Travel search engines - fraud & all BS

Discussion in 'Social Place' started by Creepy Green Light, Nov 16, 2018.

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    I've been convinced for the longest time that if I need a plane ticket, rental car or hotel - that the price is the same everywhere I look. NEVER ONE TIME have I went on, say for example Hilton Hotel's website and they say the room I want is $110 - and then I go to & see the room for $79. NOT ONCE. Every single time it's exactly the same. Same for airline tickets. I recently bought 4 of them and no matter where I looked - they were the same to the penny. Now I'm going through the same thing for a rental car. Every single last sight I could possibly think of and they are all the same exact price. What pisses me off more is things like this; I called my insurance company and they said "Oh, you're looking to rent a car? We have an exclusive deal with Hertz, Budget, Enterprise and Avis - you can save 25%!" So I go to my insurance website & find their rental car booking tool thing & guess what? EXACT same amount as the other 15 websites I've been on. There's no 25% savings or even 5% savings. It's all BS.

    Sorry for the rant - but I've been looking for several days & I'm fed up with it and I think "Whats the point in having all these sights like Travelocity, Expedia, Ladybug, Priceline & the other 3 dozen sights that all do the same thing?"

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