Triangular UFO Spotted in Ohio

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    Triangular UFO Spotted Near Site of Famous Military-UFO Chase in Ohio

    MUFON #95977

    While taking pictures of a local drill site with my dad, we did not notice anything strange. we also did not hear a jet engine or anything to indicate a craft was nearby. before leaving the site, i took a series of 2 or 3 photos and then rolled up the windows and left the site. after looking back at the pictures obtained, we noticed a symmetrical craft extremely detailed in the photo.

    my dad is a private pilot and former army and i am retired from the marine corps and we both have never seen a delta shaped craft like this. my dad has reached out to other pilots to help identify without any help. it is odd however because when he forwards the photo, the craft is distorted in some fashion. again, there was absolutely no noise or any indication that there was a jet or some uav above us. in one photo it is way off in the distance and within 1-2 seconds, the next photo in the quick click series has the craft much closer and very detailed.

    we can not figure out if the craft is descending towards us or ascending away from us. the vector the craft was on puts it towards mansfield lam where the 179th air wing is located. my dad has asked 10-15 airmen from the wing and non have confirmed to know anything unusual about that day or have a clue as to what the craft may be. it looked just like a sting ray and was all black. i have the original 2 photos of the craft as well as zoomed screen shots which show the craft in very plain view.




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    Looks like a kite I used to have......but whatever the case its on the small side. Its no higher than the mast and it appears to be between the rig and the tree line next to the house.
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    there is the very strange "tail" of the thing wich could be a good place to attach a string, but then there are a bunch of butterflies that have a tail like that too

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