created Meteor Crater was only 30-50 meters in diameter and comprised of iron.

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