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    Sheltie good to the last drop


    The Guitar Man by Bread was one of my favorite songs when I was little. What I really love about it is that when you first hear it, it sounds like a happy positive song about a musician who loves playing for people. As you listen to it more, however, you start to realize the guy is not so happy after all; playing with his band is more like a tortured obsession. He has to go from town to town and keep playing, almost like he's a slave to his art.
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    Octo Honorable

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  3. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below

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    Caeldeth Noble

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  5. Caeldeth

    Caeldeth Noble

    This song was played at my wedding.
  6. Dundee

    Dundee Fading day by day.

    To an Aussie, this man, and this song need no introduction.
    But for those that have never seen it....Well I am a little down at the min and needed to smile.
    This did it, as it always does :)
    I hope you like it.

    And yes, if you take the time to jump in your car and drive for a little while, this part of Australia is still alive and well, thank God, you just might have to put a bit of petrol in your tank and go for a wander :)

  7. Dundee

    Dundee Fading day by day.

    OK so one more.
    Merle, this one is for you.
    If you want to be a, what do you call them these days, "backpackers"
    If you want to wander around Australia for minimal costs, there are a few things you need to get right.
    First, Truckles are not supposed to pick you up, But, they will..sometimes.
    What you have to understand, they are not there so you can get some sleep while freeloading in there cab.
    They do this every day, every week, year after year. So there is a few things you need to get right. Here is a list of do's and dont's.
    And just so you know, at last count I have hitched about 27,000km around Australia mostly with Truckies, our finest folks. So, I have a fair idea how to make it work.

    Do's and Don't s
    • Don't expect a truck to pull up and pick you up unless you are on fire, A triple road train in Australia is over 50m long (176 feet) and can weigh 80 tons, he is not going to stop for you, unless you are a sexy blond in a bikini with big boobs, even then maybe not. :) I have seen road trains so long you can't believe it, 5 trailers is not uncommon, that might be I dunno, 80 meters, and 100+ tons.
    • So approach him at a road or fuel stop.
    • Don't approach him at a fuel stop, when he just stopped, he probably has just been driving for 10 hours, he will NOT want to talk to you.
    • Wait till he has had his sleep, had a shower, had breakfast and feels human again.
    • Do not walk up and say, G day mate, ya going ta to Port Augusta. Seriously, you could be an Ax wielding maniac, would you pick you up?
    • Do, use your manners, introduce yourself, say who you are, what your doing, where you going, why your going there, and where you have been. He will probly still say bugger off, but you just improved your chances tenfold.
    • If he does give you a lift
    • DO NOT GO TO SLEEP IN HIS TRUCK, he is looking for company not a freeloader looking for a kip.
    • When he stops, he will go get something to eat.
    • Get out, clean his windscreen (properly) wash the bugs off his headlights, grab any rubbish in his truck, earn your keep. Once done, then you eat. He may not say anything, but he will notice.
    • If he gets trouble, a flat Tyre, unless your a fellow truck driver your probably going to be useless, but try, offer to help.
    Anyway, I have had enough, I wanna hear the song,
    Decades ago I hitched the Nullabore to Perth and got a lift in a road train. for 3 days the bloke read penny dreadfulls while driving at 80kph
    At Sunset we rounded the corner at Coolgardie, on his home stretch for Perth.
    He smiled, put his book away and looked to the shelf and rummaged for a tape. He smiled a smile that lives in my mind forever and played this song.
    He was almost home.
    Till the day I die I will remember the sunsets light on his face and the Joy in his ritual.
    This ones for you Merle :)

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  8. Dundee

    Dundee Fading day by day.

    Well, I got stood up for a non date tonight. Went to a place on the advice of someone really nice. Wasn't a date as such. But the implication was that she would be there and it would be good to have me there too.
    Way out of my comfort zone. Anyway, ended up in a room full of people I have never met, no sign of my new friend.
    Dunno what this song has to do with it, but its what I wanted to hear.
    Guess it all adds up and makes you just want to hide away from everything and everyone.

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